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Arne Naess

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Philosophical Dialogues : Arne Naess and the Progress of Ecophilosophy
coverEcology, Community and Lifestyle : Outline of an Ecosophy  by Arne Naess, David Rothenberg (Translator)

The basic thesis of the work is that environmental problems are only to be solved by people -- people who will be required to make value judgments in conflicts that go beyond narrowly conceived human concerns.  Thus people require not only an ethical system, but a way of conceiving the world and themselves such that the intrinsic value of life and nature is obvious, a system based on 'deep ecological principles'.  The book encourages readers to identify their own series of such parameters -- their own ecosophies.  Ecology, Community and Lifestyle will appeal to philosophers, specialists working on environmental issues, and the more general reader who is interested in learning some of the foundational ideas of the rapidly expanding field of environmental philosophy.

"This long awaited work is an updated and thoroughly revised translation of Okologi, Samfunn og Livsstil in Norwegian.  Naess is the acknowledged founder of 'deep ecology', and a respected authority in semantics, the philosophy of science, and the thinking of Spinoza and Gandhi.  This book is both a philosophical primer and a handbook on strategy and tactics for thoughtful environmentalists." -- Trends in Ecology and Evolution

"...this book is understandable even for the uninitiated, and practical for anyone wanting to reduce their adverse impacts on the Earth." -- John Davis, Earth First! Journal

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Arne Naess Biography

From Know TV


Arne Naess has achieved bridging philosophical perspectives to human problems through his involvement in peace movements since the 1940s and environmental movements since the 1970s. He is internationally recognized for his theory of "deep ecology", one of the most influential approaches in environmental philosophy today. With works translated to English, German, and French, Naess' philosophy of nature has extended beyond the academic to reach environmentalist communities worldwide...


Center for Development and the Environment -- Arne Naess, Ecophilosophy and Ecology


Arne Næss, the founder of Deep Ecology and one of Norway's best known philosophers, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Oslo, and has been working with SUM since 1991. Næss' ongoing projects include:
bulletThe SWAN project (short for The Selected Works of Arne Næss) in co-operation with Harold Glasser, a Fulbright Scholar who visited SUM in January 1996. The first volume, which is expected to come out in 1998, will be published by Kluwers.
bulletA study of industrial society, postmodernity and sustainable development, conducted in collaboration with Helene Norberg-Hodge (the author of Ancient Future: Learning from Ladakh, and initiator of the Ladakh-project). This research has been completed and published in Resurgence.
bulletA collaboration with Odd Sundbø on a study of people's attitudes to plants, animals and other non-human beings.
bulletNæss is also working on a book tentatively titled Følelses Filosofi. The prospective publisher is Universitetsforlaget.

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Other Books By Arne Naess
A Skeptical Dialogue on Induction (Methodology and Science, Vol 3)  Arne Naess / Paperback / Published 1984  

Four Modern Philosophers : Carnap, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Sartre Arne Naess 

Gandhi and Group Conflict:   An exploration of satyagraha. Theoretical background Arne Naess 

Arne Naess 


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