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The Artful Universe

The Artful Universe : The Cosmic Source of Human Creativity by John D. Barrow. 

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Dwellers in the Land : The Bioregional Vision

Wild Fruits : Thoreau's Rediscovered Last Manuscript Wild Fruits : Thoreau's Rediscovered Last Manuscript by Henry David Thoreau, Bradley P. Dean (Editor), Abigail Rorer (Illustrator) 

Henry David Thoreau was 44 years old when he died of tuberculosis in the early spring of 1862. He had acquired a measure of notoriety in his lifetime largely for his fervent support of abolitionism and his refusal to pay taxes to support the American war of conquest against Mexico, the subject of his widely circulated pamphlet Civil Disobedience. Closer to his hometown of Concord, Massachusetts, he was known as something of an eccentric who kept a home in the woods and took long walks when the citizens of the town were at work or church.

We scarcely know Thoreau better, writes archivist and scholar Bradley Dean: we still remember him today for having spent time in jail and spinning philosophy out of the New England woods. On the strength of this lost, and now published, final manuscript of Thoreau's, Dean would have us think of him as a protoecologist, and for very good reason. In the last years of his life, Thoreau resolved to learn better the science behind nature, and in Wild Fruits he collected the lore and facts surrounding the plants around his home, observing such things as the quantity of chestnuts that local trees were producing, the myriad shapes of pine cones as they unfold, the taste of "fever bush," and the smell of sweet gale.

The unfinished manuscript, cataloging dozens of species, affords a fascinating glimpse into Thoreau's method as an amateur student of nature--a method worthy of close study and imitation. Dean adds greatly to it with his intelligent commentary, which revisits Thoreau's sources, corrects a few of his errors, and emphasizes the writer's importance to natural history and belles-lettres alike. --Gregory McNamee

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  Ecological Thinkers

Other resources follow:  Ecofeminist Thinkers

Ecology Hall of Fame
This is a website dedicated to the heroes of the environmental movement,  a project of EcoTopia/USA.

Site includes pages on the following:

bulletAlan Chadwick
bulletHenry Thoreau
bulletRachel Carson
bulletJohn Burroughs
bulletJohn Muir
bulletAldo Leopold

David Brower

This is the official web site of David R. Brower. David Brower has dedicated more than 50 years of his life toward efforts to protect the Earth. His work has led to some of the most impressive and lasting achievements of the environmental movement. His message has inspired millions with a powerful vision for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the Planet. This web site was created to highlight David's current environmental initiatives and to enable site visitors to join him in his tireless work. It also aims to present an inside look at the life and message of this rare visionary.


Fritjof Capra:  The Systems View of Life
Chapter 8 of The Turning Point, written in 1982.

Table of Contents:

Introduction - Foreword, Source Materials & Fritjof Capra
Part 1 - Machines, Organisms and the Self-Organization of Systems
Part 2 - Independent Physical Entities in Physics & Microbiology
Part 3 - Evolution, Nature & the Emergence of Ecological Science
Part 4 - Human Nature & the Consciousness of Physicists & Mystics


Chief Seattle
In 1854, "The Great White Chief" in Washington made an offer for a large area of Indian land and promised a "reservation" for the Indian people.

Chief Seattle's reply, published here in full, to mark World Environment Day tomorrow, has been described as one of the most beautiful and profound statements on the environment ever made...

There is an argument being made that Chief Seattle never spoke the words of his famous speech.  To check this out, visit the Urban Legends website.


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