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Ethics & Ethical Theory

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Academic Freedom and Tenure : Ethical Issues (Issues in Academic Ethics) 
coverAesthetics and Ethics : Essays at the Intersection (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and the Arts) by Jerrold Levinson (Editor).

This major collection of new essays stands at the border of aesthetics and ethics and deals with charged issues of practical import: art and morality, the ethics of taste, censorship. Prominent philosophers in both aesthetics and ethics tackle a wide array of issues. As such its potential interest is by no means confined to professional philosophers; it should also appeal to art historians and critics, literary theorists, and students of film...  

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Ethics Updates

Edited by Lawrence M. Hinman.  Ethics Updates is designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.

Site Includes:

bulletIntroduction to Moral Theory
bulletEthical Relativism
bulletMeta-Ethical Concerns
bulletReligion and Ethics
bulletEthical Egoism
bulletKant and Deontology
bulletRights Theories
bulletContemporary Anti-Theory
bulletAristotle and Virtue Ethics
bulletGender and Moral Theory
bulletRace, Ethnicity, and Moral Theory
bulletReproductive Technologies and Bioethics
bulletPunishment and the Death Penalty
bulletRace and Ethnicity
bulletGender and Sexism
bulletSexual Orientation
bulletPoverty and Welfare
bulletWorld Hunger
bulletAnimal Rights
bulletEnvironmental Ethics

And lots more!


Consequentialism, Moralities of Concern, and Selfishness

Essay by Ted Honderich


(1) Non-Consequentialism and Consequentialism are best identified ostensively, by giving two groups of reasons for the rightness of actions. Concentration on Utilitarianism distorts understanding of the second group. (2) Traditional causal conceptions of the two groups are inadequate and unenlightening. Conceptions are inadequate if they do not cover all the reasons of only one group. They are unenlightening if they do not convey the supposed general recommendation of each group of reasons. (3) Reasons of the second group are in fact best understood in terms of the satisfaction and frustration of desires, and giving a strict priority to reducing frustration. They come from moralities of concern. Reasons of the first group either do not have to do with satisfaction and frustration at all, or do not give a strict priority to reducing frustration. (4) Reasons of the first group, including agent-relative reasons, cannot be defended by collapsing the question of right action into that of the goodness of an agent. (5) Reasons of the first group, if taken as not involving satisfaction and frustration at all, are in fact not reasons for action and hence not reasons for the rightness of action. (6) Reasons of this group, if taken as involving satisfaction and frustration, face a judgment of selfishness. 

 Ted Honderich's Online Essays:

bulletEquality:  What It Is Not
bulletEquality:  What It Is
bulletConsciousness as Existence
bulletTed Honderich's second paper on Consciousness as Existence
bulletFunctionalism, Identity Theories, The Union Theory
bulletConsciousness and Microtubules
bulletFree Will and Determinism:  Compatibilism, Incompatibilism, and the Smart Aleck
bulletConsequentialism, Moralities of Concern, and Selfishness


Environmental Ethics

This World Wide Web server is dedicated to providing access to Internet  resources throughout the world which pertain to or focus on  environmental ethics and environmental philosophy. 

Site Includes:

bulletAbout Environmental Ethics as an Academic Field
bulletAbout the Center for Environmental Philosophy
bulletEnvironmental Ethics
bulletPhilosophy and Ecology Series - UNT Press
bulletGraduate Program - University of North Texas
bulletSpecialists in Environmental Ethics
bulletGraduate Students
bulletFaculty of Environmental Ethics
bulletPostdoctoral - Professional Development Opportunities at UNT
bulletFirst Visitors to Our Program
bulletRecent Visitors to Our Program
bulletRecent Visiting Speakers
bulletNews from Here and There


Institute for Axiological Research

By Yvanka B. Raynova.  Philosophical and interdisciplinary Value Inquiry with the following focal points: 1) Classical and contemporary theories of values, 2)Values in Sex-Gender Context, 3) Hermeneutics of Religion and Culture, 4) Present process of transformation: Identity, Democracy, Globalization and Justice, 5) Values and Praxis. Publication of Labyrinth, an International Journal for Philosophy, Feminist Theory and Cultural Hermeneutics. 


Proceedings of the Friesian School: Ethics

The essays at this site range from the fully annotated and technical to more informal and discursive discussions, often written for undergraduate classes. Many items therefore should be intelligible to those not familiar with all the arcana of academic philosophy. Such a range of submissions is acceptable and desired, since the trend, by which academic philosophy has obscured and esotericized itself, and mostly dropped out of popular and literate culture, should be resisted. 

The Ethics page inlcudes:

Contributed Essays

bulletKant and the Problem of Non-Human Animals, by Bob Jones [30.2K]

Editorial Essays

bulletThe Polynomic Theory of Value [10.9K]
bulletSix Domains of the Polynomic System of Value [4.3K]
bulletThe Fallacies of Moralism and Moral Aestheticism [24.5K]
bulletThe Fallacy of Moralism
bulletThe Fallacy of Moral Aestheticism
bulletVarieties of Moral Aestheticism [13.7K]
bulletVarieties of Moralism [1.0K + 84.1K]
bulletMoralism in Panayot Butchvarov's Skepticism in Ethics [10.9K]
bulletLogical Relationships of Moralism and Moral Aestheticism
bulletKey Distinctions for Value Theories, and the Importance of Hume [16.7K]
bulletThe Value Structure of Action
bulletRights, Responsibilities, and Communitarianism [21.8K]
bulletThe Bill of No Rights
bulletThe Fallacies of Egoism and Altruism, and the Fundamental Principle of Morality [35.6K]
bulletNon-Contractual Duties of Commission and Privileges of Necessity
bulletMorality, Justice, and Judicial Moralism [25.6K]
bulletRelativism [22.4K]
bulletEthnic Prejudice, Stereotypes, Discrimination, and the Free Market [19.1K]
bulletReligious Morality and Discrimination [11.1K]
bulletRacism [20.9K]
bulletFeminism [46.1K]
bulletNote on Gender
bulletGender Stereotypes and Sexual Archetypes [33.9K]
bulletAgainst the Theory of "Sexist Language" [21.8K]
bulletAbortion [26.6K]


bulletDefense of Christina Hoff Sommers published in The Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, 66:7
bulletLetter in defense of Christina Hoff Sommers sent to the Los Angeles Times


Science, Technology, and Society: Ethics

This is a page of extensive links to STS Related Websites from NC State University.

Site includes:

bulletEthical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science
bulletEthics in Science
bulletIEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
bulletMedical Ethics
bulletMonitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Technology
bulletWeb Clearinghouse for Engineering & Computing Ethics - NC State University


bulletBiotechnology Information Center
bulletNational Center for Genome sources


Ethics in Science

Brian Tissue maintains this hypermedia page in the Department of Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Site Includes:

bulletScience Ethics Bibliography
bulletOnline Science Ethics
bulletEthics in the Physical Sciences- Course Outline and Reference Books 


Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans


This Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans describes the policies of the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The document replaces SSHRC's Ethics Guidelines for Research with Human Subjects, MRC's Guidelines on Research Involving Humans, and MRC's Guidelines for Research on Somatic Cell Gene Therapy in Humans.


Teorías Éticas

By Moris Polanco

A web site for the course on Ethical Theories, taught at the University Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala). In Spanish.


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