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Earth / Earth Sciences

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 Building Planet Earth: Five Billion Years of Earth History
coverAtlas of Satellite Observations Related to Global Change by R. J. Gurney (Editor), J. L. Foster, Kathryn D. Sullican, Claire L. Parkinson (Editor).   

Global environmental change is one of the most pressing international issues of the next century. There is a need to monitor the Earth's vital signs, from atmospheric ozone to tropical deforestation to sea level change. Satellite data sets will be vital in addressing global change issues, in determining natural variability and monitoring global and regional changes. This highly illustrated and accessible volume demonstrates the variety of satellite-derived global data sets now available, their uses, advantages and limitations, and the range of variation that has already been observed with these data....  

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The Planet Earth
Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. The name derives from Old English and Germanic. There are, of course, hundreds of other names for the planet in other languages. In Roman Mythology, the goddess of the Earth was Tellus - the fertile soil (Greek: Gaia, terra mater - Mother Earth)...


The Earth is Our Mother
Site created and maintained by Lilitu Babalon.  A resource for education and action on environmental and ecology issues.  


As a Pagan and Witch I firmly believe it is my responsibility to care for the Earth, our Mother. In fact, while I wouldn't shove it down anyone's throat, I do think that any Pagan worth their salt should be an environmentally-friendly person. How can you claim to worship an entity that you destroy? There are lots of environmentally-friendly ways to live. Hopefully on these pages I'll be able to help you with a few of them. At the moment this site is mainly concerned with Australia, but I'm constantly adding new things and this includes more global news and links. 

Site Includes:
bulletWiccan and Pagan Links


Earth From Space:  NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observations
The NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observations Photography database of over 250,000 images is a national treasure .

We are publishing these selected photos and related captions on the Internet to provide a glimpse of this national treasure to the public. This database was compiled by our staff to illustrate some very interesting Earth features and processes, including cities as seen by our Astronauts from space.

Within this set of web pages, you will find several ways to search the database and view multiple resolutions of each image with captions.


Earth From Space
This site consists of a series of photos of planet earth taken from various Space Shuttle Missions.  The images are very large.


Earth and Moon Viewer
You can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe.

In addition to the Earth, you can also view the Moon from the Earth, Sun, night side, above named formations on the lunar surface. or as a map showing day and night. A related document compares the appearance of the Moon at perigee and apogee, including an interactive Perigee and Apogee Calculator.


Earth Observing System Data and Information System Information Management System
The IMS provides search and order tools for accessing a wide variety of global Earth science data and information held at ten different EOSDIS and NOAA data centers. These free services allow easy access to both summary and detailed data product descriptions, as well as browse images and fully processed science data.


Earth Magna Carta
Written by John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day.

Prelude: The people of planet Earth have the raw materials, natural resources, and the technology for all to enjoy a life of quality. But they are still restricted by the evil that has dominated history. They lack the vision of the great future now possible and how to attain it. As a result, the world is filled with confusion and conflict... 


Earth Science:   Goddard Space Flight Center
The Mission of the Earth Sciences Directorate is to provide leadership in achieving improved observations and understanding of global Earth systems processes and trends through the development and effective utilization of space technologies, and to provide enabling functions which support associated projects and programs of Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Earth sciences community worldwide. 

Site Includes:

bulletDirectorate Information
bulletCurrent information of general interest
bulletKey Programs and Projects
bulletOrganizational Webpages
bulletOrganizational Webpages
bulletOther Webpages of General Interest
Geography Links
This is a page from the Enviro-Link-A-Rama section of this website.


Geology Links
This is a page from the Enviro-Link-A-Rama section of this website.


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