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Migrations : Humanity in Transition
coverAsphalt Angels by Ineke Holtwijk, Wanda Boeke (Translator), Aneke Holtwijk.  

A raw, poignant story of a band of Brazilian street kids who survive -- if they can -- by their wits alone. Asphalt Angels centers around a boy named Alex, a street child of 13 in Brazil who has been kicked onto the city streets by his stepfather after his mother dies. He is alone and scared. This is the story of how he adapts to life in the streets with a group of other children. Hazards are everywhere: drug-dealing, theft, glue-sniffing, harassment, brutality, even murder. It is not easy steering clear of them, yet Alex manages to survive, eventually making a home with 14 other boys in a house, working in an office, and attending evening school. This story grew from the real-life drama the author observed while on assignment. In an after word, she reports that some 10,000 children sleep in Rio's streets, and many more roam them by day, victims of inadequate nutrition, education, and shelter, and prey to drugs and violence. Alex does exist, but under another name.  

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National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty
The National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty advocates to protect the rights of homeless people and to implement solutions to end homelessness in America. Press releases, projects and legislation are featured.  

Site Includes:

bulletGeneral Information About Homelessness
bulletSelected Legal Rights of Homeless Persons
bulletRecent Legal Developments
bulletRecent Legislative Developments
bulletEarned Income Tax Credit Information
bulletInternational Work
bulletFood Stamp Information & Related Projects
bulletVacant Federal Property Acquisition
bulletEducation of Homeless Children
bulletCivil Rights of Homeless People
bulletLinks to Other Useful Sites
bulletPublication List
bulletPress Releases
bulletJob-Internship-Volunteer Announcements
bulletAbout the Law Center


National Alliance to End Homelessness
Gives readers background information and statistics about homelessness, presents public policy issues, and highlights community organizations.  


Two decades ago homelessness was a shocking exception throughout America. Today it is the depressing rule…a rule that must be broken. Homelessness is not predestined or inescapable.  It need not be a never-ending problem. It can be solved. The National Alliance to End Homelessness is a nationwide federation of public, private, and nonprofit organizations that demonstrates this every day, one person or one family at a time. Working together, the Alliance members form a powerful network of concerned individuals and organizations advancing practical, realistic, community-based solutions that build a better future for generations to come.

Site Includes:

bulletBackground and Statistics
bulletPolicy and Legislation
bulletBest Practices and Profiles
bulletWhat You Can Do
bulletDiscussion Forum
bulletAbout NAEH
bulletContact us


Issues of Welfare, Poverty and Homelessness
This site contains a large list of  links to articles, speeches and resources on the issues of welfare, poverty and homelessness in America. Links to other major political issues are also provided, along with reports on the status of current legislation.  


Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity International assists low-income individuals with building and buying their own homes via "sweat equity" and no-interest loans. The site offers volunteer opportunities, profiles of "Habitat families" and a search engine.  

Site Includes:

bulletGet Involved
bulletWhere We Build
bulletHow It Works
bulletTrue Stories


Amnesty International
Amnesty International, a human rights organization, maintains this site. The site informs the public of the organization's campaigns, press releases and programs.  

Site Includes:

bulletmost recent Amnesty International news releases
bulletFighting torture- a global problem, a common goal


American Public Welfare Association
This site provides users with information on the American Public Welfare Association, a nonpartisan organization that educates the public, Congress and the media about welfare issues. The APWA's analysis of the 1996 welfare reform law is included.


Second Harvest
This is the Web site for Second Harvest, an organization that accepts food contributions and distributes them to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. News updates, donation information, event schedules and more can be found here.  


Share Our Strength
This World Wide Web site profiles Share Our Strength's efforts to combat hunger nationally and internationally. Visitors can find information on events and programs, and learn how to get involved.  


Action Without Borders
Action Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty and hunger around the world. This site contains a directory of links to related organizations, programs, publications, organizations and volunteer opportunities.


Save The Children
Organization provides medical and other aid to impoverished and war-impacted children around the world. Find information, event schedules, updates and requests for donations and volunteers here.  

Site Includes:

bulletwhat we do
bulletget involved
bullethow to give
bulletabout us


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