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cover Network and Netplay : Virtual Groups on the Internet by Fay Sudweeks (Editor), Margaret L. McLaughlin (Editor), Rafaeli, Sheizaf Rafaeli (Editor).  

The vast, international web of computer networks that is the Internet offers millions of users the opportunity to exchange electronic mail, photographs, and sound clips; to search databases for books, CDs, cars, and term papers; to participate in real-time audio- and video-conferencing; and to shop for products both virtual and physical. This huge conglomerate of links, hyperlinks, and virtual links is not just a technology for linking computers--it is a medium for communication.

The convergence of computer and communication technologies creates a social convergence as well. People meet in chat rooms and discussion groups to converse on everything from auto mechanics to postmodern art. Networked groups form virtually and on-the-fly, as common interests dictate. Like interpersonal communication, the networks are participatory, their content made up by their audience. Like mass-mediated communication, they involve large audiences. But the networks are neither purely interpersonal nor purely mass--they are a new phenomenon.

Network and Netplay addresses the mutual influences between information technology and group formation and development, to assess the impact of computer-mediated communications on both work and play. Areas discussed include the growth and features of the Internet, network norms and experiences, and the essential nature of network communication. -- Ronald Rice

Contributors: Michael Berthold, Lee Li-Jen Chen, Richard Coyne, Brenda Danet, Patrick Doyle, Brian R. Gaines, Barbara Hayes-Roth, Steve Jones, Sandra Katzman, Edward Mabry, Richard MacKinnon, Margaret McLaughlin, Sid Newton, Kerry Osborne, Sheizaf Rafaeli, Yehudit Rosenbaum-Tamari, Lucia Ruedenberg, Christine Smith, Fay Sudweeks, Alexander Voiskounsky, Diane Witmer.

About the Author
Fay Sudweeks is Research Associate, Key Centre of Design Computing, University of Sydney. Margaret L. McLaughlin is Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California. Sheizaf Rafaeli is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Information Systems area, School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Liszt's Usenet Newsgroups Directory
This is an excellent searchable index by topic and by name.  


Liszt's Mailing List Directory
There are at least 39 mailing lists listed.


Artificial Intelligence


Cultural Theory


Discussion Lists at CSF
You can receive INFORMATION about or SUBSCRIBE to discussion lists at CSF (Communications for a Sustainable Future). Information is provided on-line. A subscription or general help request will be sent to you via e-mail.

Lists include:

  • CLIM-ECON Economics of Climate Variability and Global Change
  • CNIE Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
  • DEBT International, Consumer, Government...
  • ECOFEM Studies in Women and Environment
  • ECOL-ECON Ecological Economics
  • EGT Environment and Game Theory
  • ELAN Environment in Latin America Network
  • ENVTECSOC Environment Technology and Society
  • ESSA Earthfriendly and Self-Sufficient Architecture
  • FEMISA Feminist Studies -- ISA
  • HOMELESS Homelessness Discussion Group
  • IPE International Political Economy
  • ISAFP Foreign Policy Section of the ISA
  • ITCP International Trade and Commercial Policy
  • Friends of JUNG BOOK TALKS
  • MedSoc Medical Sociology
  • PEACE Peace Studies
  • PKT Post-Keynesian Thought
  • PPN Progressive Population Net
  • PSN Progressive Sociologists Network
  • SOCGRAD Sociology Graduate Students
  • WSN World Systems Network


Ecology and Environment from will create a list for you for a fee, but you can participate in the existing lists for free.

Lists Include:

  • ECOTALK - The Environmental Non-Profit List
  • ECO-ISLA - Ecological and environmental matters of Puerto Rico
  • GREENYES - The GrassRoots Recycling Network List
  • PLACECOMM - Place and Community Studies Discussion List
  • SAL-NYC - Animal Rights in New York and New Jersey
  • STAMP - Sensible Transportation Alternatives to the Meadowcreek Parkway
  • ASLE - The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment
  • AUDUBON - The Audubon Mailing List
  • BIOSPH-L - Biosphere List
  • CMEP - Critical Mass Energy Project
  • CONSBIO - Conservation Biology List
  • EARTHSAVE - Diet and the Environment Mailing List
  • ECOCITY - List no longer exists, but you can still read the old archives.
  • ECOFEM - Women and the Environment List
  • ECOL-ECON - Ecological Economics List
  • ECOLOG-L - Ecological Society of America List
  • ECOLOGY - List no longer exists, but you can read the old archives.
  • ELAN - Environment in Latin American Network List
  • ENVCEE-L - Environmental Issues in Central and Eastern Europe List
  • ENVINF-L - Environmental Information Distribution List
  • ENVIROETHICS - Environmental Ethics Forum List
  • ENVST-L - Environmental Studies Discussion List
  • ENVTECSOC - Environmental Technology and Society List
  • FISH-JUNIOR - List no longer exists, but you can still view the old archives
  • FOREST - Forest List
  • GREEN-TRAVEL - Green Travel List
  • H-ASEH - Environmental History List
  • NWFOR - The North West Forests List
  • PACIFIC-BIOSNET - Pacific Biosnet Mailing List
  • RECYCLE - Recycling in Practice Mailing List
  • SAVE - Student Alliance for Virginia's Environment at the University of Virginia
  • SEA - Student Environmental Action at the University of Virginia
  • WALL - Witness Against Lawless Logging


Environmental Philosophy






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