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Simone de Beauvoir

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Texts:  Simone de Beauvoir
Used Books:  Simone de Beauvoir 
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Colette, Beauvoir and Duras : Age and Women Writers
On de Beauvoir by Sally ScholzOn De Beauvoir by Sally Scholz

Simone de Beauvoir is one of the 20th Century's premiere philosophers in both existentialism and feminism.  This brief text assists students in understanding De Beauvoir's philosophy and thinking so that they can more fully engage in useful, intelligent class dialogue and improve their understanding of course content. Part of the "Wadsworth Philosophers Series," (which will eventually consist of approximately 100 titles, each focusing on a single "thinker" from ancient times to the present), ON DE BEAUVOIR is written by a philosopher deeply versed in the philosophy of this key thinker. Like other books in the series, this concise book offers sufficient insight into the thinking of a notable philosopher better enabling students to engage in the reading and to discuss the material in class and on paper. 


• Helps students achieve quick familiarity with the main philosophy of de Beauvoir as discussed in class or through readings. 
• Shows students the specific, substantial contributions made by de Beauvoir.  
• Is concise—-just 96 pages—-and easy to integrate with other course materials.  
• Contains the essential elements of all the key ideas of de Beauvoir that are most relevant to coursework. 
• Meets the practical needs and demands of present day college students. 

ISBN/ISSN: 0-534-57603-6 (published Oct. 1999)

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The Cry:   Simone de Beauvoir

This site is small, but includes a Chronology and some quotes.


French Feminists

This site includes:
Simone de Beauvoir A short biographic entry in "The Window, the comprehensive clearinghouse for philosophy on the Web."
Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir The Gendered Phenomenologies, Erotic Generosities - Debra B. Bergoffen. Book jacket blurb from the State University of New York Press, part of their Feminist Philosophy series.

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