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Vegetarian Life (Cont.)

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1000 Vegetarian Recipes
coverVegan Handbook : Over 200 Delicious Recipes, Meal Plans, and Vegetarian Resources for All Ages  by Debra Wasserman (Editor), Reed Mangels (Editor), Vonnie Crist (Illustrator).

 Featuring over 200 delicious recipes, the Vegan Handbook is a much needed guide for the novice as well as the long-term vegetarian. The Vegan Handbook features dietary exchange lists for meal planning, sports nutrition for vegetarians, a Vegan Meal Plan and One Week Menu, a senior's guide to good nutrition, a 30 day menu for those who don't like to cook, a shopper's guide to leather alternatives, a vegetarian history, online resources for vegetarians and more! Many delicious recipes all you to start your day off with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and waffles, wile the basics of Vegan cooking showcase pasta dishes and sauces, potato power, rice, lentils, beans, carrots, even "cooking with greens". Holiday and party fare include delicious egg-free cakes, frozen desserts, "Halloween Horrors", a Vegan Thanksgiving, holiday menus, and "Gift Ideas from Your Kitchen. Feeding Vegan children has never been easier with wholesome baby foods from scratch, healthy fast foods for pre-schoolers, and fun food activities with children of all ages in your own vegetarian kitchen. The Vegan Handbook can form the basis of any vegetarian cookbook collection.

