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A Companion to Aesthetics (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy)
coverArchitecture : Ecstasies of Space, Time, and the Human Body by David Farrell Krell.

In this book, David Farrell Krell challenges contemporary and traditional theories of architecture with architecture spelling it new by design. The thesis of the book is that the heart of the word architecture, the Greek root tec-, can be traced back to an earlier and more pervasive root, tic-. The verb tiktein means "to love," "to engender," "to reproduce." In the course of Western history, however, that older root disappeared under the debris of discarded techniques, technologies, architectonics, and architectures, all of them insisting on technical mastery, technological power, and architectonic solidarity. Yet what would happen to the confidence we place in technique if we realized that its dominion is based on a kind of oblivion - an oblivion of the materials, places, situations, and human bodies that not even the mightiest technician can thoroughly dominate, but that he or she must love?  

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The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 

Established in 1942 by the American Society for Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism publishes current research articles, symposia, special issues, and timely reviews of books in aesthetics and the arts. The "arts" are taken to include not only the traditional forms such as music, literature, landscape architecture, dance, painting, architecture, sculpture, and other visual arts, but also more recent additions including photography, film, earthworks, performance and conceptual art, the crafts and decorative arts, contemporary technical innovations, and other cultural practices, including work and activities in the field of popular culture.  

The Journal takes a theoretical and interdisciplinary approach to the arts and aesthetic matters. Its authors include artists, writers, and academics in the fields of philosophy, English literature, comparative literature, art, music, theater and drama, art history, psychology, law, and related disciplines. The Journal also sponsors the bi-annual John Fisher Memorial Prize in Aesthetics in honor of John Fisher, Editor of the Journal from 1973-1988. The Prize is offered to foster the development of new voices and talent in the field of aesthetics. 

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism welcomes proposals for its program of special issues and symposia. Symposia typically consist of three or four comparatively short invited papers. The total length of a symposium should not be much longer than 1 1/2 times the length of an average journal article.  

Special issues typically involve a combination of invited papers and essays selected from an open call for papers. Symposia and special issues are planned in cooperation with the editor of the JAAC.

If you have a promising idea for a special issue or a symposium please contact the editor, Philip Alperson, Department of Philosophy, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122. E-mail:


Polyzine: An Intellectually Aesthetic Zine

An intellectually aesthetic zine p

ublished by the Polymath Society International. Contains original articles and poems as well as many foreign language and other original sources. Goes beyond the traditional media in both news and views. Always looking for high quality noncommercial writing. Many links to the best intellectual and philosophical sites on the net


American Society for Aesthetics

This is the electronic version of the ASA Newsletter. Here you'll find articles about aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism, as well as information about aesthetics events worldwide, and links to other aesthetics-related resources on the internet, including the Aesthetics-L email discussion list. 

Site Includes:

