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Monocultures of the Mind : Perspectives on Biodiversity and Biotechnology by Vandana Shiva

Ecofeminist Thinkers

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Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams
bulletCarol Adams
bulletStacy Alaimo
bulletRosi Braidotti
bulletRachel Carson
bulletChris Cuomo
bulletAnne LaBistille
bulletKatharine Lussen
bulletCathleen and Colleen McGuire
bulletGloria Orenstein
bulletJune Williamson


Carol Adams  

Carol Adams is famous for her ecofeminist vegetarian theories.

This site includes:

bulletSome rave reviews
bulletOrdering information
bulletA current book project
"Living Among Meat Eaters
bulletThe Sexual Politics of Meat slide show


Stacy Alaimo  

Feminism, Nature and Discursive Ecologies.  Essay by Stacy Alaimo


At a recent conference, I attended a performance on ecofeminism that presented a convincing barrage of slides, mainly from advertisements, depicting women and the earth in similarly degrading ways. Sympathetic to the environmentalist and feminist politics, I was nonetheless dismayed by the finale, which baldly celebrated a slide of a naked, pregnant woman, implicitly evoking that old connection between the fertile female and the fecund earth. Within the context of the presentation, the spherical belly functioned as a maternal disciplining of the sexual "bad girls" exhibited in the advertisements, thus retreating to a Madonna/whore dualism that denigrates female sexuality even while naturalizing the female body as primarily procreative. I begin with this example to suggest that "woman" and "nature" converge upon a perilous terrain that solidifies the very representations of "woman" that feminism, especially poststructuralist or postmodern feminism, has worked to dislodge...  


Rosi Braidotti  

In this interview with Kathleen O'Grady, Rosi Braidotti discusses her recent work at the intersection of feminist and environmental activism, the central role of feminism in the redefinition of philosophy, the polemics between continental and anglo-American feminist discourses, and the development of women studies programs in Western Europe and North America. 

Also online is Braidotti's Cyber feminism with a difference.


Rachel Carson  

In 1992, a panel of distinguished Americans declared Rachel Carson's Silent Spring the most influential book of the past 50 years. This was one of the latest in a long line of tributes to a woman who almost single-handedly alerted Americans to the dark side of science in alliance with industrial society. Her measured, carefully-worded yet passionate prose was all the more damning because she, herself, was a scientist.  

This short biography is a part of the Ecology Hall of Fame website. 

Also included:

bulletHall of Fame Entry (A picture is included)

Other Links:

bulletHer writings on the web
bulletTributes to Rachel Carson
bulletAn Introduction to Silent Spring by Al Gore.
bulletPassing the Baton (Environmental Defense Fund)
bulletSites Related to Rachel Carson
bulletRachel Carson at the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame
bulletRachel Carson Council
bulletRachel Carson Wildlife Refuge


Chris Cuomo 

Cuomo's recent book, Feminism and Ecological Communities: An Ethic of Flourishing, while critical of ecofeminists who rely on a feminine care ethic or on false and universalizing conceptions of "woman" and "nature", maps out a feminist environmental ethic. Her interests also include lesbian and gay political philosophy, philosophy and race, and the history of ethical theory.


"I Went to the Woods," essay by Katharine Lussen about Anne LaBistille

"I Went to the Woods" is an essay by Katharine Lussen about Anne LaBistille's work, Woodswoman, an account of of her first ten years living a Thoreauvian life on the shore of an Adirondack Lake in the 1960s.

Excerpt from the essay follows:

Anne LaBastille went to the woods to examine herself and the natural world surrounding her. She left society in order to create a new life for herself. In doing so, LaBastille proved that it is possible for a woman to live alone in the wilderness and to be successful at it. Her experience and attitude are reminiscent of Thoreau in his years at Walden Pond. In fact, the two naturalist writers have many similarities in their lifestyles and views of nature. The span of over one hundred years between the two authors did not remove the ability of nature to provide a space in which to discover oneself and the wonderment of the wilderness. Nor did the passing of time eliminate the juxtaposition of nature and civilization to portray the downfalls of society. Yet despite the similarities, LaBastille offers perspectives on nature, society, and life that Thoreau does not. LaBastille offers a woman's point of view from the twentieth century...    


Cathleen and Colleen McGuire  

Some writings are included on the EVE Online Ecofeminism Website

Site Includes:

bulletBeijing 95: A Pale Green
bulletResponse to PeTA's "I'd Rather go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign
bulletWhy do 8 Million Women Ingest Horse Urine?
bulletMen's Waste
bulletAngels and Insects
bulletGive Me A Vegetable Friendly Refrigerator!
bulletThe Brothers Kaczynski: One Hunts, The Other Doesn't
bulletOur Blood, Our Selves


Gloria Orenstein

Gloria Orenstein is a Professor of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies at U.S.C. 

Site Includes:

bulletGender Studies Directory

Available online is Orenstein's essay, The Shamanic Dimensions of an Ecofeminist Narrative.


Starhawk's Homepage  

The homepage of the author of The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing


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