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Cultural Studies / Critical Theory

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Against Purity : Rethinking Identity With Indian Feminisms (Gender, Racism, Ethnicity)
coverStates of Injury : Power and Freedom in Late Modernity by Wendy Brown.

Whether in characterizing Catharine MacKinnon's theory of gender as itself pornographic or in identifying liberalism as unable to make good on its promises, Wendy Brown pursues a central question: how does a sense of woundedness become the basis for a sense of identity? Brown argues that efforts to outlaw hate speech and pornography powerfully legitimize the state: such apparently well- intentioned attempts harm victims further by portraying them as so helpless as to be in continuing need of governmental protection. "Whether one is dealing with the state, the Mafia, parents, pimps, police, or husbands," writes Brown, "the heavy price of institutionalized protection is always a measure of dependence and agreement to abide by the protector's rules." True democracy, she insists, requires sharing power, not regulation by it; freedom, not protection. Refusing any facile identification with one political position or another, Brown applies her argument to a panoply of topics, from the basis of litigiousness in political life to the appearance on the academic Left of themes of revenge and a thwarted will to power. These and other provocations in contemporary political thought and political life provide an occasion for rethinking the value of several of the last two centuries' most compelling theoretical critiques of modern political life, including the positions of Nietzsche, Marx, Weber, and Foucault...  

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The Black Cultural Studies Website

This is an experimental Black cultural studies site set up because of a lack of resources on the internet around questions of ethnicity, race, and gender among populations of the African diaspora. (though there are certainly some wonderful exceptions) We certainly do not make any claims for this collection of resources as exhaustive. To begin the task, the creators of this page decided to include bibliographical information on cultural workers working in such areas as Black literary criticism, Black popular culture, Critical Race Theory and film theory. The decision was made to assemble this information under the rubric "Black Cultural Studies", a problematic and contested term which will no doubt require some revision. 

Individual Pages include:

bulletElizabeth Alexander
bulletHoutson A. Baker, Jr.
bulletBarbara Christian
bulletManthia Diawara
bulletAnn du Cille
bulletCheryl Dunye
bulletPaul Gilroy
bulletStuart Hall
bulletPhillip Brian Harper
bulletMae G. Henderson
bulletArthur Jafa
bulletIssac Julien
bulletWahneema Lubiano
bulletKobena Mercer
bulletValerie Smith
bulletHortense J. Spillers
bulletClaudia Tate
bulletMichele Wallace


Culture and Ethnicity in Philosophy

This site gathers resources relevant to the philosophical study of culture and ethnicity. Included here are links to philosophy in specific cultures, philosophical anthropology, and cross-cultural and intercultural philosophy. This is not a page dealing with philosophy in Western culture, for the most part, except inasmuch as that philosophy is expressed in cultural or ethnic terms.



CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. 


Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theory

Site maintained by George Landow.  This website consists largely of elaborate student projects, some containing several hundred documents and images. If you want to know how the new reading and writing are taking form, have a look.


English Server:  Cultural Studies

Cultural studies draws from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and cultural practices.   This site has a search engine to pull up texts from various fields by author and by works.


Hypertext Theory

bulletElectronic Labyrinth, The (1)
bulletFAQ - alt.hypertext
bulletFlorida Research Ensemble
bulletFrom Work to Hypertext: Authors and Authority in a Reader-Directed Medium By Glenn A. Kurtz
bulletHistory of Hypertext Timeline
bulletHyperContent, HyperJunk - hypertext theory as if the www matters.
bulletHyperizons: the Hypertext Fiction
bulletHyperliterature/Hypertheory graduate class
bulletHypertext and Hypermedia: A Select Bibliography - guide to print and electronic resources.
bulletHypertext Breakdown - how to break down existing texts into a usable hypertext form.
bulletHypertext Forum - home of hypertext projects by Syracuse University's creative writing programme.
bulletHypertext Literature Bibliography
bulletHypertext'87 Conference - trip report from the first ACM Hypertext conference in 1987.
bulletThesis on Hypertext Literature - dissertation proposal on how the Internet is changing literature.
bulletWeb Directory: Hypertext resources on the web - Recommended by Eastgate Systems.



The "Frankfurt School": Bloch, Adorno, Marcuse et al.


Lawyers and Film

Created and maintained by James R. Elkins, Professor of Law, West Virginia University.

This site investigates the relationship between Lawyers and Film.


There is now a growing body of literature, legal scholarship, and web-resources on lawyers and film. Lawyers and legal issues have never been more prominent in popular culture--film, television, novels--than they are today. Consequently, there is a growing recognition on the part of law teachers and legal scholars that popular culture (in all its forms) deserves attention and scholarly study.  


Literary and Cultural Theory

This site is a list of links to other more involved sites.

The List Includes:

bulletHyperLiterature/HyperTheory HomePage
bulletJohn Labovitz's e-zine-list
bulletVoice of the Shuttle: Cultural Studies Page
bulletSarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
bulletVoice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory Page
bulletVoice of the Shuttle: Media Studies Page
bulletÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site
bulletThe UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource
bulletOpening Screen, The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism
bulletOn-Line Literary Resources
bulletHistorical fiction about ancient Rome


polylog - Forum for Intercultural Philosophizing 

'polylog' is an interdisciplinary scholarly forum for philosophical dialogue across cultures, with a bi-annual text section and a constantly updated service section. 'polylog' focuses on examples and methods of intercultural philosophy as well as methodological reflection on comparative philosophy, problems of inter- and multi-cultural phenomena, inter-religious questions, and philosophical work that explicitly considers its own cultural context.

