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Carolyn G. Heilbrun : Feminist in a Tenured Postion (Feminist Issues (Univ Pr of Virginia))

Carolyn G. Heilbrun : Feminist in a Tenured Postion (Feminist Issues (Univ Pr of Virginia)) Carolyn G. Heilbrun : Feminist in a Tenured Position (Feminist Issues) by Susan Kress

Preeminent feminist critic Carolyn G. Heilbrun's life experience echoes that of a generation of professional women, often isolated and marginalized within inhospitable institutions. Incorporating interviews with friends, colleagues, and Heilbrun herself, author Susan Kress illuminates Heilbrun's various public identities and places her in the context of the developing women's movement .

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JoyZine & The Adventures of Zoe

ne plus ultra Award winnerJoy Williams, editor of JoyZine, has created an interesting site with a focus upon Australia.  Joy received the ne plus ultra award for her work on promoting an awareness of Australian Aboriginal Women's Issues.  

The Women's Issues area of JoyZine also contains excerpts from feminist writings and memoirs, among other subjects. 



Madrina is a guide and bicultural web site for English and Spanish speaking women facilitating information by pre-selecting links to pages of personal growth, finance and education in the areas of art, literature, history, psychology, philosophy, wisdom traditions and philanthropy. We also offer a variety of resources in both languages and possibility for translation of the content into Portuguese, French and German. 


Medieval Philosophy -- Women in Medieval Philosophy

Women in Medieval Philosophy.  This site has pages on Secular and Religious Women writers.

New Moon Publishing

New Moon Publishing produces media for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously and for every adult who cares about girls.

NOEMA: The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy

This project in collaborative scholarship with a database now containing over 16,000 records representing the work of over 5,000 women.


Northern Arizona University Women Studies

Feminist Theory and Philosophy sections of a massive women's studies bibliography compiled at Northern Arizona University.


N Paradoxa

N. Paradoxa, an international online feminist art journal that seeks to explore the paradoxes of feminism and the art world today. It is published quarterly and contains full-text articles, booklists & book reviews, information on women's arts organizations.


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