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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

The Making of a Jewish American Feminist: Sonia Pressman Fuentes

By Lisa Katz

Part 7: Eat First--You Don't Know What They'll Give You 

Eat First--You Don't Know What They'll Give YouThe Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter, written with warmth and humor, is the story of Sonia Pressman Fuentes, one of the pioneers of the Second Wave of the women's movement, and her family. 

"Evoking a tear here and a chuckle there, with her heart-warming wit and wisdom, Sonia Pressman Fuentes recounts the story of a Jewish family, her family, from her grandparents' origin in a shtetl in Poland right through her own career as a founder of NOW and beyond."
--Gus Tyler, columnist, contributing editor, The Forward

"Sonia Pressman Fuentes played a major role in the birth of the new women's movement and her tales of its early days will delight historians and those who are curious about the beginnings of this great social movement. Fuentes is a born storyteller, with a particular knack for seeing the humorous aspects of her life."
--Dr. Bernice Sandler, Senior Scholar, Women's Research and Education Institute

"I referred to you just the other day (as I frequently do) as one of the 'great, unsung heroes' of the women's and civil rights movements. You single-handedly persuaded Roosevelt, Edelsberg, me and others to take sex discrimination seriously which, without you, we would not have done."
--Charles T. Duncan, former General Counsel, EEOC; former Corporation Counsel of the District of Columbia; former Dean, Howard University School of Law

Eat First was used as a textbook at Cornell University in the Spring 2000 semester and will be used as a textbook at the University of California, Davis, and American University in Washington, D.C. in the Spring 2001 semester.

Sonia invites people to contact her at spfuentes@comcast.net with any questions or thoughts. Sonia also invites people to visit her web site at http://www.erraticimpact.com/fuentes.

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