This website is in English, Spanish and German.

Site Includes:

bulletDiscussion group -- The forum provides the possibility of raising questions and leading discussions on topics relevant to intercultural philosophy. 
bulletCalendar -- Current event announcements relevant to an intercultural philosophy.
bulletWeb directory -- Links to sources in intercultural philosophy: projects, institutions, lexicons, discussion groups, bibliographies, journals, etc.


Postimperial and Postcolonial Literature in English

Site maintained by George Landow.  A prize-winning website with materials on postcolonial theory as well as on literature, culture, and society of Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, the Indian Subcontinent, Singapore, and other regions that have produced literature in English.


Theory, Culture & Society Centre

From the Faculty of Humanities, The Nottingham Trent University.  

Site includes:

bulletTheory, Culture and Society
bulletBody and Society
bulletBook Series
bulletPost-Graduate Opportunities
bulletConferences and Research


University of Colorado at Denver: Cultural Theory

Knowledge is a fabric of relations in which one individual is fundamentally entwined with all others in a collective discourse. This page illustrates that woven fabric Each of the following sites links to the Postmodern site here at U.C. Denver. The UCD page serves, not as a hub, presuming some priviledged position, but as a conductive thread, one of many fibers which transforms a collection of unique sites into a common woven text. This Corollary page returns a thread to each of the diverse sites, strengthening possibilities for community within this collective fabric known as postmodern thought.

This site is extensive, covering postmodern philosophy, Cultural theory, and postmodern thought, including:

Cultural Studies:

bulletCultural Studies (Robin Markowitz)
bulletCritical & Cultural Theory (Dey Alexander)
bulletHistory Theory and Visual Culture (Mark Dressel)
bulletA Critical View (Author not identified)
bulletSocioSite: Culture (Albert Benschop)
bulletArt Seen as is (Tim Trompeter and Peter Cunningham)
bulletPhysicist vs Postmodern Cultural Analysts (Gen Kuroki)
bulletThe Sokal Affair (Gen Kuroki)
bulletCommunication Studies: Cultural Studies Resources (Karla-Tonella)
bulletPier: Cultural Studies (University of Sussex)
bulletFranzsische Literaturwissenschaft (W.P. Sohnle)
bulletTechno-Cultural Media Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson)
bulletCommunication, Cultural Studies, Social Science (Nancy Hoft Consulting)

Critical Theory:

bulletCritical Inquiry (University of Chicago Press)
bulletSeulemonde Issue 1 (University of South Florida)
bulletJeannine Semrau Home Page

Literary Theory:

bulletSeminar on Roland Barthes (Victor J. Vitanza)
bulletResources in Linguistics and Literary Theory (Bruce Fraser)
bulletContemporary Literary Theory (John Lye)
bulletKentucky Classics (Ross Scaife)
bulletLiterary specialty Catalogs (Department of English: Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz)
bulletLiterary Resources: Theory (Jack Lynch)
bulletCulture/(Hyper)text/Image (Dept of English, U of South Florida)
bulletHAPAX: Literary Critical Theory (Angelo Metzidakis)
bulletLiterature, Theory, and Cultural Studies (Brian Donahue)
bulletCultural Studies (Thom Heileson)
bullet20th Century American Literature References (John Unsworth)
bulletLiteratur Links (Sven Kalbhenn)
bulletResources for Literary Theory (Brenda Tooley)
bulletPostmodern Literature on the net (Jeanette Winterson)
bulletLiterary and Cultural Theory (Sophie Clarke)
bulletEnglish and American Criticism (Hallym University, Korea)
bulletFrench Literature (University of Iowa)


bulletSociology Sites (Praxis)
bulletPraxis (UC Riverside Sociology Graduate Students)
bulletSociological Theory (KarenHans)
bulletSociological Theory (Douglas Martin)
bulletSociological Perspective (James Henslin)
bulletGeneral Sociological Links (Michael C. Kearl)
bullet"Mostly" Sociology (Tom Cravens)
bulletSociological Theories (Albert Benschop)
bulletLa sociologie par thèmes (Jean-François Marcotte)
bulletSociology Links (Patrick Macartney)
bulletContemporary Sociological Theory (Arunas Juska)
bulletSome Sociologically Interesting Services (University of Tampere Department of Sociology and Social Psychology)
bulletAllyn & Bacon Sociology Links (Allyn & Bacon Publisher)

Media Studies:

bulletJos A. Bragana de Miranda
bulletCultural Studies Resources (Karla Tonella)
bulletJournal Archives (Sarah Zupko)
bulletk.i.s.s. of the panoptican (Dougie Bicket)
bulletCommunication, Cultural Studies, Social Science (Nancy Hoft Consulting)


The Victorian Web

Site maintained by George Landow.  This scholarly and educational website, which more than two dozen organizations have honored, contains materials on Victorian art, economics, literature, political and social history, religion, and science. 


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