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Alternative Philosophy

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Afterwards, You're a Genius : Faith, Medicine, and the Metaphysics of Healing
coverChaos & Cyber Culture by Timothy Leary (Francis), Vicki Marshall (Illustrator), Andy Firth (Translator)

Timothy Leary's Chaos and CyberCulture is his futuristic vision of the emergence of a new humanism with an emphasis on questioning authority , independent thinking, individual creativity, and the empowerment of computer and other brain technologies. This cyberpunk manifesto describes a new breed that loves technology and uses it to revolutionize communication and tweak Big Brother while being successful, achieving political power and having fun. Timothy Leary is a leading figure in the consciousness revolution of the 1960s.

Chaos and CyberCulture brings together his provocative, futuristic writings, lively interviews and cogent conversations with a variety of writers and thinkers. Chaos and CyberCulture defines the emergence of the New Breed of the Information Age, who are creating the cyberdelic politics and culture of the 21st Century.

Chaos and CyberCulture is a substantial work (over 100,000 words) consisting of over forty chapters and conversations with leading figures. There are eight main sections and a epilogue.

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Writings from the Outside

The personal philosophies of Stu Maclean.  Contains a complete anthology of his works.


Alternative Philosophy eXchange... APeX

The goal of APeX , is simple: to create a 'one-stop' site for subjects that are not considered widely acceptable by society at large.


Body, Mind & SoulHealer - An Alternative Approach To Health

An integrated approach to wholistic health, by combining Naturopathy, medical intuition, clairvoyant readings, biochemical analysis, nutritional & spiritual counseling and vibrational healing to assist in personal growth and multidimensional healing.


Ceptual Institute / Integrity Paradigm

James N Rose

The Integrity Paradigm is an umbrella concept, embracing all systems behaviors, translating all the diversity, distilling out shared qualities.   It respects the integrity of  individuation, but always places such identity in context with the universe abundantly around.  Experience is personal, even as all things share the ability  "to" experience.   Integrity reminds us that potential and opportunity are the most valuable commodities of existence.


Esoteric Links

According to Benjamin Creme esotericism is the philosophy, or the science, of the evolutionary process, but it is about the evolution of consciousness, not of the physical form. The phenomenon of Consciousness, defined as our awareness of our own existence, is the central mystery of human life.  It is because of this awareness that we are able to ask such a question as,  "What is the meaning of life?" 

The Links Directory is currently divided into the following headings: 

bullet Books
bullet Buddhism
bullet Christianity
bullet Consciousness
bullet Enlightenment
bullet Fourth Way
bullet Esotericism
bullet Holistic Medicine
bullet Jungian Psychology
bullet Meditation
bullet Music and Consciousness
bullet New Age
bullet Philosophy
bullet Webmaster Resources
bullet Occultism
bullet Rudolf Steiner
bullet Esoteric Art

Suggestions for new headings are invited.


Dolphin Ocean

This eclectic site includes a collection of the most exciting but scary conspiracy theories.


Dov's World

Site Created and Maintained by Dov Brin

This site is for all thoughts free minds ... different people's thoughts and beliefs from all over the globe ... from Brazil to Australia from Israel to South Africa ... including Dov Brin's own personal thoughts about Love, Life, Fear, etc...


Mystical World Wide Web

This online publication has information related to science, mythology and the paranormal including folklore, stories, hauntings and ghosts, religions, art, philosophy, sixth sense, intuition, omens, customs, alternative theories and other resources.


Mysticism and Philosophy

Mysticism and Philosophy. When I had fully understood my love for it, it taught me ... freedom. 

Site includes:

bullet Castaneda & Philosophy


Panic! Brixton Poetry

Jim Luchte

Panic! Brixton Poetry is a magazine of poetry and art based in Brixton, South London.  There is a visual arts gallery, a writing project, an alternative philosophy and theology project and two extensive links pages.


Psychedelic '60s:  Literary Tradition and Social Change

Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library. 


The summer of 1967, with its "Love-Ins," "Be-ins," and "Flower Power," came to be known as "The Summer of Love," and was one of the seminal moments of our generation. Over thirty years later, we who came of age during the turbulent decade of the sixties are dismayed to realize that, to the young adults of today, those years are now ancient history.

The "Psychedelic Sixties" broke the rules in every conceivable way from music to fashion (or lack of it), to manners and mores. Boundaries were challenged and crossed in literature and art; the government was confronted head-on for its policies in Vietnam; the cause of civil rights was embraced by the young; and mind-expanding drugs were doing just that.


Rainbow Path

The Rainbow Path is a metaphysical bookstore located in historic Dilworth in Charlotte, N.C.. The Rainbow Path is the largest new age store in the Carolinas and welcomes people from all walks of life! Founded in 1989, The Rainbow Path has the knowledge and experience to fulfill your metaphysical requests, from the novice to the master.

 Books can be purchased online.


The Real Basics

Site Created and Maintained by Jean Champagne.

"The Real Basics" manuscript, as an ongoing research study of The Clearing Institute website, discloses a synoptic philosophy -- an ecology of understanding.  Its aim is to present a comprehensive and meaningful world view based on the integration of significant insights from the arts and major discoveries in the sciences. 

Site Includes:

bullet Table of Contents
bullet Introduction: The Highest Art 
bullet Chapter 1: The Real Revolution 


Searching for the Meaning of Life

Explores the nature of consciousness, reviews esoteric books. Homesite of the Esoteric Books Ring.


The Timothy Leary Home Page

Short movie clip, archives of writings, photographs, audio, videos and more. Items categorized by year and by topic. Chat rooms, gifts and products.

University Center for Astrological Research

C.U.R.A. (University Centre for Astrological Research) is the leading French site for astrological research. The site, English and French speaking, provides articles, texts, documents and bibliographies. 


Alan Watts - Electronic University 

Here you will find a chronology of Watts publications with photos, and a large collection of original audio and video tapes recorded during the sixties and early seventies. You will also find copies of the Alan Watts Journals, previews of new publications, and rare first edition books. The editor for this site is Alan Watts' son, Mark.


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