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The Coming Global Superstorm

The Coming Global Superstorm 
by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber

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Aldo Leopold's Southwest
Various Ecological Websites
bullet Oceanography at Texas A & M
bulletOceanography and Marine Biology
bullet ODIN Oil Network
bullet ORNL Environmental Sciences Division (ESD)
bullet Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
bullet Petition the President
bullet Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Sources
bullet Planetary Data System (PDS)
bullet Planetary Images---NASA Ames Research Center
bullet Plutonium on the Internet
bullet Pointers to Earth System Science Educational Resources
bullet Project Nature Connect
bullet Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
bullet Rainforest Action Network
bullet Raptor Center
bullet Recycler's World
bullet Recycling Laws International
bullet Resources for the Future
bullet Resource Renewal Institute (RRI)
bullet Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
bullet Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
bullet Save Our Seas
bullet School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
bullet Science Resource Studies
bullet Science Museum of London
bullet Scripps Climate Research Division
bullet Sea Surface Temperatures Satellite Images Archive
bullet Second Nature
bullet Slickrock Gallery
bullet Space Explorer's Guide
bullet Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
bullet Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
bullet Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
bullet Sustainable Development Institute, Inc.
bullet Sustainable Earth Electronic Library
bullet Target Science Professional Development Programs
bullet The Gulf of Mexico Information Network (GIN)
bullet The Monterey Bay Aquarium Home Page
bullet Topography of Oceans (TOPEX/POSEIDON)
bullet United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service
bullet U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
bullet U.S. Geological Survey---Water Resources Division
bullet U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network
bullet U.S. World Ocean Circulation Experiment
bullet Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry
bullet Unidata
bullet University of Washington---Department of Environmental Health Library
bullet UNRSL Helicorder Camera
bullet Virtual Geomorphology
bullet Waterton Lakes National Park
bullet West Coast National Undersea Research Center
bullet What's New in Activism Online
bullet Whole Earth Review
bullet Wilderness Society
bullet Wisconsin Sea Grant  
bullet Women in Science
bullet Working Assets
bullet World Heritage Sites
bullet WWW Virtual Library---Earth Sciences
bullet WWW Virtual Library---Oceanography
bullet WWW Virtual Library---Vision Science  


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