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Vegetarian Resources
bulletAnita's Vegetarian and Animal Rights Page - this Australian vegetarian shares info about a veg-teen mailing list, her personal links for veggies, her attitude toward veal and beef. Show support for this teenage vegetarian and sign her guestbook.
bulletAustralian Vegetarian Society - Includes benefits of being a vegetarian, an article from their mag by Andrew Steven in New Vegetarian, a vegetarian shopping guide, and OzVeg email list and Australian branches of their society.
bulletCooking Advice for New (or Hungry) Vegetarians - Basic advice and recipes from Karsten Schoellner for those new to the veg diet. Excellent information.
bulletDilip's Vegetarian Resources - Dilip Barman does a fine job on this vegetarian resource page. A very nice collection of links. Visit him and say hello!
bulletDiscussing Vegetarianism with a Meat-Eater - a Hindu view. Also includes many arguments against eating meat, from hunger, health, environmental and other perspectives.
bulletEast Tennessee Vegetarian Society - Restaurant reviews, recipes, nutrition information, membership details, plus.
bulletElias' Vegetarian Page - In Swedish *only*. Elias Broms' personal view, favorite links, excerpts from net discussions, quotes from famous people, and Swedish vegetarian societies
bulletFlorida Vegetarians - archive of the Florida Vegetarian list service.
bulletFocus on Vegetarian - from the Dinner Co-op, links to newsgroups, recipe sites, vegetarian links, clubs, and on-line stores
bulletFreeNet Vegetarian SIG and Cookbook - Listing of a SIG and a collection of recipes from postings made to the NCF vegetarian SIG. Simple site but some good recipes and cooking tips.
bulletGandhi and Vegetarianism - Actually entitled "Vegetarianism: The Road to Satyagraha", author Arun M. Sannuti describes Gandhi's path to vegetarianism.
bulletGood Karma Cafe - a graphically pleasing site with recipes from Kristi Sadler's The Reluctant Vegetarian Cookbook. Part of what makes this site so *special* is that it has many traditionally southern foods made with meat substitutes. Kristi is also looking for some good SUBMISSIONS, so do visit and improve your karma. Updated often.
bulletGo Vegetarian - Support Animal Rights - a concerned student at Stetson Univ in Florida explains why vegetarianism is important to all of us.
bulletHare Krishna Vegetarian Society - from Australia, info on the benefits of a vegetarian diet, veg restaurants in Oz
bulletI Am A Vegetarian - a journalist approach to describing the reasons for being a vegetarian, by Derek Powazek. Worth reading!
bulletLGBQ Vegetarian Page - veg resources for gay folks on the net, including famous people, organizations and links.
bulletLanshark's Vegan Page - information for beginners, health considerations, ethical issues, and links to other sources including recipes.
bulletLumen Foods - this company involved in producing vegetarian meats and soy snacks has a Whole Earth Vegetarian Catalogue, a Vegetarian Pursuit trivia quiz, 50 reasons to be a vegetarian, info on soy protein and cancer/heart disease prevention, and a photo/reward contest.
bulletMIT Vegetarian Support Group - An informal group at MIT interested in vegetarian issues. Includes their own and other veg mailing lists, local events and restaurants. Links to other international resources. You can also visit MIT's Vegetarian Recipe Locker.
bulletNewsgroup: - newsgroup devoted to the discussion of vegetarianism
bulletNewsgroup: - newsgroup on veg cooking, often containing interesting recipes.
bulletNewVeg - site with info for the "new" and veteran vegetarian, including veg videotapes, vegan radio/tv, links to other sites.
bulletNorth American Vegetarian Society Home Page - this nonprofit organization is a great resource. Selected articles from 'Vegetarian Voice' mag, info on their Fast Food Campaign, "Vegetarian Express", and their booklet "Most Commonly Asked Questions."
bulletOrbyss - a communication and publishing system for vegetarian, animal rights and environmental communities. Collection of links with more to come.
bulletRawTimes - the "Live Food Community Page" maintained by JR Ellis is focused on those who prefer to eat raw foods (like vegetables). Email list veg-raw subscription info, book reviews, biographics and meetings.
bulletRegional Veg Network - mailing lists for the discussion of regional vegetarian topics and issues, divided by US state or country/region
bulletRice Vegetarian Club - informal and free group located at Rice (in Houston Tx). In additional to local info, club officers, and restaurant reviews, has vegan or laco-vegetarian recipes and a mailing list.
bulletSmall Household Vegetarian Recipe Index - subtitled "How to Feed Two Vegetarians For a Week", includes helpful veg variations on meat-based meals at breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert.
bulletSoy Goodness - Everything you ever wanted to know about soy. The soy recipes are divided into miso, soy milk, tempeh and tofu.
bulletTom's Vegan Dessert Page - a small but interesting collection of truly vegan desserts.
bulletToronto Vegetarian Association - excellent site by this Canadian based group. Offer cooksbooks ($), selected articles from their bimonthly mag Lifelines, fact sheets, and links to other related sites.
bulletU.S. Soyfoods Directory- this web site is the perfect resource on soy products. Lists soy products, companies, resources and recipes.
bulletVegan Action - a non-profit educational membership organization. Info on the McVegan suit, veganism, Vegan News and Mailing List, mail order catalog of products, and vegan campaigns. Excellent resource, especially for those who shun *all* animal products
bulletVegan Bikers Home Page - For those who have better interests than meat eating and driving cars. Yes, this is a real organization, with a listserv, related text and links to other sites. - A vegan resource "for your health, for the environment, for the animals". Deals with the new ethics of eating, info on vegan workshops, more to come.
bulletVegetarian Alchemy - Meat-free recipes for healthier living from Ernie Parsons and Alexis Hannah, cookbook authors.
bulletVegetarian Country - Information on a cooking and entertainment TV show by the same name on public access TV. Has the show schedule, FAQ, recipes, quiz and boutique.
bulletVegetarian Diets - FDA - An article about more people trying vegetarian diets by Dixie Farley from the US Food and Drug Administration Consumer Magazine. A very conservative viewpoint, but with admissions that vegetarianism is a healthy choice.
bulletVegetarian Essays - from the Animal Rights Resource site. A wonderful collection of texts.
bulletVegetarian FAQ - The Usenet newsgroup's most Frequently Asked Questions list at an FTP site.
bulletVegetarian Kitchen - with Nava Atlas, author of books related to vegetarian cooking. Includes: everyday fare, hot topics, special occasions, and seasonal pleasures. Already snagged a 'Creole Eggplant Soup' recipe. Wow.
bulletVegetarian Recipes - Debbie Meadows has some good veg recipes at this site. Includes Chinese, American, Desserts, and Breads.
bulletVegetarian Restaurants - District of Columbia - from David Bader's home page, though dated in 1994, a good place to start when visiting the Washington DC area. And if you like algorithms, go to David' home page and branch some logic.
bulletVegetarian Pages - this is one of the best vegetarian site on the web. General veg information, major world-wide events, a mega-index, organisation listing, famous vegetarians, and more. If you don't visit them, you'll be missing alot!
bulletVegetarian Phrasebook - interesting little text files that lets your tell your waiter, waitress, or server that "I'm a vegetarian" in many different languages!
bulletVegetarian Resource Group (VRG) - This non-profit educational organization is a 'must visit' site. See: 'Vegetarian in a Nutshell', items in their resource catalog ($), guides and tips, selected articles, nutrition and recipes, travel guides, tips for foodservice organizations, an other related topics. Much original material.
bulletVegetarian Society of Colorado - Founded in 1975, a nonprofit, volunteer, educational organization which sponsors community outreach programs, educational events, potluck dinners, and speakers to bring people together to discuss and live humane, healthful, and environmentally responsible alternatives to the meat-oriented lifestyle. Includes a dining guide, recipes, volunteer opportunities, and vegetarian companion animals - plus links.
bulletVegetarian Society - UK - a registered charity of the UK, devoted to increasing the number of vegetarians to save animals, benefit human health, and protect the environment and food resources. Info for beginners, recipes, favorite links, UK and European directory, veg books and merchanise catalogue, and a health and nutrition index.
bulletVegetarian Universe - With the message that food choices found at the end of your fork are the single most powerful force effecting your internal ecology and our external ecology. From the Vegetarian Club of Santa Monica College.
bulletVegetarian Youth Network - an organization run by and for teenagers who support vegan/vegetarian living. Includes penpal list, recipes, a zine, and more. Well done!
bulletVegetopia - Dutch page focused on vegetarians
bulletVeggies Unite! - this free service includes a weekly email newsletter (listserv), a Veg Web Board to share info with others, a recipe of the week, an excellent searchable glossary/dictionary of vegetarian and food terms (add your own too!), conversion tables for UK/US recipes, an online grocery list and meal planner, recipes, events and other links. One of the best veg sites.
bulletVegging Out - promoting plant based food and nutrition. Includes a "veggie kids" area.
bulletVery Vegetarian - Web resources dedicated to those interested in a healthy lifestyle. It includes links to recipes, organizations and travel sites around the world.
bulletVirtual Vegetarian - From the editors of Vegetarian Times, a great veg resource for the basics, recipes, nutrition and more. Recommended.
bulletVIVA - Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association's site, with a newsletter, local restaurant guide, and links to other sites.
bulletVitalita Culinary Group (VCG) - A vegan (strict vegetarian) cooking company which offers personal chef service (including baked goods service), catering, and vegan food consulting in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The RSCG was formed in 1995 by its sole owner, Mark Foy. A shareware cookbook is available for download.
bulletWinnipeg Vegetarian Association - Canadian society with local organization, newsletter, and event information, plus some good 'holiday' vegetarian recipes.
bulletWhy I Don't Eat Faces - a Neuroethcial Argument for Vegetarianism by David Lane. Well written documentation of one person's conscious decision to give up eating meat. He makes some interesting points and it is suggested reading for those not sure of their own committment.
bulletYahoo - Entertainment:Food:Vegetarian - Includes general veg links, plus animal rights, organizations and recipes.
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