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Men Doing Feminism (Thinking Gender)Men Doing Feminism (Thinking Gender)
by Tom Digby (Editor)

"Tom Digby has put together a fine volume of diverse voices on the question of males doing feminist thought in the U.S. Avoiding the pitfalls of naive identity politics and standpoint escapism, the contributors explore the topic as a set of problems through which theoretical, political, moral, and existential commitments can be forged.." -- Lewis R. Gordon, Brown University

""The wonderfully diverse entries in this volume investigate the tensions between feminism and manhood, engaging the personal and the political, the moral and the epistemological. The authors' explorations of the strengths and weaknesses of male subject position challenge simplistic interpretations both of the subject/object distinction and of epistemologies based directly on social identities. This collection makes an original and substantive contribution to feminist theory."." -- Alison M. Jaggar University of Colorado, Boulder

The relation between feminism and men is often presumed to be antagonistic, so that men are expected to resist feminism, and feminists are assumed to hate men. That pattern of opposition is disrupted, however, by the continually increasing numbers of men who are participating in feminist theory and practice, trying to integrate feminist perspectives into their scholarship, teaching, work, play, friendships, and romantic involvements. Responses to this male feminism have varied. Sometimes male feminists find some female feminists critical of men who oppose or decline to join feminist projects, but also rebuff the few men who do undertake feminist projects. On the other hand, some women feminists have unequivocally welcomed men as allies in political, business, religious, and academic contexts. The essays in Men Doing Feminism reveal that there is justification for both views, the skeptical and the enthusiastic, because feminist men are as diverse as feminist women.

Many of the eighteen contributors to this book--women, men, blacks, whites, gays, straights, transsexuals--use personal narrative to show ways that men's lives can shape their approaches to doing feminism and to convey the opportunities and challenges involved in integrating feminism into a man's life. Some authors argue that men's experiences prepare them to make contributions that are of crucial importance to feminist theory. Others argue that men must radically reform, or even abandon manhood and masculinity if they are to be feminists.

In Men Doing Feminism, feminist theory is used to illuminate men's lives, and men's lives serve as a basis for feminist theory.

Contributors: Michael Awkward, Susan Bordo, Harry Brod, Tom Digby, Judith K. Gardiner, C. Jacob Hale, Sandra Harding, Patrick Hopkins, Joy James, David Kahane, Michael Kimmel, Gary Lemons, Larry May, Brian Pronger, Henry Rubin, Richard Schmitt, James P. Sterba, Laurence Mordekhai Thomas, and Thomas E. Wartenberg. 

About the Author
Tom Digby teaches philosophy at Springfield College. His articles on feminist theory and other subjects have been published widely and he serves on the executive board of the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers and has also been active in the Society for Women in Philosophy. 

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