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Nature Writing

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Dramas of Solitude : Narratives of Retreat in American Nature Writing (Suny Series, Literacy, Culture and Learning - Theory and Practice)
coverAbout This Life : Journeys on the Threshold of Memory by Barry Lopez.  

Lopez has always been interested in tearing down artificial divides between nature and culture, landscape and identity, and nowhere does he do so more powerfully than in About This Life. These essays cover ground from the remote (in the group of travel essays entitled "Out of Country") to the familiar ("Indwelling"), the personal to the archetypal ("Remembrance" and "An Opening Quartet"). Whether he's joyriding around the world with air cargo, performing burials for animals found dead by the side of the road, or lamenting the commodification of the American landscape, Lopez writes with a surgeon's precision, a musician's ear, and a painter's eye for beauty found in unexpected places.   

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American Nature WritingAmerican Nature Writing 1999 by John Murray (Editor)

This newest in the Sierra Club's acclaimed Nature Writing series includes autobiographical writings, essays, short stories, and poetry that communicate a passion for nature which enhances our appreciation of a wide range of landscapes and wildlife. Diverse in mood and setting, the 19 selections, including 7 in print for the first time, represent the best of the genre. Contributors include Rick Bass, Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams and many others.

This collection encompasses a variety of genres, including fiction, journal writing, poetry, personal essays, and feature articles. Readers will hunt for peregrine falcons near the Great Salt Lake with Terry Tempest Williams; sneak into Cuba with Bob Shacochis to observe the Ernest Hemingway International Classic Billfish Tournament; and explore the botanical and paleontological wonders of the Central American land bridge with David Rains Wallace. Also included are an excerpt from Annie Dillard's novel, The Living, and a previously unpublished selection from the journals of Edward Abbey. At last here is nature writing at its boisterous, gritty, and lyrical best.

"Nature writing is poised at the beginning of a period of wonderful exuberance. All of the excitement that attends the beginning of a new century, and the start of a new millennium, together with a growing awareness of the interdependence of nature and culture, cannot help but fuel this historic genre. I believe that as the genre attracts more and more gifted young writers, and addresses increasingly the compelling political and social issues of our time, it will gain in stature and maturity, offering what Barry Lopez so eloquently called 'a literature of hope.'" -- John A. Murray, from the Introduction

John A. Murray is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and the author/editor of eleven previous books, including Wild Africa: Three Centuries of Nature Writing from Africa, Nature's New Voices, The Great Bear: Contemporary Writings on the Grizzly, The Islands and the Sea, and A Republic of Rivers. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Contributors: Bruce Berger, Franklin Burroughs, Peter A. Christian, Barbara Drake, Marybeth Holleman, Carolyn Kremers, Ken Lamberton, Gretchen Legler, Natasha Ma (pseudonym), Susan Marsh, John Noland, Dave Petersen, Jeff Ripple, Susan Tweit, Glen Vanstrum, Louise Wagenknecht, & Kathryn Wilder

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The Nature Essay, c.1850-1920
Nature essays, "a literary genre which flourished in the Unites States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries" are the subject of this bibliography compiled by the Library of Congress of holdings from their General Collection and Rare Book Division

Credits: Elizabeth Witherell and Louisa Dennis, University of California, Santa Barbara Library


Landmarks of American Nature Writing

Explore the history of conservationist authors dating back to the Colonial and Early Republic periods and progressing to modern day writings.


Writings of Henry David Thoreau

Project dedicated to preserving Thoreau's more obscure poetry, letters, journal entries, early essays, translations, and nature writings.


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