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Gender Studies

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The Gender/Sexuality Reader : Culture, History, Political Economy
coverWhen She Was Bad : Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence by Patricia Pearson.

Our culture, argues award-winning journalist Patricia Pearson, is in denial of women's innate capacity for aggression. When She Was Bad offers a fearless and timely look at female violence, as fascinating and thought-provoking as it is controversial...  

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Bodies and Technologies: Dora, Neuromancer, and Strategies of Resistance"

Wendy Wahl writes in PostModern Culture, January, 1993 about the failure of resistance to technologies of the early twentieth century.


Gender Theory at

This website lists extensive annotated resources, book reviews, bibliographies and more.


Gender Theory articles by Allan Hunter

Same Closet, Different Door: A Heterosexual Sissy's Coming-out Party - Sexual Objectification and Visual Aspects of Sexuality - The Radical Feminist Perspective in (and/or on) the Field of Sociology (a metatheoretical excursion) - Missing in Action: Radical Feminism and/or Poststructuralist Feminism the Academy -  Witchpaper '86: Feminism, Orthodoxy, and Deviance - Rhythms, Predictability, and Order.



Women and Gender Studies Web Sites, developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section Collection Development Committee of the Association of College and Research Libraries, aims to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies.

The Philosophy Section includes:

bulletInternet Collections
bulletElectronic Discussion Forums
bulletNewsletters & Journals


Foreign Body

Foreign Body is perhaps least badly defined as a deconstructive fanzine. Its purpose is to spread, like a virus. It infects, breaks in, traverses; it gives you a start, in your heads: have you heard of hydrapoetics? 

Since its inception as a zine in 1994, some 1751 days ago, foreign body has rapidly bugged the net. As a para-site, it hopes to host articles that not only fall between the stools of disciplines and cross political boundaries, but which will also subvert the empty traffic online, the telephatic chatter hollowed out by calculable feedback effects of tamed media.

Site Includes:

bulletTech Stuff
bulletMirror Sites


Body Studies Bibliography

A part of the Feminist Studies Recourse Site.


Navigating Spaces:  The Human Textual Body

Web page written and constructed by Laralynn Weiss, Georgetown University.  Arriving from two distinct directions, the words of Trinh and Jameson evoke differing accounts of a contemporary postmodern aesthetic and its relation to the individual body, in regards both to the way in which each specific individual interacts with a continually shifting textual-narrative body and to the location of the physical human body in an external social space...  



BRIDGE is an innovative information and analysis service specialising in gender and development issues. BRIDGE's objective is to assist development professionals and organisations to integrate gender concerns into their work.


Development and Gender

A quarterly update from BRIDGE, raising gender awareness among policy-makers and practitioners. 


The Social Reality of Prostitution - 
A Critical Analysis of Kingsley Davis' 
The Sociology of Prostitution 

Essay by Wolfman.  Excerpt:  In 1937, Kingsley Davis' article The Sociology of Prostitution was printed in the American Sociological Review. In his article, Davis attempts to explain prostitution from a functionalist standpoint; however, the post-WWII rise of feminism has shed much light on issues in prostitution which Davis conveniently ignores; namely rape, child abuse, substance abuse, pimps, sexually transmitted diseases and the social devaluation of sex-trade workers.  

This critique will employ a social conflict approach to present arguments which will show that patriarchy, in combination with capitalism, is at the root of the exploitive sex-trade industry. 


Sexuality, Media and Canadian Law 

Essay by Wolfman.  Excerpt:  We as human beings, by the very fact that we possess sentience, are sexual beings. While it is true that lower animals also engage in sex, they do not partake in sexuality in the same capacity that we do. Ethologists give us many fine examples of animal mating rituals, but these rituals are used purely to determine a mate who is able to produce the strongest offspring. Biology drives animals, the weak die off, the strong survive and the ecosystem in which the animals live, provides population control. 

Humans, on the other hand, are capable of choosing a prospective mate on the basis of things other than sheer biological drive for species perpetuation. Social interests, romance and perpetuating culture are some of the things that drive human sexuality, and the sought after mate is not necessarily deemed as a counterpart for reproduction; same-sex partnerships are real-life examples of human sexuality that does not perform a purely biological function... 


Androgyny and Gender Dialectics

By Thomas Gramstad, includes many links to other sites on the meaning of "gender."


Gender Matters

Includes links to articles on hypertext and bodies.


Feminist Theory and Gender Studies in International Relations

By Christine Sylvester.  A new section of the ISA was launched at the 1990 meetings in Washington, D.C. to promote research and teaching at the nexus of international relations and feminist theory/gender studies. It hearalds the partial opening of professional IR to gender- and women-sensitive inquiry, despite the continuing resistances one can read in the pages of mainstreat journals. Indeed, J. Ann Tickner points out in her introduction to Gender in International Relations (forthcoming: typescript 18n) that "[w]hile a leading British International Relations journal Millennium devoted a special issue to women and international relations (Vol. 17, no. 3, Winter, 1988), no major American journal of international relations has yet published an article using gender as a category of analysis."... 


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