bulletArticles & reviews
bulletTeaching resources
bulletConference reports
bulletCalls for papers
bulletStatus of aesthetics
bulletWeb sites
bulletAesthetics on the World Wide Web: descriptions of and links to aesthetics sites on the web
bulletAesthetic Realism Foundation: devoted to the philosophy of Eli Siegel
bulletAesthetics-L and Aesthetics Email Lists Archives: an archive of postings since October 1995
bulletAesthetics and Higher Education: reports from the ASA committee
bulletThe Aesthetics of Healing: the role of aesthetics in healing
bulletAfrican Art: Aesthetics and Meaning: introduction to an exhibition of African artifacts that places them in the context of African aesthetic principles and related moral and religious values
bulletAristos: a journal on the arts and aesthetics, advocating objective standards in scholarship and criticism, and opposing both modernism and postmodernism
bulletArtLex - dictionary of visual art: Focuses on aesthetics along with art production, art history, art criticism, and art education
bulletArts & Humanities Data Service: coordinates access to electronic resources in the arts and humanities, including the Archaeological Data archive, the Historical Data Unit, and the Oxford Text Archive
bulletArts & Letters Daily: links to art related articles on the web
bulletCentro Internazionale Studi di Estetica: the Institute organizes conferences, seminars, meetings, round tables and conventions. It also sponsors a book series, "Aesthetica", and publishes a journal entitled Aesthetica Preprint
bulletChristianity and Aesthetics: a site devoted to the intersection of religion and aesthetics
bulletCognitive Science and the Arts: a site leading the way in the growing new area
bulletOn Connoisseurship: connoisseurship and postmodern aesthetics
bulletEstetica: An Italian aesthetics site
bulletEuropean Photographic Practices Web Site: call for contributions
bulletEuropean Society for the Cognitive Science of Music: information on events and activities of the Society; the Society's on-line newsletters; links to sites related to the cognitive science of music.
bulletFilm-Philosophy Electronic Salon
bulletFilm and Philosophy: access to the articles from the journal Film and Philosophy, a publication of the Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts
bulletIAPL: an association for philosophy and literature
bulletInternational Association of Empirical Aesthetics: the association is devoted to the scientific study of creativity and of the arts
bulletInternational Society for the Empirical Study of Literature
bulletInternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: contains several articles on aesthetics and philosophy of art
bulletJournal of Contemporary Art
bulletKant on the Web: etexts, journals and links to Kant resources
bulletNEA v. Finley: briefs, transcripts and materials related to the U.S. Supreme Court challenge to the so-called "decency" requirement at the National Endowment for the Arts
bulletPhil-Lit: links to files associated with the phil-lit email discussion list
bulletPhilosophy and Literature: the home page of the journal Philosophy and Literature
bulletRivista di Estetica
bulletSociety for the Philosophical Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts: newsletters, reviews, and journal issues
bulletSurvey of Humanities Computer-Based Projects: a searchable database of on-line projects in the UK
bulletProceedings of the 1997 Sydney Conference on Comparative Aesthetics
bulletSydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics
bulletVirtual Sublime
bulletVisual Representation and Interpretation: abstracts from the 1998 Liverpool conference
bulletWeb Art Manifesto: manifesto defining the new medium of web art
bulletEmail lists
bulletPersonal pages


SoundSite:  Journal for Sound Theory, Philosophy of Sound, and Sound Art

This is an interesting website. 

Site Includes:

bulletEssays in Sound
bulletSoundsite Texts
bulletFrom concept to spoken word
bulletToy Songs
bulletSoundsite Links



Dedicated to the philosophy of the moving image.

Site Includes:

bulletOnline Organizations
bulletFilm Philosophers
bulletOnline Writings
bulletEmail Salon


History of  Art

This beautifully crafted web site by Natale Williams covers the history of art from before the Renaissance to Impressionism.

Site includes:

bulletArtist Index
bulletArt 101
bulletArt Facts
bulletArt History Notes
bulletTimeline of History1300-1599
bulletTimeline of History1600-1899
bulletThe Proto-Renaissance
bulletItalian Renaissance15th Century
bulletThe High Renaissance
bulletThe Northern Renaissance16th Century
bulletBaroque Art of Italy & Spain
bulletBaroque Art of Flanders & Holland
bulletBaroque Art of England&France
bulletRococo A to G
bulletRococo H to Z
bulletRomanticism A to D
bulletRomanticism E to L
bulletRomanticism M to Z
bulletPre-Raphaelite A to H
bulletPre-Raphaelite L to Z
bulletImpressionism A to G
bulletImpressionism H to Z
bulletFrederic Church
bulletAmerican Art A to C
bulletClaude Monet

Also includes artwork by Natale Williams.


van Gogh, Gaugin and Langston Hughes

This site is now maturing, and there are many beautiful things to see. This includes a lovely van Gogh collection, a collection of some of Langston Hughes' poetry and numerous pictures that have been created by my friend and me. I also now have a small collection of Gaugin paintings, and these are marvelous. Please do enjoy them. 

The van Gogh pictures have been digitally re-mastered to bring out the best of van Gogh on your computer screen, and there are over forty of his works in this collection. These are not tiny little pictures -- as you may find in even museum sites.  These are big and colorful images of van Gogh's best works. They will fill your screen with spray after spray of intense colors -- with the master's touch. 

The site has some philosophical and metaphysical aphorisms, too. And, a little "poetry corner" with poetry by Langston Hughes -- and there are pictures of him throughout his life. This you will enjoy.


The Art Warren

A directory of Internet resources for the understanding of Modern and Contemporary Art. Links regularly updated and new material added. Links to images essays, articles, galleries, institutions, etc. -- The Art Site

Maica Gomariz

Portal vertical dedicado a la venta y exhibición de obras de arte en general. Incluye información acerca del mundo del arte en general, contenido didáctico,agenda de exposiciones, becas, concursos, recomendaciones,etc...


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