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Books Published after 1999
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Economic Theory and Exhaustible Resources
100 Jobs in the Environment100 Jobs in the Environment by Debra Quintana

The format of this book is wonderful: each left page lists a job, duties, salary, prospects, education needed, etc.; each right page tells the story of someone who has this job - how they got it, what they do all day, where they see themselves going. The information isn't in-depth, but it's certainly complete enough to help you decide whether to further investigate a career. I definitely plan to look at other "100 jobs" books for guidance as I try to figure out what I want to do! -- Anonymous review

100 Jobs in the Environment has given me a knew perspective on my career choices. As a college student my self and fellow classmates have used this this book to guide our environmental careers. The author has given the reader clear career descriptions and interviews with successful environmental professionals. With each description of a profession is information on where to get education and training on some of the newest environmental jobs in the country. This book is so well liked by my teachers and fellow students that I had to put my name on it. -- Anonymous review

Yes -- the book gave descriptions, qualifications and even starting salaries for 100 jobs -- but no examples of companies in each area. There is a profile of a person for each job -- but again, no company names are listed, only broad descriptions. I'm looking into a career change and want actionable information...which for me this book did not possess. -- Anonymous review

If you are seeking to be an environmentalist I recommend this book -- Anonymous Review

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The Alliance
The mission of the Alliance for Democracy is to free all people from corporate domination of politics, economics, the environment, culture and information; to establish true democracy; and to create a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy. 


California Network for a New Economy (CNNE)
This is a Gopher site.


Center for Economic Conversion
Dedicated to building a sustainable, peace oriented economy.  

Site Includes:

bulletAbout CEC
bulletGreen Base Conversion Program
bulletCEC Resources
bulletPositive Alternatives
bulletInternships / Volunteering
bulletCEC Membership
bulletRelated Web Sites


Consumerism and Human Relationships
By Fritz M. Brunner, Ph.D.

The Psychology of Extra-personal Relationships


Are materialism and individualism at odds with community, spiritual values, and meaning? And if so, in what way, to what extent, and why?


Economic Security Project
Based in San Francisco, the Economic Security Project promotes federal action to guarantee economic security so that all people can more fully realize their human potential within a caring and democratic society. We engage in public education and advocacy on these issues, both locally and on the Net, and provide low-cost computer rental and training services in our Internet Learning Center. A project of The Tides Center, a tax-exempt, nonprofit charity, the Economic Security Project convened the San Francisco Progressive Challenge.

Site Includes:


bulletOnline Book
bulletThe Arts


bulletResearch Service
bulletLearning Center
bulletInternet Discussion


bulletPoverty Quiz
bulletAbout ESP
bulletWhat's New


Economics Working Group
The Green Economics Website.  The Economics Working Group (EWG) was formed as a project of the Tides Center in 1993 to bring together professionals and advocates to examine underlying economic issues related to environmental sustainability and to promote public education on these issues. As a result of this dialogue, the EWG developed a General Agreement on a New Economy, GANE, which suggests a structure that would allow communities to move toward sustainability, equity and full employment. The purpose of GANE is to encourage dialogue and engagement on these fundamental issues through this website and through presentations and workshops around the country. 


Ethical Investments
This group concentrates on promoting the use of “ethical funds” in conjunction with the usual areas of financial advice. 


National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
The National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament is a non-profit, non-partisan research and public education organization dedicated to educating the public on the need and the means for an orderly transfer of military resources to civilian use.

The end of the Cold War gives us an unprecedented opportunity to reverse the arms race, build a new foundation for international security, and reorient billions of dollars in the defense budget to our neglected domestic needs. What holds us back are the millions jobs and the economic health of whole communities and whole sectors of our economy that are currently dependent on military spending.


Other Resources
bulletDollars and Sense Magazine
bulletElectronic Policy Network
bulletInternational Institute of Ecological Economics at the University of Maryland
bulletRace, Poverty and the Environment
bulletYour Economic Vote  


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