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bulletTexts:  Veganism
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Ethical Vegetarianism

Conscious Eating Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens

This book presents comprehensive information on body, mind, and spiritual life, as well as the understanding of how we eat directly affects the planetary ecology and degree of peace on earth. This book provides an analysis of nutrition, including recipes, the art and advantages of live-food cuisine, how to recognize and alleviate biochemically -based imbalances in brain and body, and how to determine one's own physiological type.

"I picked up this book because I wanted to eat better and the name Conscious Eating seemed appealing...I didn't realize the book would completely change the way I view food and the way I would eat (it's a big eye opener). I have been a vegetarian since I read the book (1 1/2 yr) and am very grateful for the education this book has brought to me. Paavo Airola (referenced in this book) is also a great source if you're considering being a vegetarian." -- Anonymous Review

Author's Note To Readers Of Conscious Eating:
I found that I had to express what I was finding, because people needed the information. I write as a service. In my book Conscious Eating I try to answer all the questions related to vegetarianism, live foods and all the subtleties on every level. So, my design for Conscious Eating was just that: let's be conscious, let's really understand what we're doing. It's an attempt to support people who are considering a transition to vegetarianism and for those who already are vegetarians. -- The author, Dr.Gabriel Cousens, M.D. , April 29, 1998

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What is a Vegetarian?

A vegetarian doesn't eat any dead animals or bits taken from them. That means no meat, poultry (chicken, turkey etc), fish or other water animals (prawns, crabs etc) or things such as gelatin and animal fat. A vegan doesn't eat any animal products including eggs or dairy (e.g. milk, cheese, butter)... 

Click here to find out much more.


What is a Vegan?  

People are interested in Veganism for the same reasons as vegetarianism -- not participating in practices that cause suffering, supporting more environmentally-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, and improving their health...     

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Green Market Place

This eco-friendly superstore has vegan and vegetarian foods you can purchase online. 

For example:

Play the Vegetarian Game
The VRG Game challenges you with a series of questions and then rates you as a vegetarian. Are you a Grandmaster of Vegetarianism? Find out! 


Beginner's Guide to Nutrition
How to be a Healthy Vegetarian, by Kathleen Lisson.  An informative article on Vegetarian Nutrition from Jupiter Rising, a free vegetarian newsletter.


Vegetarianism: An Introduction
Essay by Kathleen Lisson.


They have lower rates of breast, uterine, ovarian, colon, and many other cancers. They have significantly lower rates of heart disease. They live in peace with the earth, only taking from the land what they need to survive. Who are they? Some native tribe located on the top of a sacred mountain? No, they live among us, they are vegetarians. A vegetarian is a person who abstains from eating all animals, preferring a plant-based diet. There are two categories of vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t eat meat or meat products, like beef broth or gelatin. Vegans don’t eat meat, and also don’t eat milk or eggs. Some vegans also don’t eat honey, or wear animal products, like leather. Sound like something a nature lover like you might want to try? Let me tell you my story…



Reviving the ancient Christian Tradition of abstaining from meat consumption during Lent.  


Major Vegetarian Recipe Directory
From the EnviroLink Website, this list of vegetarian recipes is in the hundreds! 


The Very Vegetarian List
This has a mega-list of vegetarian recipes.


Mom, I'm a Vegetarian
By Kathleen Lisson

You've read the books; you've talked to vegetarian friends. You have realized that you just can't eat meat again. Congratulations, you're a vegetarian! Just one problem, how do you break it to mom and dad?


North American Vegetarian Society
NAVS is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting vegetarianism. 

