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Dave Foreman

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Confessions from an Eco Warrior

coverEcodefense : A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Dave Foreman. 

"Great how-to book on destroying everything...This book is entertaining even if you aren't using it for ways to vent your frustration and anger towards big business taking over your backyard" -- anonymous Review

 This book is for all of those people who still think nature is worth fighting for. In a clear, instructive and humorous way Foreman guides us through the endless possibilities of monkey wrenching for social change. As Edward Abbey says in the Forward to this book, "Never was such a book needed by so many, for such good reason, as here and now". This statement sums it all up perfectly, remember this on your next walk into the great outdoors. It's the little things that count. -- Anonymous Review

Ecodefense is one of the most eye-opening books I've ever read. It's fictional counterpart, The Monkey Wrench Gang, is equally good, but this tells you how you can act on how you feel. If you feel that the environment is going to hell and the government doesn't care, buy this book! -- Anonymous Review

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Wild At Heart
Essay by B. J. Bergman


Dave Foreman has hung up his monkey wrench, but the veteran wilderness warrior stubbornly keeps on putting Earth first...

We're afloat, finally, easing into a delirious languor, still upstream from Navajo Bridge and barely 20 miles below the concrete monolith called Glen Canyon Dam. Hour One on the Colorado: immensity is general, all is a blur of rock and water, sun and sky and anticipation. There's no sign yet of the fabled rapids; we're just drifting, descending lazily past the bright Vermilion Cliffs on our way to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Creatures of wristwatches and leather shoes, we are molting, reinventing ourselves, crossing over to river time. This is by definition a private process. Chatter seems vaguely profane.

It's Dave Foreman who spots the great blue heron on river left. We watch as it trolls the shoreline for fish, then launches itself abruptly and effortlessly, skimming the water's surface and gaining altitude, gliding along the contour of the sandstone wall until it vanishes from our view. Foreman keeps staring, as at an after-image. "They're so wonderfully prehistoric," he announces to no one in particular. "You look at a great blue heron and you just see how they're linked to dinosaurs."...


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