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Julia Kristeva

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Time and Sense
coverJulia Kristeva Interviews (European Perspectives - A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism)  by Ross Mitchell Guberman (Editor), julia Kristeva, Ediby R. Guberman.

 It is perhaps edifying to take Kristeva's work as a whole, in order that we may best consider her complex balances of interdisciplinary concerns. In his recent collection of Kristeva's interviews, Ross Mitchell Guberman gives us the opportunity to do just that, in a space that affords us, additionally, a fresh perspective on this theorists personal and intellectual developments. 

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Kristeva Bibliography

Maintained by State University of New York at Stony Brook University Libraries.

This site includes:


Works by Julia Kristeva:

Edited Volumes
Contributions to Books
Journal Articles
Published Interviews

Works about Julia Kristeva:

Dissertations & Theses
Selected Articles


Short Introduction to Julia Kristeva 

Presented by Alice Kelsey.


The Significance of the Body in Ethical Discourse: Julia Kristeva's Contribution to Ethical Discourse

Graduate thesis by Christine Jamieson. The dissertation is concerned with the significance of embodiment for moral theology. It enters into dialogue with Christian ethicists struggling with issues relating to embodiment.


Chao-Footnotes to Kristevan Semiotics

By Fred Abraham.



In Revolution and Poetic Language, Kristeva's thesis for her Doctorat d'Etat, she further developed her concept of intertextuality. To the two processes Freud identified as being at work in the unconscious, displacement and condensation, Kristeva added a third process, "the passage from one sign system to another." Inherent in this process she saw an alteration of the thetic phase of language involving the destruction of the old system and the forming of a new one. The new system may use the same or different signifying materials, as in "carnival" as described by Bakhtin. She argued that the novel particularly exhibited the potential for embodying a "redistribution" of several different sign systems. "Intertextuality," then, is a specific type of coextension in which a variety of diverse meanings overlap; it refers to the transposition of one or more sign systems into another or a "field" of transpositions of many signifying systems. The novel provides a particularly good space for this phenomenon to occur.


Intertextuality:   An Interview with Kristeva

Margaret Smaller conducted this interview in New York City in 1985. It was published in Intertextuality and Contemporary American Fiction. The translation is by Richard Macicsey. Kristeva speaks lucidly about her well-known notion of intertextuality, expressing her intellectual debt to Bakhtin's notion of dialogism while emphasizing that the intersection of voices surrounding an utterance concerns not only the semantic field but the syntactic and phonic fields. She introduces a psychoanalytic element into the notion of intertextuality by suggesting that the intertextuality of the creator and the reader make them "subject-in-process" whose psychic identity is put into question. Commenting on Nerval, Kristeva then contrasts modern poetry, described as more openly regressive" and direct, with the modern novel, which is said to result from a "working-out" of the self. She claims that the modern novel could thus be seen as a "kind of continuous lay analysis." Other questions have to do with melancholia (Kristeva was working on Back Sun at the time ot this interview). Psychoanalysis (which is said to link theory and practice more fortuitously than does Marxism or political commitment), and the political structure of the United States. Kristeva concludes by discussing her plans for writing fiction, including the project that would eventually become The Samurai.


Feminist Theory Website:  French Feminists

This is an excellent feminist resource website, including the following:


Julia Kristeva: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources in French and English 1966-1996 Kathleen O'Grady, Editor - alas, this is only the description of the book that was awarded the American Theological Library Association Bibliographer's Award, 1997. Ordering information can be found here.  
The Abject: Kristeva and the Antigone Extract from: "The Abject: Kristeva and the Antigone" by Clifford Davis, a UCLA French Studies journal.  
The Uncanny Style of Kristeva's Critique of Nationalism (Available only to Project Muse subscribers. U. Iowa is subscriber) Ewa Ziarek examines J. Kristeva's "attempts to articulate a different concept of sociality, based on the "respect for the irreconcilable." 
Introduction to Julia Kristeva Alice Kelsey wrote this short introduction for a graduate class in rhetoric at Northern Illinois University. 


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