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Theories of Nature

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Marx and Nature:  A Red and Green Perspective by Paul Burkett
Across the Great Border Fault : The Naturalist Myth in America Across the Great Border Fault : The Naturalist Myth in America by Kevin T. Dann

In recent years scholars have begun to question the cultural values underlying how we view nature. Kevin Dann contributes to this debate by juxtaposing two radically different "Arcadian" experiments in the early twentieth century by Manhattanites seeking cultural renewal through contact with the natural world. Dann first looks at the initiatives of the American Museum of Natural History from 1910 to 1940 at Harriman State Park. He argues that these were expressions of the early, "back-to-nature" movement whose underlying biological materialism, or "Naturalism" was integral to American popular culture of the time.

These activities are contrasted with social experiments at nearby Threefold Farm in Ramapo, New York, where anthroposophists- followers of Rudolf Steiner's "spiritual science"- developed a program of natural scientific research and education in opposition to Darwinism and its social applications as well as reductionist scientific methods. By challenging scientific "fact" with spiritual scientific descriptions, the Threefold Farm initiative offered Americans a new gospel of nature.

About the Author
Kevin Dann is author of Traces on the Appalachians: A Natural History of Serpentine in Eastern North American (from Rutgers University Press), and Bright Colors Falsely Seen: Synaesthesia and the Search for Transcendental Knowledge. He is the director of LandMarks Historical Research and Consulting in Woodstock, Vermont.

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Agricultural Economics
Part of the Virtual Library.

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AgNIC Animal Science Page
From Iowa State University.  The AgNIC Animal Science Page is an experimental reference guide to animal science information on the Internet. It is the Iowa State University component of the Agriculture Network Information Center coordinated by the National Agricultural Library.


Biological Control Virtual Information Center
Biological control is the use of one organism to suppress another.  Biological control can reduce the use of pesticides.  It can be free. Biological control is a part of an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Site Includes:

bulletTell me more about biological control
bulletWhere can biological control be used?
bulletHow do I use biological control?
bulletLinks to other biological control sites


Advanced Biotechnology Center
This directory covers biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, genetic engineering, medical device development, and related fields such as pharmacology and toxicology. It differs from Biosciences in that Biotechnology places more emphasis on product development and the delivery of products and services. This field will also include some helpful medical informatics and health care delivery references.

Site Includes:

bulletSources of Information
bulletPharmaceutical Development, Clinical Trials
and Regulatory Affairs
bulletCompanies Producing Pharmaceuticals

Other Virtual Library fields that may be of interest:

bulletHistory of Science, Technology and Medicine
bulletTechnology Transfer


Ecological Theories of the Ancient Greeks
It should be recalled that the foundations of the classical physical sciences, mathematics and geometries can be traced back to the ancient Greek philosophers and sages whose recorded wisdoms and writings were rediscovered after the Dark Ages, and upon whose philosophies and sciences the emerging western civilization sought to rebuild knowledge "anew".

Also listed:

bullet"The Nature of Nature": The Cosmic & Terrestrial Environment
bullet"The Elements of Nature": Space Age Earth, Water, Air & Fire
bullet"The Mineral Kingdom": What is the nature of the Kingdom of Minerals?
bullet"The Nature of the Outer World": The continuum of Nature extends across both Outer and Inner Realms

Aristotle's History of Animals, full text written in 350 B.C.E.


bulletBook I  [85k]
bulletBook II  [83k]
bulletBook III  [102k]
bulletBook IV  [103k]
bulletBook V  [129k]
bulletBook VI  [140k]
bulletBook VII  [55k]
bulletBook VIII  [125k]
bulletBook IX [163k]


Site maintained by Theodore Roszak

1. The emerging synthesis of ecology and psychology
2. The skillful application of ecological insight to the practice of psychotherapy
3. The study of our emotional bond with the Earth
4. The search for an environmentally-based standard of mental health
5. Re-defining "sanity" as if the whole world mattered


Metaphysics by Default
This site presents Metaphysics by Default, an ecological thesis which dovetails naturalism with metaphysical philosophy.


This site draws upon the works of naturalists also, it draws upon the works of metaphysical philosophers. And this may seem an odd juxtaposition of materials, as the two disciplines share little common ground at present. Dialogues between naturalists and metaphysical philosophers can be contentious; and we, being audience to the ensuing disagreements, are led to believe that a fundamental dichotomy separates the naturalistic and metaphysical disciplines or worse, to believe that one discipline can prosper only at the expense of the other. But these common notions are not sound. This document is an essay which proves that naturalism and metaphysical philosophy can coexist peacefully in the modern mind.


Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses

An interactive exploration of all aspects of evolutionary theory, this website focuses on a number of significant philosophical topics relating to evolution. Of special note are the articles on memes and memetic theory, the section discussing the relationship of evolution to philosophy, and our interactive simulations and discussion forum.

The site is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian.


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