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Photographs of Sonia’s family in pre-WW II Poland and Germany are on the Web site of the online Museum of Family History.

The Museum of Family History website at http://www.museumoffamilyhistory.com also contains textual material about Sonia and her family. To access it: go to the website, type “Sonia Fuentes” in the Search rectangular box on the right-hand side at the top, click “Search” and if the box titled “Site Search” appears, click on that.

Photographs of Sonia's family in pre-WW II Germany are also on the Web site of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archives. 

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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Slide Show : Russia

Photos taken in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, in July, 2004.

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July, 2004
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This is a famous domed church in Moscow. I have a music box I bought over there in the shape of this church.
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Restaurant in Moscow. Sonia seated with friend, Dr. Fann Harding. In the back are a married couple who were friends of Sonia’s and Fann’s.
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Grave of Leo Tolstoy on his country estate, Yasnaya Polyana.
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Beautiful avenue of birch trees from Leo Tolstoy’s house to his grave.
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River cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Sonia with musicians.
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Sonia at statue of Frederick the Great.
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Sonia with three British women who were on the same tour Sonia and Dr. Fann Harding were on.
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Display case, Russian Ethnographical Museum, St. Petersburg, showing native attire.
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Sculpture, Russian Ethnological Museum.
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Interior, Catherine the Great’s palace.
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Dancers performing at show, St. Petersburg.
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Lenin, St. Petersburg.
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Neva River, St. Petersburg.
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Sonia, sitting on a rock on the grounds of Peter the Great’s Summer Palace, St. Petersburg.
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On the grounds of Peter the Great’s Summer Palace, St. Petersburg.
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Russian House (perhaps a replica) from the past.
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Interior of a church or palace, St. Petersburg.
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Amber room, Interior, Catherine the Great’s palace.
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Catherine the Great’s Palace, St. Petersburg.
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Sonia with carriage, site for tourists showing historic Russian homes. St. Petersburg.
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Close up, Sonia with carriage, St. Petersburg.
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Princess Obolensky, musicians and waitresses, restaurant, St. Petersburg.
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The tour guides for Sonia’s trip were Prince Alexei and his American wife, Princess Obolensky (dressed in pink). Before dinner, St. Petersburg.