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Yellow Steel : The Story of the Earthmoving Equipment Industry
coverMetal of Dishonor : How Depleted Uranium Penetrates Steel, Radiates People and Contaminates the Environment by Helen Caldicott, Michio Kaku, Jay Gould, Ramsey Clark.  

In May, 1997, the International Action Center published a book of essays and lectures on depleted uranium: the contamination of the planet by the United States military. In addition to exposing the deadly duplicity of the Department of Defense, the book documents the genocide of Native Americans and Iraqis by military radiation, the connection between depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome, the underestimated dangers from low-level radiation, the legal ramifications of DU Production and Use, and the growing movement against DU...  

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Mining Resources on the Web
From IGC Internet.   This is an excellent list of mining resources.

Site includes:

bulletEconet Sites
bulletOther Activist Sites
bulletU.S. Federal & State Government Sites
bulletOther Government Sites
bulletSites with Legal Information
bulletScientific-Technical Sites
bulletIndustry-oriented Sites
bulletMining History & Other Fun & Unusual Sites
bulletSearch Engines


Bureau of Indian Affairs Minerals Division
The Division of Energy and Mineral Resources provides special services to the Indian mineral owner that are unique within the Department of Interior. The primary goal of the Division is to provide the best possible geotechnical, engineering and economic advice to Indian landowners seeking to manage and develop their mineral resources. Additional goals are to help tribes in planning, managing and developing their energy and mineral resources. This includes coordinating with other agencies, councils and commissions to help tribes in achieving the maximum income and employment return from utilization of their mineral resources.


The Innu Nation's mining page
Approximately 16,000 Innu (formerly known as Montagnais or Naskapi) inhabit Nitassinan (eastern Quebec and Labrador). They are based in 13 different communities - Utshimassit, Sheshatshiu, Pakuashipi, La Romaine, Natashquan, Mingan, Uashat, Maliotenam, Betsiamites, Les Escoumins, Mashteuiatsh, Schefferville, and Kawawachikamach.

The political realities of two provincial boundaries and the land rights negotiation process have led to the creation of regional political organizations which collectively represent the Innu people of Nitassinan.

Site Includes:

bulletMineral Exploration and Development at Emish (Voisey's Bay)


The Clark Fork Pend Oreille Coalition
The Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Coalition is dedicated to protecting and restoring water quality in the Clark Fork River Basin -- a 22,000 square mile area in western Montana and northern Idaho. The Coalition protects these waters from hard-rock mining, toxic wastes, industrial pollutants, and nutrient pollution. 

Site Includes:

bulletBlackfoot Mine
bulletRock Creek Mine
bulletChlorine-free Paper
bulletEvents-Volunteer Opportunities
bulletJoin Us


Mining Impact Coalition
Committed to research and education about the social, economic and environmental impacts of unsafe mining around the world...  

Site Includes:

bulletPhotos--See what metallic sulfide mining does to the environment


Midwest Treaty Network
The Midwest Treaty Network is an alliance of Indian and non-Indian groups supporting Native American sovereignty.


Project Underground
Do people kill for minerals?  People do...

Project Underground is an environmental and human rights organization that supports communities facing mining, oil and gas activities.

In the United States, Project Underground works with a variety of movement organizations on the important problems and issues of the global oil, gas and mining industries. Project Underground targets the range of interests from industry insurers to investors to the public in order to introduce corporate accountability to these sectors. We also work to develop an ethic of consumer responsibility for efficient and sustainable mineral use.

Site Includes:

bulletWhat You Can Do


Uranium Mining
WISE Uranium Project covers the health and environmental impacts of the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle - in particular of uranium mining and milling. WISE Uranium Project is part of World Information Service on Energy, a world-wide network of safe energy activists. 


New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
The New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources was formed in 1927 and serves as the state geological survey to conduct studies and disseminate information on geology, mineral and energy resources, hydrology, geologic hazards, environmental problems, and extractive metallurgy. Such information is used regularly by federal, state, and local agencies, public organizations, private industry, and individual citizens to make informed decisions about resource development and management, land use, environmental impacts, natural hazard assessment, and waste disposal.

The purpose of this web page is to aid the citizens and public employees of New Mexico in taking advantage of the services available at the New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources.  Site Includes:

bulletEarthquake Resources
bulletNew Mexico Geochronology Research laboratory


USGS Mineral Surveys
The Mineral Resources Program is responsible for providing and communicating current, unbiased information on the occurrence, quality, quantity, and availability of mineral resources.  

Site Includes:

bulletAbout the Program
bulletPublications and Data


This is a mining trade website. "Your Mining Information Source" 

Site Includes:



This is a minerals and mining information website. 

Site Includes:

bulletGeographical Index


Western Museum of Mining and Industry
Explore Colorado's rich and colorful mining past... and find out what's happening in mining today at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. The museum's 27-acre site has four exhibit buildings, several outdoor displays and a picnic area. Come learn to pan for gold and to see how turn-of-the-century miners timbered, drilled, blasted, mucked and moved ore from the mine to the stamp mill, where ore was crushed and processed. If this is not enough, see the actual operation of its multi-ton steam engines, drills, hoists, trammers, and other carefully restored mining machines.


US Department of the Interior


US Statutes Governing Mining


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