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Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-Sex Marriage : The Moral and Legal Debate

The Hawaii Same Sex Marriage Issue

From hawaiilawyers.com.  Few issues in Hawaii legal history have been as controversial as the Same Sex Marriage Issue.  

As a service to readers, we present this information as a resource; the facts and opinions expressed in these pages and in the linked sites are not necessarily those of Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert.  The firm takes no position on the issue, pro or con -- this page is only to provide a resource to locate pertinent information.

Site Includes:

bulletThe December 1999 Hawaii Supreme Court opinion rejecting same sex marriages.
bulletThe current status of the case. Full text of agreed bills below.
bulletLegal analysis of the case (Current as of Jan 1997)
bulletHere is the Plaintiff's Pre-Trial Brief.
bulletHere is the State's Pre-Trial Brief.
bulletHere is the text of Judge Chang's Ruling.
bulletHere is the Plaintiff's Post-Trial Brief.
bulletHere is the State's Post-Trial Brief.
bulletHere is the text of the Conference Version of HB 117 (HB 117 CD1) as passed by the full legislature This bill proposes a constitutional amendment that allows the legislature to limit marriage to opposite sex couples. Includes committee report
bulletHere is the text of the Conference Version of HB 118 (HB 118 CD1) as passed by the full legislature. This bill will grant approximately 60 benefits to couples that can't legally marry. Includes committee report.
bulletHere is text of the ACLU's Amicus Curiae ("Friend of the Court") brief.
bulletBrief of the Christian Legal Society, et al.
bulletBrief filed by the Mormons
bulletBrief filed by Na Mamo O Hawai'i
bulletBrief filed by Agudath Israel of America
bulletBrief filed by Hawaii's Future Today.
bulletBrief filed by the Madison Society of Hawai'i
bulletRecognition of Domestic Partnerships by Government Entities & Private Employers - An article by Lewis Becker, a professor of law at Villanova Law School.
bulletHere are the Honolulu Star-Bulletin's links to past articles on the subject.
bulletA link to  -- http://www.vtfreetomarry.org


Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force

Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force (VFMTF)  represents a coalition of individuals and associations in Vermont who support the freedom for same-gender couples to enter into civil marriages. Our aim is to educate Vermonters regarding the issues surrounding the freedom to marry.

Should you wish to contact us by telephone, you may do so at 802.388.2633.

In this section, you can learn something about civil marriage for same-gender couples as well as supports and obligations that are not available to same-gender couples.

Site Includes:

bulletHome Page
bulletVermont Decision
bulletAbout Us
bulletVermont Voices
bulletSearch the Website


Buddy Buddy

National organization supports long-term commitments by gay and lesbian couples. Includes surveys and legal-marriage data.

Site Includes:

bulletPartners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
bulletSweet Corn Productions
bulletLegal Marriage Alliance of Washington


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