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Endangered Animals

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bulletUsed Books:  Endangered Species 
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In the Company of Manatees : A Tribute
coverHarvesting Wild Species : Implications for Biodiversity Conservation by Curtis H. Freese (Editor).   

Traditional wildlife conservation policy includes the establishment of protected areas where certain species are off limits to commercial exploitation. But for people in the developing world who depend on these resources for survival, such a policy is unworkable. Recently, some conservation experts have argued that planned, commercial use - harvesting wild species for human consumption - may actually promote biodiversity conservation. In Harvesting Wild Species Curtis Freese draws together a diverse group of authorities to discuss the conditions under which commercial use may serve as a conservation tool. Presenting fifteen case studies from around the world - in areas ranging from fisheries and forestry to non-timber forest products and trophy hunting - the authors explore the link between sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. 

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Endangered Habitats & Species
From IGC

Site Includes:

bulletEcoNet Endangered Species Gopher
bulletEndangered Species Information
bulletCoral Forest
bulletRed List of Threatened Animals
bulletEndangered Species Act On-Line Resource Guide
bulletInternational Wildlife Coalition
bulletNCEET Endangered Species Compendium
Mojave Desert Tortoise
The Desert Tortoise Council is a private, nonprofit organization made up of hundreds of professionals, and lay-persons from all walks of life, from across the United States , and several continents. We share a common fascination with wild desert tortoises and the environment they depend upon. 

Site Includes: 



National Wildlife Federation
People and Nature:  Our Future is in the balance. 

Site Includes:

bulletEndangered Habitats
bulletEndangered Species Action Sites
bulletNWF Launches Endangered Species Campaign


Endangered Species
From EE-Link.

Site includes:

bulletWhat's New on the Endangered Species Page
bulletEndangered Species Awards
bulletEndangered and Extinct Species Lists
bulletUnited States
bulletSorted by region
bulletSorted by group
bulletExtinct Species
bulletNatural History / Images
bulletImages and Clickable Regional Map
bulletFacts and Factsheets
bulletInvestigating Endangered Species in the Classroom
bulletActivities / Lesson Plans
bulletConservation Efforts
bulletPolicy on Endangered Species
bulletPolicy Makers
bulletPolitical Debate
bulletOther Endangered Species Information
bulletPeriodicals: News/Updates/Features
bulletFull-text Articles
bulletRegional Endangered Species Information
bulletEndangered Species Information from other sites
bulletEndangered Species Discussion Room from The New Adventurers Club.


Endangered Birds
From The Peregrine Fund and the World Center for Birds of Prey. 


Endangered Species Act
This is the text of the world famous law.


Endangered Species Resource Guide
This gives help understanding the Endangered Species Act.  

Site Includes:

bulletESA Overview
bulletESA Action Alerts
bulletESA Publications
bulletCampaign Tools
bulletESA InteractiveForum
bulletSign the EHNA petition!


Hot Links to Endangered Species
This website is created especially for teachers and students who are studying about Endangered Species. A special listing of websites is devoted to Hawaii's endangered species because many of Hawaii's native plants and animals are " Balancing On A Thin Line of Extinction".   

Site Includes:

bulletOther Endangered Species Websites


bulletENDANGERED! Exploring a World at Risk: (c) 1996 American Museum of Natural History, an exhibition tour of the world of endangered species. Find out what it means to be endangered by reading the "The Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog". Featuring the following endangered species: Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephants, Northern Spotted Owl, Karner Blue Butterfly, American Burying Beetle, Goliath Frog, Cheetah, Whooping Cran, American Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, California Condor, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog, Gray Wolf, American Bison, Gila Monster, Queen Conch, Delhi Sands Fly, Woodland Caribou and etc. Abundant information, so don't miss this tour.
bulletEndangered Species. com - the Rarest Info Around
bulletEndangered Species: list of endangered and extinct species in the United States
bulletThreatened Animals of the World: list of threatened, extinct and endangered species in the world
bulletEnvironmental Education on the Internet
bulletNature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse: This site is dedicated to the Tallgrass Prairies, Wetlands and Woodlands in Iowa. Features endangered species in Iowa
bulletNorth Dakota's Endangered Species: Features the Least Tern, Bald Eagle, Whooping Crane, Peregrine Falcon,Black-footed Ferret, Pallid Sturgeon, Gray Wolf, Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, and the Piping Plover
bulletEndangered Species Program
bulletEndangered Species Update
bulletAlberta's At-Risk Wildlife
bulletTerra's Animal Page: great description and photos of Alberta, Canada's Endangered Species
bulletEndangered Species Act of 1973
bullet1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals 
bulletThreatened Animals of the World: A Practical Web Page for Educators!
bulletThreatened and Endangered Animal Species-Found on the National Wildlife Refuge System graphic links of animals included
bulletDuke University Primate Center Research, Education, and Conservation to Save Endangered Lemurs, Lorises & other Prosimians
bulletEndangered Species Websites for Kids: Yahooligan's website for kids and teens
bulletThe Raptor Center: Includes an overview of what is the purpose of the Raptor Center, frequently asked questions about raptors, and information and photos about the endangered species, the peregrin falcon and the bald eagle
bulletIvory Haven-Laura The Elephant's House on The WebThis site is for elephant lovers who are concerned about elephants that are endangered.


Lists of ALL Endangered Species
Here is a listing of all the endangered species listed in Cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. These are the complete (long!) lists - please be patient while they load.   Site Includes:


Links by Region
United States
bulletEndangered Species By Region
bulletClickable Regional Map The clickable regional map shows which species are threatened and endangered in each state and lists fact sheets for some of those species. 


bulletGreat Lakes
bulletGreat Plains
bulletMississippi Valley


bulletGreat Lakes
bulletGreat Plains
bulletMississippi Valley

Endangered Species By Group

bulletThreatened and Endangered Animals on gopher.
Divided into groups including mammals, birds, reptiles, arthropods these lists on gopher are current through March 1995. Lists give common name, scientific name, historic range, status, etc. for threatened and endangered animals with range in the United States.

Extinct Species

bulletHawaii's Extinct Species
bulletCanadian Species Extinct or At Risk


bulletTen Most Endangered Species of 1994 from the World Wildlife Fund.
bullet1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals
From the World Conservation Monitoring Center, this is a searchable database of all threatened species world-wide.
bulletRare Vulnerable & Endangered Australian Animals
bulletThe Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG)
An international conservation organization of scientists working to minimize the extinction of endangered species.


The Vancouver Island Marmot pages
Design and photography by Dr. Andrew A. Bryant (Scientific Advisor, Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Team).  These pages are dedicated to one of North America's most endangered mammals: the Vancouver Island marmot.

Site Includes:

bulletWhat's a Vancouver Island Marmot?
bulletThe Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Project
bullet1998 Project Diary
bulletADOPT A MARMOT !!!


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