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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Featured Author, Xlibris, November, 2006

In November 2006, Xlibris, the publisher of Eat First, chose Sonia as its Featured Author for the month. Its Featured Author page stated as follows:

As one of the founders of the Second Wave of the women's movement, Sonia Pressman Fuentes felt she had a responsibility to record the facts of the historic role she played. She was a founder of NOW (National Organization for Women) and FEW (Federally Employed Women) and the first woman attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). She felt a similar responsibility to provide insights into the lives of her parents and herself--immigrants from Nazi Germany who came to the U.S. to escape the Holocaust. The result was Eat First--You Don't Know What They'll Give You (The Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter).

And since humor is her forte, her memoir is suffused with it.

When her previous self-publishing company didn't follow through on their commitment to her book, Xlibris saved the day. "My books from Xlibris arrived on time and I was able to keep my speaking engagements." She advises other authors who are considering self-publishing to ask self-published writers about their experiences. "A writer should also do additional research about self-publishing and self-publishing companies."

Fuentes took pleasure in working with Xlibris throughout her publishing process. "It has been excellent," she said "One of the positive features for me in my relationship with Xlibris was that there has always been one Xlibris official who was my principal contact and to whom I could go with any problems or issues."

Although not selling the millions of copies for which she'd hoped, Fuentes received great reviews after successfully self-publishing her book. "Eat First is one of Xlibris' bestsellers," she said. "Its receipt by the public has been incredible. It has resulted in a tremendous increase in my visibility and credibility as a feminist activist and public speaker." She also received numerous awards and will be featured in a forthcoming documentary film, The Second Wave. It is expected that this film will be shown on TV, at film festivals, and by interested organizations. "A number of organizations have expressed an interest in having me speak when they show the film." Fuentes stresses that self-published authors must devote tremendous amounts of time and effort in aggressively promoting their books. "One must use every avenue and connection to let interested people and organizations know about the book."

Asked if she'd recommend Xlibris to others, she strongly said, "Absolutely. I have done so and will continue to do so."

bookSonia Pressman Fuentes has a hectic schedule ahead of her. Last month, she moved from Potomac, Maryland, to Sarasota, Florida, and on November 29, she'll be doing a reading from her memoir at a paid-up membership luncheon of the National Council of Jewish Women in Boca Raton, Florida.

Eat First may be purchased directly through Xlibris Corporation and BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com.