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Special Book Review
Nature as Teacher and Healer
by James A. Swan

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Nature as Teacher and Healer: How to Reawaken Your Connection with Nature

Nature as Teacher and Healer by James A. Swan 

Named "One of the Best Environmental Books of the Last Five Years" by the Sustainable Futures Society, and heralded by former United Nations Environmental Programme Director Dr. Noel Browne, a revised Nature As Teacher and Healer, by James A. Swan, Ph.D. is now back in print in a hardcover edition produced by as part of a unique program by The Authors Guild. This psychology of nature kinship, which draws on ancient wisdom and modern psychology, offers a "spiritual first-aid kit" to the modern urbanite according to Reading for Pleasure. This new hardcover edition offers additional, practical exercises for increasing nature kinship as well as some new unforgettable stories. 

"One of the Best Environmental Books of the Last Five Years" the Sustainable Futures Society in 1994.

"Most appropriate for a world desperately in need to reconnect with a source that is all." Dr. Noel Browne, Director Emeritus, United Nations Environment Programme

""His concepts are unique, fascinating to consider, and worth exploring whether you actively commune with nature only during your annual vacation, or make it an elemental part of your everyday life. (Reading it) you may find that you perceive nature in an entirely different way. " University of Michigan Alumnus

"A great literary work on what makes the human animal tick, and how we desperately need to refocus on our relationship with nature before it is too late."  Ted Nugent, rock star

"Jim Swan's book makes the apprentice of spirit aware of the precious alchemy contained within the heart of nature."  Lynn Andrews, best-selling author

"In this book, as always, Jim is a passionate, sometimes provocative, and always articulate spokesman for our connectedness with Mother Earth." Brooke Medicine-Eagle, author, Buffalo Calf Woman Comes Singing 

"A creative synthesis of the wisdom of native peoples, concepts of environmental psychology, and the activism of the environmental movement." Dr. Robert Sommer, UC Davis

"...filled with colorful anecdotes, lively glimpses of healers and leaders of the field, wise counsel and a rich store of valuable and accurate information. One's interest is kept at a high pitch and one's enjoyment to the full. It is written from the heart." Dr. John Weir Perry, psychiatrist and author

"In this remarkable book, James A. Swan describes a ... model -- the cooperation with nature as taught by native shamans and seers over the millennia. Nature as Teacher and Healer encompasses wisdom from several traditions and instructs its readers on how to use this information for personal empowerment as well as to understand one's kinship with the Earth." Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor Saybrook Institute, author 

"Swan blends myth, magic, ancient and contemporary wisdom in his guide to improving mental and physical well-being." Outdoor Writers of America 

"A real contribution to western society and for those who are sincerely searching for a more spiritual development and lifestyle." Medicine Grizzly Bear Lake, Karok and Seneca shaman, author of Native Healer

"...inspirational.. Swan shares the gradual unfolding of his own mystical connection to the natural world (and then) provides techniques for cultivating this kind of deep kinship with nature...Swan's book is a much needed reminder of the blessings to be found outside."  Anne Cushman, Yoga Journal

"Until I read Nature as Teacher and Healer, I hadn't realized to what extent nature was just a momentary experience between indoors and the car. Nature as Teacher and Healer explains the problem, and provides a 'spiritual first-aid kit' for people like me who have lost contact with the planet we live on." Susan Ingram,  Reading for Pleasure

*James A, Swan, Ph.D. - As well as writer of seven non-fiction books that have sold over 100,000 copies world-wide, James has published over 200 articles in popular magazines including Audubon, American Health, Utne Reader, Intellectual Capital, Nature Study, and Countryside. As the "Media Watch" columnist for North American Hunter magazine (circulation 850,000), he is the only outdoor writer movie critic in the US, perhaps the world. James is also an actor. He has appeared in over 30 commercials and print ads, as well as recent movies including: "Star Trek: First Contact,"  "Jack," "Murder In the First," and "Angels In The Outfield," and the forthcoming "Bi-Centennial Man," as well as appearances on the "Midnight Caller," "Nash Bridges," "Sightings" and "Ancient Mysteries" television series.

James has taught natural resources, psychology and recreation at the Universities of Michigan, Western Washington State, Oregon and Washington, and anthropology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is one of the founders of the fields of environmental psychology and environmental education. From l973-l982 he was a counselor in private practice working with a number of world-class athletes. 

From 1988-1992, James and his wife Roberta produced five international symposiums, "The Spirit of Place: The Modern Relevance of An Ancient Concept." The programs, which sought to integrate design, psychology and native wisdom, took place in the US and Japan, included over 300 speakers, members of 25 native tribal cultures and drew 10,000. 

James is listed in Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Men of Achievement in the World, and Who's Who in Service to the Earth.  He was named "One of the Ninety People to Watch In the Nineties" by the January 1, 1990, San Francisco Chronicle. In l992 the California State Assembly awarded him a special Certificate of Recognition for his work in environmental education as the rock and roll clown "Recycleman."

Autographed copies available for $25.00 check or money order from: James A. Swan, P.O. Box 2460, Mill Valley, CA 94942.

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