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bulletTexts:  Nuclear Generated Energy
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bulletTexts:  Water Generated Energy
bulletTexts:  Wind Generated Energy
bulletTexts:  Solar Generated Energy
bulletTexts:  Biomass Generated Energy
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 Commercial Nuclear Power: Assuring Safety for the Future
coverAmazing Sun Fun Activities by Michael J. Daley, Buckley Smith (Illustrator).  

What good are a used pizza box, an old takeout salad container, a drained soda cup, or an empty chip package? For fast-food-loving, environmentally-conscious kids, they must might be the key to viable energy alternatives and the reduction of post-consumer waste. Amazing Solar Science Activities is more than an activity book; it's a practical, hands-on introduction to the concepts of renewable energy, emphasizing the limitations of fossil fuel as compared with the limitless availability of light from the sun. Using recycled and recyclable materials and an energy source that's free for the taking, the sun, kids can create: a pizza-box oven that cooks s'mores, tacos, and pizza; a Greek-style dog house with porticos out of a doughnut box and coffee creamer pillars; a deli container greenhouse to grow plants; a working solar water heater out of a soda can, some black paint, and a thermometer.

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Alternative Energy Institute
The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) was formed in 1977 at West Texas State University, Texas, USA, as an outgrowth of wind energy research begun in 1970. AEI's primary emphasis has been placed on wind energy, though certain research and education are also on solar energy. 

Site Includes:

bulletEducation and Information
bulletOn-Line Brochures
bulletBook Reviews
bulletAbstracts of AEI Reports
bulletTexas Wind Maps
bulletTexas Solar Maps
bulletSouth Texas Wind Maps


The Source for Renewable Energy
Welcome to the Source for Renewable Energy! The Source for Renewable Energy is a comprehensive guide to over 3000 renewable energy businesses and organizations around the world.


Scientific Solution for Radioactive Waste

Wladimir Guglinski

Site in English and Portuguese

Since the introduction of nuclear power plants, the industry has produced radioactive waste that keeps emitting radioactivity for many years. With the building of new nuclear plants, the accumulation of radioactive waste continues to grow, which today has the order of 300 tons per day worldwide.

Guglinski claims that there is a scientific solution able to eliminate the radioactivity of the waste, and therefore is capable of eliminating the accumulation of the radioactive waste as well as the stockpile already produced.  However this scientific solution has never been tested by scientists.

This site has 3 objectives:

1) To show to the visitor the motives behind why this scientific solution has never been tested. 

2) To inform to visitor that an ecological Non-Governmental Organization in Brazil is now undertaking an effort in order to test the scientific solution in one of Brazil's nuclear power plants. And to show how, if the tests produce positive results, the solution could be implemented worldwide.

3) To invite ecologists to join this enterprise in order to eliminate the radioactive waste threatening our planet.

Related sites:


Energy Sources
From IGC

Site Includes:

bulletEnergy Efficiency
bulletRenewable Generating Sources
bulletEnergy Related Resources


Alternative / Renewable Energy
Alternative / Renewable Fuels at a glance. 

Site Includes:

bulletMunicipal Solid Waste
bulletRE: Electric Industry Restructuring


Electric Energy at a glance.

Site Includes:

bulletDemand Side Mgt.
bulletFinancial: Investor-owned
bulletGenerating Units


Nuclear Energy
Welcome to the Energy Information Administration's Nuclear and Uranium Information Page! If you are looking for specific data, scroll down the frame on the left for the topic you're interested in. If you're not sure where to look, or just want more general information, browse through the buttons below. 

Site Includes:

US Nuclear Reactors:

bulletBy State


bulletNuclear Capacities
bulletUranium Requirements
bulletEnrichment Requirements
bulletSpent Fuel Discharges
bulletNuclear Generating Units
bulletUranium Overview
bulletUranium Mining
bulletUranium Production
bulletUranium Processing
bulletUranium Employment
bulletUranium Marketing
bulletUranium Enrichment
bulletUranium Foreign Purchases
bulletUranium Foreign Sales
bulletUranium Inventories


U. S. Department of Energy
The Department of Energy is a leading science and technology agency whose research supports our nation's energy security, national security, environmental quality, and contributes to a better quality of life for all Americans.


Renewable Energy-solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass
Welcome to the first version of CREST's online renewable energy education system! Based on an interactive kiosk also developed by CREST, this system uses words and pictures to teach the theoretical and practical basics of renewable energy. It takes an introductory approach, not getting so complex as to baffle the first time viewer.


Other Resources
bulletEnergy Information Administration
bulletGeothermal Energy
bulletStrategic Environmental Research and Development Program
bulletNational Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
bullet Oil and Gas Electronic Directory
bullet FAQ's about Fossil Fuels
bullet Biomass
bullet Environics---gas mixing, blending, dilution, delivery
bullet Coal
bullet Petroleum


Solar Development Cooperative
The Solar Development Cooperative was founded in 1992 to assure timely mainstream deployment of quality building-integrated photovoltaics [BI-PV] supported by a reliable service industry in the United States and global marketplace. 

The significant discoveries and accomplishments are: (1) ECO TECHE featuring Science Science City and the Solar Solution for Kansas City's Union Station [redevelopment plan first established in 1992 with final amendments in 1995], (2) being appointed exclusive global marketing agent for the Solar-Voltaic Dome(TM) in 1993, (3) Advent of the Headrick Solar-Voltaic Dome(TM) Power Station Marketing Plan, (4) 100 Headrick Solar-Voltaic Dome(TM) Power Stations By 2000 Program, (5) Millennium Dome(R) Building-integrated Photovoltaics Manufacturing Museum (6) PV for your TV(TM) Healthfood for Our Electronic Pets, E! lectriCity(R) Studios and a variety of other marketing plans for mainstream deployment of quality solar electric building materials. See our Works In Progress page for access to numerous photographs of projects completed in the photovoltaic industry since the historic construction of the Solarex Corporation headquarters in Frederick, Maryland in 1982. In 1984, 300 kilowatt peak PV roof installed for the Intercultural Center at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Before the project was completed, Enron/Amoco forced the founders of the Solarex Corporation Dr. Lindmeyer and Dr. Varadi out of business. This icon of modern architecture must be designated a national landmark, provided an historic buildings plaque to educate the public and officially included in official Washington, DC tours. 

To obviate the antitrust problems in the photovoltaics industry now dominated by Enron, Amoco and British Petroleum, we have submitted Motion to Compel Discovery and Evidentiary Hearing for the Antitrust Abuses ... Over 70% of the photovoltaic modules approved for California's 50% buydown program are American technology that is now owned by foreign interests as a result of Enron/Amoco's abusive takeovers and patent enfringement litigation used to put other PV manufacturers out of business from 1984 to 1999. SDC asked the Commission to initiate an investigation regarding these antitrust abuses in our Opening Comments filed March 17, 1999. Less than a month later the two primary companies of concern the ARCO Corporation and the Solarex Corporation were taken over by BP/AMOCO on April 2 and April 6, 1999.  

The California Public Utilities Commission Rulemaking R9812015 Into the Role of the Utility Distribution Company in Distributed or Self-Generation Technology. 

For More Information Please Contact: 
Eileen M. Smith, M.Arch., Founder & CEO 
3535 East Coast Highway 
Corona del Mar, CA 92625 

TEL: 949-862-5826 


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