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Awards We've Won

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Erratic Impact received over 125 awards in its first year online.  Below are some of the awards received for the Queer Theory / LGBT Philosophy web. 

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Gaypage Award Pick of the Month August 1999

IGGWThe Philosophy Research Base won the Black Claw Award for Service from the International Guild of Gay Webmasters in January, 2000

The Black Claw Award for Service to the Community is reserved for those sites that perform a bona fide and valuable service for the betterment of the GLBT community.

Click here to visit the IGGW website.


Gay-DaysErratic Impact received the Gay-Days Award of excellence from the Gay-Days website in January, 2000.

This award recognizes excellence in web page design and content.

Click here to visit the Gay-Days website.



Freedom AwardThe Philosophy Research Base won the Freedom Award for the month of August, 1999 for its Queer Theory / LGBT Philosophy Web.

Since 1994, The Freedom Award has been presented to those sites that contribute something positive to the gay or lesbian community. (And out criteria is very strict these days!) At five years old, it's one of the oldest (if not the oldest) awards on the internet of its type.

Click here to visit Freedom UK.

Queer Living Family Choice AwardThe Philosophy Research Base won the Queer Living Family Choice Award from the Queer Living Online in August, 1999 for the PRB's Queer Theory / LGBT Philosophy Web.

This award is based upon design, graphics, and most importantly, content and information for the queer community.  


Gay Page Award -- Pick 'o DayThe Philosophy Research Base won the Gay Page Pic 'O Day Award from the Gay Page Awards website for the PRB's Queer Theory / LGBT Philosophy Web.

The award's criteria are:  must be gay, pleasurable, easy to load, easy to navigate, and have good content 

Click here to visit the Gay Page Awards website.


This Page Supports Equal Rights and The Equality
                                  ProjectThe members of this project wish to encourage the web public to show their support for equal rights for all humans as well as to encourage the general public to educate themselves about different sexualities, genders, religions, races, cultures, physical/mental abilities, etc. Since its creation, well over a thousand people have joined The Equality Project! 

Click here to visit the Equality Project web site.


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