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Trees & Forests (Cont.)

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Forests of Hope
coverFor Roots and Renewal by Chris Bolgiano.  

An eloquent account of Appalachia's past and future. Since European settlement, Appalachia's natural history has been profoundly impacted by the people who have lived, worked, and traveled there. Bolgiano's journey explores the influx of settlers, Native American displacement, lumber and coal exploitation, the birth of forestry, and conservation issues. 37 photos.  

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From the Virtual Library:
bulletVirtual Library: Agriculture
bulletCottonDB Data Collection Site , Southern Crops Research Laboratory
bulletUK Plant Genetic Resources Group
bulletNordic Gene Bank
bulletInternational Conference and Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (FAO)
bulletMaize Genetic Stock Cooperation Center
bulletPlant Breeding 367-435B (McGill University) -1996 Course Outline


US Forest Service -- Logging
The phrase, Caring for the Land and Serving People, captures the Forest Service mission. As set forth in law, the mission is to achieve quality land management under the sustainable multiple-use management concept to meet the diverse needs of the people... Mike Dombeck, Chief, USDA Forest Service.


Rainforest Report
This is an updated report on the world's rainforest conditions.


National Forests, Parks and Wilderness Areas
bulletNational Park Service Index
bulletNational Parks
bulletGreat Outdoor Recreation Pages (GORP)
bulletNational Forests
bulletNational Wilderness
bulletNational Wildlife Refuges


The Church of the Living Tree
Site dedicated to saving trees and offering alternative products.


Gap Sucks!
In July of 1998 The Fisher Family, owners of The GAP, Inc., purchased ALL of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation's timber lands in Mendocino County, some 220,000 acres. These include the absolute LAST of the ancient redwood trees not in State Parks. They are logging these trees using methods which include clearcutting, herbicides and overcutting timber lands of rare fisheries and extreme steep slopes creating unmanageable mudslides and deadly siltation in salmon streams.

Although "legal" these Timber Harvest Plans are completely unacceptable and MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! On this site you can find out how you can help, what currently is being done, and more information on the specifics that make The Gap Suck.


Good Wood


Lithuanian Forest Information System
Lithuanian forest statistic, forestry links.


Forest Archives
Vast Information on Rainforests, Forest Conservation and Biodiversity--and How to Help Save Them!


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