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Jewish Philosophy

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A History of Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Difficult Freedom : Essays on Judaism Difficult Freedom : Essays on Judaism by Emmanuel Levinas, Sean Hand (Translator)

Emmanuel Levinas takes Jewish thought to new levels, adding very new, yet very ancient ways of thinking into his works. He has several highly recognized works in the philosophy world- "Time and the Other", amd "Existence and Existents", but his works that build directly off of Jewish thought (such as this one) are my favorites. He manages to cut through the shell of everything and shed a beautiful yet heavy light on life.... I think it would be more fitting to put a Levinas quotes from Difficult Freedom in this review, and let you see for yourself.

"At the dawning of the new world, Judaism has the consciousness to possess, through its permanence, a function in the general economy of Being. No one can replace it. Someone has to exist in the world who is as old as the world. For Judaism, the great migrations of the people , the migrations among the people and the upheavals of history have never presented a deadly threat. It always found what remained to it. It has a painful experience of living on; its performance accustomed it to judging history and refusing to accept the verdict of a History that that proclaimed itself judge. Perhaps Jewish thought in general consists today in holding on more firmly than ever to this permanence and this eternity. Judaism has traversed history history without taking up history's causes. It has the power to judge, alone against all, the victory of visible and organized forces - if need be in order to reject them. Its head may be held high or its head may be down, but it is always stiff-necked. This temerity and this patience, which are as long as eternity itself, will perhaps be more necessary to humanity tomorrow or the day after tomorrow than they were yesterday or the day before." Difficult Freedom, p.166

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Martin Buber

Buber, ethicist, existentialist, political essayist.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Buber
bulletUsed Books:  Buber


Sigmund Freud

Freud, 'Father of Psychoanalysis,' contemporary of Jung.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Freud
bulletUsed Books:  Freud


Edmund Husserl

Husserl, 'Father of Phenomenology,' teacher of Heidegger and Jaspers.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Husserl
bulletUsed Books:  Husserl


Karl Jaspers

Jaspers, essayist, existentialist.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Jaspers
bulletUsed Books:  Jaspers


Emmanuel Levinas

Levinas, radical ethicist, ontologist and phenomenologist.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Levinas
bulletUsed Books:  Levinas


Benedictus de Spinoza (1632 - 1677)

Spinoza, Jewish rationalist.

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts: Spinoza 
bulletUsed Books:  Spinoza


Textual Reasoning

This is the Electronic journal and discussion list of the Postmodern Jewish Philosophy Network, founded in 1991 by Peter Ochs, Steven Kepnes, Robert Gibbs, and others.  


Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a center for Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, ethics and law.  


Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Nishmas Chayim is a center for Torah, Chassidus & Jewish spirituality.  Here you can find online resources for translations, essays and expositions of Jewish Chassidic thought, philosophy, practice and lore.


Mish Mash - Linking Judaism Worldwide

15,000+ Links to all things Jewish and growing daily!!  Site includes information on various branches of Judaism including Conservative, Orthodox, Progressive, Reform and Reconstructionist.


Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Founded in 1886, the Jewish Theological Seminary is the academic and spiritual center of Conservative Judaism worldwide. A Jewish university committed to promoting Jewish learning for all ages in both formal and informal settings, onsite and online, JTS grants undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees through its five schools and offers enriching programs for the Jewish community at large in the US, Israel and around the world.


Department of Jewish Philosophy -- Bar Ilan University

The student who elects to study Jewish philosophy traces the history of Jewish thought from the classical Jewish thinkers, such as Saadya Gaon, Yehuda Halevi and Maimonides, up to modern and contemporary Jewish figures, such as Samsom Raphael Hirsch, Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, Joseph Soloveitchik and the study of Emmanuel Levinas has recently been added to the curriculum.


Society for Humanistic Judaism

The Society for Humanistic Judaism was organized in 1969. The Society's mission is to mobilize people to celebrate Jewish identity and culture consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life.


Beit Netzarim -- Restoring Nazarene Judaism

Included on this site is an essay entitled "Who We Are" describing the Second Temple Jewish Sect of the Netzarim (Nazarenes). 


Yiddish Culture

This is the official website for the Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture - a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Yiddish literature, language and culture.


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