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Forest Fires

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 Young Men & Fire
coverFire and Vegetation Dynamics : Studies from the North American Boreal Forest (Cambridge Studies in Ecology) by Edward A. Johnson. 

It is almost dogma that the boreal forest in North America is a fire dependent forest, yet ecologists often do not consider in any technical detail how forest fires produce effects on individual plants and on plant populations; Consequently, the causal connection between the behavior of fire and its ecological consequences is poorly understood. This book sets out to correct this deficiency by assembling the relevant studies of fire intensity, rate of spread, fuel consumption, fire frequency and fire weather in the North American boreal forest. The central thesis is that the North American boreal forest has at least four wildfire characteristics that are important in understanding the dynamics of its plant populations: the large size of the burns with respect to dispersal distances, the short recurrence time of fire with respect to tree life spans, the high mortality of plants due to the predominance of crown forest and a good germination surface due to the large area of the forest floor which is covered by ash.  

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Forest Fire as an Endangered Ecosystem Process: The Ill Legacy of Smokey the Bear
Essay by George Wuerthner.


No single human modification of the environment has had more pervasive and widespread negative consequences for the ecological integrity of North America than the suppression of fire. Fire suppression has destroyed the natural balance of the land more than overgrazing, logging, or the elimination of predators. One could easily build a case that an Environmental Impact Statement should be prepared prior to any fire suppression activities by government agencies since control of wildfires greatly alters the natural environment. Yet, most people are oblivious to the many long-term consequences of fire suppression policies...


Hotshot Crew:  Photo Journal
Follow a U.S. Forest Service Hotshot Crew as they fight forest fires in America's wilderness.

Site Includes:

bulletWalking into Trouble
bulletThe Real Work
bulletBlow Out!
bulletStaying Warm
bulletRelated Links


Forest Fire Photo Gallery
Photos change frequently.


Forest Fires and Forest Health:  Report To Congress
By the Congressional Research Service (Ross Gorte).


Interest in fuel management, to reduce fire control costs and damages, has been renewed with the numerous, destructive wildfires spread across the West during the summer of 1994. Fuel management is often linked to forest health, since major forest health concerns include excess biomass (i.e., fuel loadings) and catastrophic fires. Several tools, such as prescribed burning and salvage timber sales, can address these problems, but the extent of the problem and the cost of needed treatments are genera lly unknown. Fuel management may well reduce fire control costs and damages, but the evidence is largely anecdotal, with few documented estimates of the decline in control costs and/or damages associated with fuel treatments. Finally, the roles and responsibilities of the Federal and State governments in fire protection may be subject to further debate.


Smokey The Bear Says...
Only you can prevent forest fires...


Forest Fires:  Russia
This server has been developed to support operations of Central Aviation Base of Russian Forest Defense Service. Server provides daily information about fire risk and fire status of forests. You can view sample information, similar to that provided for registered users. Server is developed and maintained in collaboration by Central Aviation Base of Russian Forest Defense Service (Pushkino, Moscow region), International Forestry Institute (Moscow), Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SO RAN (Irkutsk), and Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory of Space Research Institute (IKI) RAN (Moscow).


Forest Fires:  Canada
The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center (CIFFC) provides operational fire-control services, as well as management and information services to its Member Agencies. In addition to coordinating services for all of the provinces and territories, CIFFC often coordinates the sharing of resources with the United States and other countries.


Forest Fires:  U.S.
Site Includes:
bulletNational Interagency Coordination Center Reports
bulletSubscribe to Fire Reports List
bulletFire line FAQ - Accompanies NICC Reports
bulletRegions Identified for Interagency Coordination
Archive of Past Reports
bulletConditions in U.S. Forests
bulletSouthwest US Fire Reports


bulletCanadian Wild land Fire Information System - Northern Forestry Center (Edmonton)
bulletInternational Fire Information Network - FireNet at Australian National University
bulletWildfire - International Association of Wild land Fire Bulletin
bulletThe Canadian Wildfire! Network - Canadian Forest Firefighting Resource Network


Forest Fire Lookout Association

Involved in research of former forest fire lookout sites, ground cabins, and early forest fire detection methods. Browse news and letters.


How to Build a Proper Campfire

Get down to basics by learning how to build a proper campfire. The author guarantees success, even in a rainstorm.


Rex's Forest Fire Lookout Page
Forest fire lookouts have captured the imaginations of people for years. They have been the settings for books, television shows and movies. In the past 30 years, numerous lookouts have been shut down in favor of inefficient aerial patrols and vague reports from residents. Still, some towers continue to be staffed every summer, some by volunteers, others by fully paid personnel.


Woods Ablaze

Why Files examines the role of science in the study of wildfires and the role of fire in natural systems.


Wild land Fire Management

Outlines agency structure, organization, activities, national function, and statistics for this BIA division.



International Association of Wildland Fire allows paying members to read the entire contents of the magazine. Nonmembers may view selected news.


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