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Oceans and Wetlands

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Texts:  Wetlands
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Used Books:  Wetlands
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Beneath the Oceans (Worldwise) by Penny Clarke, Carolyn Scrace (Illustrator).

BeachesBeaches by Gideon Bosker, Lena Lencek

The authors of The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth, the best-selling history of everyone's favorite place, are back with a breathtaking visual companion. From moody, craggy coastlines to serene swathes of turquoise water and white sand, Beaches is an astounding photographic survey of the ineffable allure of paradise on earth. This spectacular collection of images from renowned photographers, including Robert Misrach, Joel Meyerowitz, and Art Wolff, stirs the spirit, capturing the mutable beauty of sand, sea, and sky. Throughout, concise and poetic pieces of historic and scientific lore unveil little-known facts and curiosities. With an astonishing range of vision, Beaches evokes the idiosyncratic beauty of the world's most stunning coastlines.

About the Author
Gideon Bosker and Lena Lencek have collaborated on a number of books, including The Beach and Making Waves. Lenek is a professor of Russian and the humanities at Reed College, and Bosker, a physician, is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. They live in Portland, Oregon.

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Environmental Protection Agency: Oceans and Wetlands
Search the EPA
The EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

Site includes:

What's Hot/New
Frequently Asked Questions
Our Partners
Order Publications


About the Wetlands Program
Facts about Wetlands
The Interagency Wetlands Plan
Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
Landowners, Assistance, and Stewardship
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Wetlands and Watersheds
Science Education and Information Resources
Oceans, Coasts, and Estuaries
National Estuary Program
Coastal Watersheds
Marine Pollution Control
Coral Reefs
Air Pollution and Water Quality
Marine Debris
International Year of the Ocean
Pfiesteria piscicida
Kids Page
Dredged Material Management Programs
National Dredging Team
Ocean Survey Vessel Peter W. Anderson
Marine and Coastal Geographic Information
Watershed Approach
Monitoring Water Quality
Polluted Runoff
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
Watershed Academy/Outreach
Find Information on YOUR Watershed
Monitoring Water Quality
Technical Monitoring Guidance
Volunteer Monitoring
Information Systems
Reporting Water Quality Findings
What's new in Monitoring
Polluted Runoff
Now Featuring
Clean Water Act and Section 319
Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
Nonpoint Source Education and Outreach
Other Links
What's New at Nonpoint Source
What Is Nonpoint Source?
What You Can Do to Prevent Nonpoint Source
NPS Partners in Prevention
NPS Information Exchange
NPS Information Email List Server


US Fish and Wildlife:  National Wetlands Inventory
The National Wetlands Inventory project was established to generate information about the characteristics, extent and status of the Nation's wetlands and deepwater habitats. 

Site Includes:

Ask Doctor Wetland a Question
Map Status
NWI Products and Services
Download Data
Branch of Habitat Assessment Ecology Section
Other Related Sites
Reports and Publications
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Homepage


EPA:  Oceans and Coastal Protection
The Oceans and Coastal Protection Division’s vision for the future is that coastal and marine resources are successfully managed, protected, and restored, through collaborative efforts, to sustain healthy biological communities. OCPD’s mission is to improve the quality of coastal and marine ecosystems in the face of growing watershed threats. To accomplish this, we will bring to bear our leadership capabilities to catalyze public and private cooperative actions, take steps to prevent and control pollution, and set measurable goals to chart our progress and improve our programs. 

Site Includes:

About the Oceans and Coastal Protection Division  
Marine Pollution Control Programs
Atmospheric Deposition Program
National Estuary Program
Marine Debris
Coral Reefs
Dredged Materials Management
OSV Anderson
Get Involved
Our Partners
Congressional Testimony
Featured Pages
Marine and Coastal Geographic Information
Coastal Watershed Resources
International Year of the Ocean
Pfiesteria piscicida
305(b) Report
Kids' Page
Coastal Watershed Fact Sheets
Treasured Waters: Protecting Our Coastal and Marine Resources
Coastlines Newsletter
Cookbook of Innovations in Coastal Protection


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