Site Includes:

bulletOrganizes annual Vegetarian Summerfest conferences. Here is an old Summerfest page, with links to Johnstown and The University of Pittsburgh.
bulletFounded and promotes World Vegetarian Day (Oct. 1) , and Vegetarian Awareness Month (October).
bulletPublishes Vegetarian Voice, a quarterly news magazine that takes in-depth looks at a wide variety of essential health, nutrition, environmental, animal rights, vegetarian (also see this resource) and consumer issues.
bulletOriginated the "VEGETARIAN EXPRESS" Fast Food Campaign to help encourage 12 of the largest fast-food retailers to serve no cholesterol, low-fat, all-plant vegetarian entrees.
bulletServes a network of over 160 Independent Affiliates (local groups currently serving rural, suburban and urban communities throughout North America).
bulletPublishes a variety of low-cost booklets and fliers that are important educational tools for small and large groups alike.
bulletServes our members and Independent Affiliates, interested organizations, the public, the media, educators and health professionals with our literature, outreach efforts and support services.
bulletOffers a free 16-page booklet with recipes, "Vegetarianism: Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions."(here is its cover), a booklet on vegetarian nutrition, "Good Nutrition: A Look at Vegetarian Basics" and a booklet on the environment "Vegetarianism:Tipping the Scales for the Enviroment". To receive paper copies, send a long (legal, #10) self-addressed stamped envelope to: NAVS, Box 72Q, Dolgeville NY 13329. (518) - 568-7970.


Vegetarian Pages
The Vegetarian Pages is intended to be an independent, definitive Internet guide for vegetarians, vegans and others. The Vegetarian Pages hosts many valuable resources too! 

Site Includes:

bulletStart here
bulletGeneral Vegetarian Listings
bulletContact lists


Triangle Vegetarian Society
The Triangle Vegetarian Society was founded in 1986 in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) area of North Carolina. We try to build a sense of community among vegetarian and vegetarian-interested people, and are open to all. 


Why do People Become Vegetarian?
By Kathleen Lisson.  Published in Parent Child Advisor and Fresh Zone Newsletter.


Of the 100 polled, 72 vegetarians stated that they gave up meat because they thought it was ethically wrong to eat animals. Chickens, for instance, are forced to live in cages too small to be comfortable, in long windowless sheds with poor sanitation. They are debeaked and made to lay eggs continuously. When their egg production declines, they are sent to the slaughterhouse and killed to become someone's fried chicken dinner... 


Staying Vegetarian
By Kathleen Lisson.


Many people become vegetarian as a result of learning about the ethical and health benefits of an animal free diet. Often, new vegetarians have their goal in mind, a meatless lifestyle, but no game plan to follow.  The following are ten tips for the new vegetarian, designed to overcome most major roadblocks to life long vegetarianism...


Severe Weather and Vegetarianism
By Kathleen Lisson. 


The weather reports are coming in every hour, on the hour. The television has a little blue scrolling band on the bottom of your favorite program, warning you of the watches and warnings in effect. Everyone around you is preparing, running to the ATM, the gas pump, and the supermarket.

Whether you are facing a hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, flood, or snow warning, the problems are the same. Your regular life is about to be interrupted by Mother Nature, and you've got to cope. There will be a loss of mobility due to road closures; there may be a loss of power, and even water. How do you, as a vegetarian, prepare for rough weather? Just follow the checklist...


Vegetarian Voice Newsletter
This is the electronic counterpart of Vegetarian Voice, the official and main paper publication of NAVS, the North American Vegetarian Society. We will reproduce in electronic form selected articles from our sister publication. 

Site Includes:

bulletVegetarian Voice Editorial Staff
bulletMission Statement of NAVS
bulletNAVS Officers, Trustees and Advisors
bulletArticles from Vegetarian Voice


Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
From the Vegetarian Resource Group.  VRG-NEWS is the free electronic newsletter of The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG). VRG-NEWS offers subscribers information about VRG activities, including conferences, outreach to professionals, and press releases. We'll also include recipes, reviews of new products, announce new books, and highlight activist materials that are available through VRG. Let us know if there is something else you think we should include. The newsletter will change as it evolves based on reader feedback, so why not try it and see if you like it? 

Site Includes: 

bulletVegetarian and vegan nutrition information
bulletVegetarian and vegan cookbooks
bulletVegetarian Journal excerpts
bulletVegetarian travel information
bulletVegetarian Game
bulletRaising a Vegetarian Family
bulletEssay Contest
bulletVegetarian Lesson Plan for Teachers


Jupiter Rising Free Vegetarian Newsletter
Jupiter Rising is an on-line collection of vegetarian articles written for the free monthly vegetarian email newsletter.


More Vegetarian Resources

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