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bulletUsed Books:  Sound 
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.The Soundscape : Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World by R. Murray Schafer.

Noise PollutionNoise Pollution : Earth's Conditions Series by Zachary Inseth

"Pollution is an overgrowing environmental nuisance, and noise pollution is intruding life in every house of today's big cities. There are several ways to confront noise pollution, like physical means, legal ways, or educational efforts. This book deals with noise pollution by teaching children how it is caused and created, how it affects people and how it can be blocked and reduced. It also makes them aware to the damage it may cause to any human being. In simple language, large fonts and nice pictures, fact by fact, this book tells the nature of noise, how it is caused, and the ways to fight it. Children, as we all know, are tomorrow's citizens, and should better be ready to eliminate the growing levels of pollution by every means, like reading such book. It is highly recommended to every school library in the western world's big cities." -- Shlomo Arad 

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Right to Quiet Society
The Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection is a non-profit organization registered under the British Columbia Society Act. Active since 1982.

The broad objectives are:

bulletto promote awareness of the ever-increasing problem of noise pollution and the dangers of noise to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as to the well-being of other creatures on the planet
bulletto work for reduction of noise through better regulation and enforcement and by encouraging responsible behaviour
bulletto foster recognition of the Right to Quiet as a basic human right.

Site Includes:

bulletThe Noise FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -- the basics
bulletThe Society -- who we are, what we want, and how you can join
bulletReadings -- opinion pieces, technical articles, and news from us and from around the world
bulletAllies & Adversaries -- links to other organizations dedicated to stopping noise, or making it
bulletResources -- links to related sites and to pages containing useful information
bulletQuiet Products -- Moderate existing noise or do the same job with less noise
bulletQuiet Ideas -- Creative ingenuity in promoting Quiet


The Adverse Health Impacts of Airport Expansion with Particular Reference to Sea-Tac International Airport

Fiction: Airport noise is a minor annoyance and people living nearthe airport should be "good sports" and learn to ignore it.

Fact:  Airport noise results in a significant increase in community use of tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Airport communities have an increased rate of alcoholism, and admissions to psychiatric hospitals. Airport-related noise can literally drive people mad...


Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization. 

The Organizations' goals:

bulletRaise awareness about noise pollution
bulletCreate, collect, and distribute information and resources regarding noise pollution
bulletStrengthen laws and governmental efforts to control noise pollution
bulletEstablish networks among environmental, professional, medical, governmental, and activist groups working on noise pollution issues
bulletAssist activists working against noise pollution

Website Includes:

bulletAbout Noise and NPC
bulletNPC Online Library
bulletLocal and Regional Noise Group Web pages
bulletRecent Anti-Noise Victories
bulletNoise News
bulletNoise Problem-We Can Help
bulletProtecting the Commons
bulletNPC Law Library
bulletNPC Resources
bulletIntroducing-Quiet Classrooms
bulletPartners in Our Effort to Quiet the Commons

Airport Noise

Search The NPC Website


Interspecies Communication
The only organization in the world with a research program dedicated to interfacing with wild animals (especially dolphins and whales) through music, art, and ceremony. (IC is a US non-profit) founded in 1978 to promote a better understanding of what is communicated between human beings and other animals. Our methods focus an integration of the arts and the sciences with a strong emphasis placed upon environmental preservation. This holistic approach seems especially important right now because the environmental crisis we all face is largely crisis in how we humans perceive our place within nature. The work of IC functions primarily to help people re-establish their emotional, spiritual, and cultural ties with the natural world. 

Sound Site:  Journal for Sound Theory, Philosophy of Sound, and Sound Art
This is an interesting website. 

Site Includes:

bulletEssays in Sound
bulletSound site Texts
bulletFrom concept to spoken word
bulletToy Songs
bulletSound site Links


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