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coverBook of Shadows : A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess by Phyllis Curott.

A "book of shadows" is a witch's journal, her diary of spells and rituals, and a record of her discoveries as she travels the Wiccan path. Book of Shadows is an apt title for Curott's novel, which chronicles her journey from the lawyer's world of facts and physical evidence to the witch's world of imagination and magic. Her story is at times more fantastic than "real life" should be--rather like a Lifetime movie--not unbelievable, but with a combination of the mundane and the magical that is intriguing enough to keep us turning the pages to find out what her barbaric boss is going to do next and watch her advance along the road to becoming a witch. The autobiographical story makes the perfect vehicle for the truth that witches don't kill cats, eat babies, or worship Satan, but are actually women of different shapes, sizes, attitudes, and cultures who are reawakening an ancient religion that cares for its members without asking for a sacrifice in return. --Brian Patterson.  

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A Witches' BibleA Witches' Bible by Janet Farrar, Stewart Farrar

Everything you need to know is here! The Sabbats; Casting & Banishing the Magic Circle; The Complete Book of Shadows; The Great Rite; Initiation Rites; Consecration Rites; Spells; Witches' Tools; Witchcraft & Sex; Running a Coven; Clairvoyance; Astral Projection. This collection includes two books in one volume, Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches' Way and is the most comprehensive and revealing work on the principles, rituals and beliefs of modern witchcraft.

"This is one of the best books on witchcraft I have ever read. It gives the reader a wonderful understanding of Wiccan practices, beliefs, and history. I love this book to pieces, it's one I frequently return to. It dispels so many myths, challenges so many perceptions, but sacrifices none of the mystique so often associated with Wicca. I was impressed by its beautiful style, it is very easy to read and absorb, the words stay with you long after you have finished reading them, which shouldn't take too long, because its one of those books that's just so hard to put down you'll wonder where your weekend went. I'd recommend it as a first book to anyone interested in pursuing Wicca as a faith (or indeed to anyone seeking an understanding of Wicca), because it doesn't fill the readers head with notions that witchcraft is all about sticking pins in things and messing around with noxious poisons. It shows the reader an ancient and elegant form of worship to higher powers- not a quick and easy way to get back at your ex- illustrating the ethics of witchcraft (and the reasons getting back at your ex isn't really such a good idea). The authors don't style themselves as the only authorities on witchcraft, and include a vast glossary of recommended reading, as well as generous praise for other authors and witches they admire. The witches bible offers a complete fundamental understanding of the basic principles of witchcraft, and for this reason I consider it very aptly named. It truly is a witches bible..." -- Anonymous Review

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The Earth is Our Mother

Site created and maintained by Lilitu Babalon.  A resource for education and action on environmental and ecology issues.  


As a Pagan and Witch I firmly believe it is my responsibility to care for the Earth, our Mother. In fact, while I wouldn't shove it down anyone's throat, I do think that any Pagan worth their salt should be an environmentally-friendly person. How can you claim to worship an entity that you destroy? There are lots of environmentally-friendly ways to live. Hopefully on these pages I'll be able to help you with a few of them. At the moment this site is mainly concerned with Australia, but I'm constantly adding new things and this includes more global news and links. 

Site Includes:
bulletWiccan and Pagan Links
bulletChurch of all Worlds


Cambridge Witch

A place to find and meet Pagans and Wiccans from Cambridge, UK.


Catala SilverMoon

Excerpt:  When I established this page back in January of 1997 I have been studying and practicing this beautiful earth loving religion Wicca. Through these pages I have meet some wonderful people who helped me along my path. To those people (to many to list), Thank You. My views have changed somewhat since I created this page. I am still following a Pagan religion..... An Irish Pagan tradition. I am trying to follow the Old Religion of Ireland as much as possible. I am a Pagan of Irish descent who is attempting to rediscover the ancient ways of my people...


Kissing Sophia: Meditations on Goddess Spirituality, Nature and Wisdom

This site has many interesting poems and stories.


Queer Wiccan Resources
bulletChariot's Wheels
bulletDragon Vision
bulletGreen Faerie Grove
bulletNight Skye Circle
bulletRainbow Wind
bulletWe'Moon: Gaia Rhythms For Womyn


More Wiccan Resources
bulletBandarach College of Druids
bulletAr n'Draiocht Fe'in: A Druid Fellowship
bulletCeltic Connection
bulletChurch and School of Wicca
bulletChurch of All Worlds
bulletCircle of the Sacred Path
bulletCircle Sanctuary
bulletCovenant of the Goddess (COG)
bulletCymric Witchcraft - Y Tylwyth Teg
bulletDruids & Celtic Mysticism
bullet Earth Spirit 
bulletEarthspirit Community
bulletFellowship of the Earth
bulletHecates Broom Coven
bulletHenge of Keltria
bulletMystical World Wide Web
bulletOrder of Bards, Ovates and Druids
bulletOur Lady of Enchantment - Seminary of Wicca
bulletPagan Educational Network
bulletPagan Federation
bulletReclaiming Collective
bulletWitches' Circle
bulletWitches Web
bulletWitches' League for Public Awareness
bulletWitches' Voice


The Witch's Workshop

Site created and maintained by Lilitu Babalon.  This site holds extensive resources and links to Wicca.

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