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Postindian Conversations (American Indian Lives)

Postindian Conversations 
by Gerald Robert Vizenor, A. Robert Lee

Indigenous Cultures

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Nature is Culture

 Ladonna Harris : A Commanche Life (American Indian Lives) Ladonna Harris : A Commanche Life (American Indian Lives) by Ladonna Harris, H. Henrietta Stockel (Editor) 

With grace and quiet dignity, Native American activist LaDonna Harris recounts the highlights of her remarkable life. Born on a Comanche allotment in southern Oklahoma at the onset of the Depression, she defied convention by marrying Fred Harris, an ambitious white law student with a promising political future. Later, as the wife of a U.S. senator, she utilized her considerable people and campaigning skills to forge her own extraordinary career as an advocate for American Indian causes. Insisting that her own personal success has its roots in the life-sustaining Comanche values taught to her by her revered grandparents, LaDonna extols the virtues of family loyalty, communal responsibility, and respect for all persons. This brief, unpretentious autobiography provides a rare insider's glimpse into Native American culture and politics. Margaret Flanagan

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Center for World Indigenous Studies
Access to knowledge and peoples' ideas reduces the possibility of conflict and increases the possibility of cooperation between peoples on the basis of mutual consent. By democratizing relations between peoples, between nations and states, the diversity of nations and their cultures will continue to enrich the world.  


Anishinaabe Philosophy and Spirituality 

By D'Arcy Rheault.  This site is an examination of Aboriginal philosophy, spirituality, identity and ethics.


From IGC. IGC is the U.S. Member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), a global partnership of independently operated progressive networks. 


The Banaba People of the South Pacific
Through this site I would like to introduce you to my people   who have suffered from one of the greatest ecological and  environmental disasters this century, and our efforts to help build  a brighter future for future generations. 


From IGC.  IGC is the U.S. Member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), a global partnership of independently operated progressive networks. 


Fourth World Documentation Project
Welcome to the Center For World Indigenous Studies' Fourth World Documentation Project (FWDP) World Wide Web site. This site is dedicated to the nations of the Fourth World and our elders. Our goal is to present the online community with the greatest possible access to Fourth World documents and resources. The Fourth World Documentation Project is an online library of texts which record and preserve our peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community. 


Latin America


Innu Nation / Canada
Kue kue kassinu Innut ute Nitassinan!


Organization of Indigenous Nations of Pastaza, Ecuador
This is your link to some of the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador and how you can assist them in their struggle to stop the destruction of their homelands and help preserve the life on earth for future generations.


Planet Peace
Planet Peace is run by Indigenous community organizers and activists dedicated to the world-wide distribution of information regarding Indigenous and Environmental grassroots initiatives from around the globe. Its our mission to convey, inform, educate, and promote those principles which are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our cultures, traditional customs and ceremonies.


Spirit of the Land Foundation
Spirits of the Land Foundation, a non-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the Sac and Fox Nation, Oklahoma, was established to "operate for charitable, scientific and educational purposes for the benefit of State or Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Bands and Nations and the members thereof and to support scientific research to benefit Humanity and the Planet Earth." 


Taino Inter-Tribal Council
The Taíno Inter-Tribal Council, Inc., is an educational and cultural institution of the Taíno Tribe of Jatibonicù and consists of Taíno peoples from the Caribbean who reside in the United States.


Other Resources
bulletThe Great People of the Sacred High Waters
bulletThe Jatibonicu Mountainous Region
bulletLa Revista de la Indierra Taina
bulletCaribbean Taíno-speaking peoples
bulletPeoples of Amazonia
bulletWest Papua Niugini-IIrian Jaya
bulletStonee's Native Links


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