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Ethnic Studies (Cont.)

bulletOnline Resources
bulletTexts:  Ethnic Studies
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Adoption and the Jewish Family : Contemporary Perspectives
coverAnticipating Ethnic Conflict by Ashley J. Tellis, Thomas S. Szayna, James A. Winnefeld, Arroyo.  

Anticipating Ethnic Conflict provides a theoretical model of the social processes and dynamics that lead to ethnic and communitarian conflict and state breakdown. While it is designed as a handbook and a practical tool for intelligence analysts as they work to identify and plan for potential ethnic conflict contingencies around the world, its discussion of the social-science underpinnings of the analytic model will make it an important read for anyone interested in analyzing the phenomenon of ethnic conflict....  

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Interracial Voice

"The VOICE of CONSCIENCE of the Global Mixed-Race/Interracial Movement" Interracial Voice is an independent, information oriented, networking news journal, serving the mixed-race / interracial community in cyberspace. 


The Multiracial Activist

An activist journal covering civil rights issues of interest to biracial/multiracial individuals, interracial couples/families and transracial adoptees.


The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Brown University is an interdisciplinary organization which develops and promotes research and programs on Race and Ethnicity.

Site contains the following links:

African American Resources
bulletAfrican American Links
bulletAfrican American Shopping Mall
bulletAfrican Studies
bulletBlack Information Network
bulletMELANET: Your Commerce & Information Center
American Indian Resources
bulletAmerican Indian Science & Engineering Society
bulletAmerican Indian Nations
bulletAn American Indian Web Page
bulletAmerican Indian College Fund
bulletCtr. For World Indigenous Studies
bulletNative American Resources on the Internet
bulletNative American Resources
bulletNative Events Calendar
bulletNative American Rights Fund
Asian American Resources
bulletAsian American Resources
bulletAsian American Studies Center
bulletAsian American Studies Department
Latina/o - Chicana/o and other Hispanic Resources
bulletCesar Chavez
bulletHispanic Online
Other Multicultural Resources
bulletAffirmative Action
bulletCarrie Crazy Quilt Cultural Page
bulletCultural Diversity
bulletUnited States Race and Ethnicity Resources


A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace:   Race and Ethnicity

It has been said that race is the plague of civilization. Even in such supposedly race-blind societies as Israel, the spectre of racism raises its head. In the Caribbean islands, social stratification corresponds with shade of skin. In 1977, Andrew Young, at that time the chief U.S. representative to the United Nations, claimed that a race war in South Africa would inevitably precipitate racial conflict in the United States. Some countries, like Great Britain and Australia, eliminate the potential for conflict by simply denying or severely limiting entry.


bulletStereotypes of blacks' and whites' IQ by race and age
bulletStereotypes of blacks' and white's IQ by race and education


bulletRace and Ethnicity Link Index
bulletVoice of the Shuttle: Minority Studies Page
bulletAmerican Studies Resources on the Internet: Race and Ethnicity
bulletNational Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
bulletCarnegie Mellon's English Servers humanities texts online: Race
bulletAllyn and Bacon's "Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality" links
bulletEthnic and Racial Politics Homepage (U. of Utah Course)
bulletGophers and Information
bulletThe World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
bulletInternational Migrations & Ethnic Relations
bulletInterracial Voice

And many links to Ethinic Resource sites on the www.


Race, Ethnicity and Inequality

General Sites on Race and Inequality

Site contains:

bulletEthnic Minorities and Race Research Group
bulletEthnicity, Racism and the Media
bulletFinal Call Online Edition
bulletRace and Ethnic Studies Institute
bulletResources in Race and Ethnic Studies
bulletTen Myths About Affirmative Action
bulletThey're Taking Over! - Myths about Multiculturalism
Affirmative Action & Civil Rights
bulletBirmingham Civil Rights Institute
bulletCivil Rights Movement
bulletHuman and Civil Rights Organizations
bulletInjustice Line
bulletNational Civil Rights Museum
bulletOrigins of Affirmative Action
bulletResources on Affirmative Action
bulletU.S. Civil Rights Law and Discrimination
Anti-Racism and Discrimination
bulletAnti-Defamation League
bulletAnti-Racism Resources Home Pages
bulletBlack, Hispanic and Anti-Racist Socialists
bulletRacism, Intelligence and the Working Class
bulletUnited Nations Agreements on Human Rights
Hate Groups
bulletAryan Nations
bulletHate Groups On-line
bulletStormfront White Nationalist Resource Page
bulletWhite Power
bulletInternational Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
bulletNazi Genocide of the Jews, 1933-1945


American Political Science Association (APSA)

The  is one of the largest North American academic societies, with more than 12,000 members from all 50 states and dozens of countries. The Association's membership is organized into 33 "sections," or subfields, including the Section on Race, Ethnicity and Politics.


Other Resources

bulletUniversal Black Pages
bulletAfrican-American Studies
bulletAfrican-American Mosaic
bulletBlack/African Information Sites
bulletHistoric Speeches and Interviews
bulletEvents and People in Black History
bulletWWW Virtual Library: African Studies
bulletNative American Literature Online


bulletAfrican Philosophy Resources - Bruce Janz
bulletAfrican Philosophy - Julie Maybee
bulletChinese Philosophy: Essential Readings
bulletIndian Philosophy - Shrikanth
bulletIndian Philosophy and Religion
bulletPolish Philosophy - Francesco Coniglione


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