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Chaos, Gaia, Eros : A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers the Three Great Streams of History

Doubt and Certainty : The Celebrated Academy Doubt and Certainty : The Celebrated Academy : Debates on Science, Mysticism, Reality, in General on the Knowable and Unknowable by Tony Rothman, George Sudarshan, Shannon K. Comins (Illustrator)

When physicists and others construct models to explain the phenomena and laws of nature, do those models actually simulate what's really out there in the world, or do they only synthesize the way we think the world is? And how does our cultural upbringing affect the way we think about the world? In this far-reaching yet penetrating book, two world-class physicists, one born and raised in the West, the other in the Far East, examine these and many other intriguing questions not yet resolved by modern scientists.

"Rothman and Sudarshan reinvent Plato's academy, melding their thoughts with those of their ancestors and contemporaries." -- Science News

"A stimulating mix of physics and philosophy, science and art written for the professional scientist, and the ordinary fellow who just thinks big thoughts." -- San Diego Union-Tribune

About the Author
Tony Rothman has written several highly acclaimed trade science books, including A Physicist on Madison Avenue (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize) and Instant Physics. He is Professor of Physics at Illinois Wesleyan University.

George Sudarshan is the distinguished former Director of the Center for Particle Theory at the University of Texas-Austin and the coauthor of three physics textbooks. Among his discoveries was the first theory of the weak nuclear force.

A thoughtful debate on some of science's perennial questions

When scientists and philosophers construct models to explain the phenomena and laws of nature, do they only represent the languages we use to describe the world?In this far-reaching, thought-provoking book, two world-class physicists from different worlds-one born and raised in the West, the other in the East-examine some of the most profound questions ever to be investigated by science.

Against the background of one the most imaginative settings ever devised for a science book-a fictional modern-day version of Plato's Academy-Tony Rothman and George Sudarshan, along with an eclectic assortment of students and academics, delve deep into modern physics and Eastern philosophy, and come up with some startling insights on the structure of the physical world. To gain these insights, the Academy members must tackle questions such as, How much of the millennium synthesis is meaningful and how much is pure nonsense? Which of the New Age trends are compatible with physics? Can we learn anything from parallels between physics and Eastern philosophy?

The common thread that runs through the debates is the tension between the seemingly opposite, but really complementary, notions of doubt and certainty: doubt that certain fields of science really succeed in describing the world versus the rock-solid certainty in the prediction of theories like Newton's mechanics and Einstein's relativity.

In these intriguing, often funny, sometimes violent, but always stimulating debates, Rothman and Sudarshan cover a wide range of subjects, including cosmology, quantum mechanics, theology, mathematics, complexity, synchronicity, and the past and future.

Not since Fritjof Capra's The Tao of Physics have physics and philosophy joined together in such a fascinating book. -- The publisher, Jeffrey Robbins, November 19, 1998

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Antiquity Wisdom ScrollsAntiquity Wisdom Scrolls

Wisdom quotations, presented on attractive old world scrolls with traditional illumination,  handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia.  Includes beautiful traditional illumination from a monastery where this craft still survives. Large range of texts - some well known, others original.

The Forum

"The Forum" is a message board with its main focus on topics about Philosophy.


The Quotations and Sayings Database

By Amit Kothari.  This is a fine resource for quotations and sayings with many search capabilities. Includes poetry, book texts and famous speeches.


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