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Feminist Theory and Christian Theology : Cartographies of Grace (Guides to Theological Inquiry) Feminist Theory and Christian Theology : Cartographies of Grace (Guides to Theological Inquiry) by Serene Jones

This long-awaited text charts clearly and comprehensively the enormously important area of feminist theory--and brings it into fruitful conversation with Christian theology.

Jones introduces the primary concerns that animate feminist theory through discussion of critical texts and through women's narratives. She shows how they pose uncomfortable questions, and leave no corner of the Christian tradition unchallenged. Jones unfolds feminist theory in three broad categories that analyze human identity and gender, oppression, and ethics. She then illustrates their potential for illuminating theological categories of experience, truth, text, and norm to revitalize three key traditional Christian doctrines: faith, sin, and church.

About the Author
Serene Jones is Associate Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and author of Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety (1995).

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20th Century Women

Site maintained by Janice Maruca.  Subtitled "The e-journal of the First Person Biography," this is a journal of stories from the extraordinary lives of ordinary women who have lived through this revolutionary century, recording their experiences in the family, in the workplace and in society.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

20th century women have lived through devastating world wars, economic catastrophes, great movements for civil and women’s rights, the sexual revolution, and vast technological changes which continue to alter our families, our communities, the fabric of society and men’s and women’s roles. Many women in their seventies, eighties and nineties are still struggling to deal honestly with their past lives. They have difficulty writing their memoirs. They come from traditions where women were secondary, and are intimidated at the idea of “going public.” They doubt that their experiences are “interesting” or “important.” Trying to forge their experiences into a story frequently releases conflicting and troubling emotions connected with behavior that breaks from the norm, and creates blocks of memory. They are most familiar with narrative forms that were developed by men to tell men’s stories, and to reflect the ways men perceive the world, and do not always accurately render women’s perceptions. A woman who attempts to tell her story but who can find no adequate model often falls silent, wondering if there isn’t something wrong with her. Or she may try to make her story “fit” into familiar models, in the process distorting her actual vision of reality. This last problem stymies elderly women in particular, especially those who have not had the benefit of recent feminist theory in the area of women’s biography and autobiography and linguistics...


4000 Years of Women in Science

How long have women been active scientists? Actually, how long have people been active in science? The answer is the same for both women and men -- as long as we have been human. One of the defining marks of humanity is our ability to affect and predict our environment. Science - the creation of structure for our world - technology - the use of structure in our world - and mathematics - the common language of structure - all have been part of our human progress, through every step of our path to the present. Women and men together have researched and solved each emerging need. 

The first literature appeared some 4,000 years ago. Stone and bone records stretch back further than those first alphabets, but give us no names. The very first technical name was male - Imhotep - the architect of the first pyramid. The second technical name was female - En Hedu'Anna (c.2354 BCE). Certainly women were questioners and thinkers long before that. Most myths and religions place the beginnings of agriculture, of laws, of civilization, of mathematics, of calendars, time keeping and medicine into the hands of women. The names of these goddesses may not be realized as actual people, but they must have been real women, else why preserve the mythos? 

This site includes:



APA Directory of Women Philosophers

The Directory of Women Philosophers is a database developed by the Committee on the Status of Women of the American Philosophical Association.


The Artemis Guide to Women's Studies Programs 

Here you can link to most women's studies programs in the U.S. Only those programs with web sites are listed.


Awakened Woman

A Journal of Women's Spirituality...a place to connect for healing, for empowerment, for action:  healing ourselves to heal the planet.


Book Reviews

These are reviews published in online journals, listed at the Women's Studies Resource site at the University of Iowa.


Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy -- (CSWIP)

The Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (C-SWIP) was founded in 1976 with the objective of promoting the goals of women in philosophy. Its more specific aims are:
to foster philosophical scholarship and teaching in the area of feminist studies as a legitimate area of interest within philosophic inquiry. 
to provide support and encouragement for the professional work of women philosophers.  
to work toward eliminating discrimination against women in philosophy. 


Contemporary Women's Issues

At Stanford University, this site provides full text access to global information on women's studies derived from journals, newsletters, and research reports.



CROW, the first and the only bilingual women's on-line magazine in Croatia.  CROW has at your disposal, for your information and enjoyment, more than 400 pages of different contents and design.

Bilingual Versions:



Cybergirl, Inc.

Empowering Women through technology.  Cybergrrl, Inc. is a website architecture and online marketing consulting firm that specializes in communicating with the female audience. We utilize technology in a compelling way to help our clients reach their target markets, attract a loyal and active following, and build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Site includes:



Differences:   A Journal for Feminist Cultural Studies

Edited by Naomi Schor, Duke University; Elizabeth Weed, Brown University.  Differences focuses on how concepts and categories of difference-- notably but not exclusively gender--operate within culture. Situated at the point of intersection of cultural studies and feminism, the two most exciting fields of critical inquiry to have opened up in recent years, Differences is affiliated with the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women at Brown University.


Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement

The materials in this on-line archival collection document various aspects of the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States, and focus specifically on the radical origins of this movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Items range from radical theoretical writings to humorous plays to the minutes of an actual grassroots group.

You can find documents in the collection either by doing a keyword search or by the categories listed below:

General and Theoretical
Medical and Reproductive Rights
Organizations and Activism
Sexuality and Lesbian Feminism
Socialist Feminism
Women of Color
Women's Work and Roles


Website created by Univ. of Southern Cal. students in Gloria Orenstein's Ecofeminism class.


Ecofeminism on the Philosophy Resource Base

Extensive list of ecofeminist and environmental resources, including animal welfare, gender, etc.


Ethics and the Environment

Ethics and the Environment publishes articles in ecofeminism.


European Journal of Women's Studies

Launched to explore the meaning and impact of gender within the changing concept of 'Europe', the European Journal of Women's Studies has already established itself as a leading international forum for high quality articles at the cutting edge of women's studies research and theory.

The European Journal of Women's Studies is a multidisciplinary, academic, feminist journal which has as its main focus the nature of the complex relationship between women and the diverse regions and meanings of Europe. 

Evelyn Fox Keller: A Bibliography

Compiled by Eddie Yeghiayan for the UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource.


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