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Designing Sustainable Communities : Learning from Village Homes
Bioregionalism by Michael Vincent McGinnis (Editor).  Bioregionalism is the first book to explain the theoretical and practical dimensions of bioregionalism from an interdisciplinary standpoint, focusing on the place of bioregional identity within global politics. Leading contributors from a broad range of disciplines introduce this exciting new concept as a framework for thinking about indigenous peoples, local knowledge, globalization, science, global environmental issues, modern society, conservation, history, education and restoration. Bioregionalism's emphasis on place and community radically changes the way we confront human and ecological issues.   

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The Simple Living Network
Tools and living examples for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple, healthy and restorative lifestyle. 


Camassia Learning Center for Sustainable Living
Presented by the Camassia Learning Centre for Sustainable Living Society. 


InterGarden:  Environment, Community and Bioregionalism
Support SMALL FARMING and Comunity Supported Agriculture: BUY LOCALLY GROWN  By Products with Sustainably Grown, Natural, Ecological, Biodynamic, Beyondorganic,  Biological, Greenfood, Handgrown, Earthfriendly, Wildcrafted, or Biointensive Labelling  OR: produced without synthetic pesticides, produced without synthetic  fertilizers, raised without synthetic chemicals, pesticide-free  farm, no drugs or growth hormones used, raised without antibiotics,  raised without hormones, no growth stimulants administered,   ecologically produced, sustainably harvested, and humanely raised.


Property Rights and Bioregionalism
Essay by Patricia Adams. 


Utter the words "property rights" and you are likely to hear a chorus of protest from the old guard left, the progressive movement, and those fighting for social justice. Defenders of property rights are usually thought to be the moneyed class, capitalists, and those who are hell bent on destroying the environment. I want to present a different view of property rights. It is a view that comes from the Third World from environmentalists, indigenous rights activists, and grassroots groups. Those Third World citizens have a view of property rights that I think is profound and enlightening, and I predict it will revolutionize political structures that determine how Third World environments are treated...


Bioregional Links
bulletBioregional/Ecological Rights  
bulletBioregional Association Now a Reality  
bulletBioregional Perspective on the Chesapeake Bay  
bulletCascadia Planet: Bioregional Webzine for Cascadia. 
bulletBioregional Studies Archives  
bulletEcology and Community: The Bioregional Vision  
bulletPlanetDrum's Resources for Bioregionalists  
bulletRe-Imagining Our Place in Space: Introduction to The Works of Gary Snyder: Bibliography. 
bulletStories from Bioregionalists


Bioregional Studies
From the University of Colorado. 

Site Includes:

bulletStories from Bioregionalists
bulletBoulder Creek Watershed
bulletSouthern Rockies Ecosystem Project
bulletPlanetDrum's Resources for Bioregionalists
bulletAWR Alliance for Wild Rockies
bulletEcological/Bioregional Rights
bulletTNC The Nature Conservancy
bulletSubscribe to Bioregional Discussion Group


Bioregionalism and Community: A Call to Action

By David Haenke.  David Haenke explains that bioregionalism picks up where environmentalism leaves off, challenging everyone to emphasize sustainability and define community to include the nonhuman as well. The North American bioregional movement has held biennial meetings since 1984 and is steadily building awareness of the task ahead. In line with this, David makes the case for a necessary partnership between communitarians and bioregionalists.


Bioregion. A life region. A geographical area whose boundaries are roughly determined by nature rather than human beings. One bioregion is distinguished from another by characteristics of flora, fauna, water, climate, rocks, soils, land forms, and the hum an settlements, cultures, and communities these characteristics have spawned...


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