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Circle Round : Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk, Anne Hill, Diane Baker. 

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The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft

Sophia's Web : Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science, and OurselvesSophia's Web : Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science, and Ourselves by Burl B. Hall

The universe is akin to a multi-dimensional cube. Each point in this cube mirrors and reveals itself as every other point. In the language of chaos theory, Nature repeats Herself. It is in capturing this mirroring function of Nature that I wrote "Sophia's Web." As the book will show, when we listen to a favorite myth, the story being told tells us something about ourselves. It mirrors our lives. Furthermore, the book shows that the various religions, in all their wonderful diversities, mirror one another.

This repeating, or mirroring, action of Nature is also evident in our metaphors. For example, it is often common for us to say, "I conceived this idea," or "This idea is my baby," in linking the creative process of mind to the feminine function of giving birth. In other words, the power and beauty of metaphor is to capture the repeating functions of Nature. What happens in the mind happens in our bodies and in our love lives. Nature repeats Herself.

In reading "Sophia's Web," it is hoped the reader will begin to link her, or his, self to the cosmos as a whole. Towards this end, the book is aligned with the verb definition of "religion," "to connect again." In other words, the book is designed to help the reader obtain a sense of his or her wholeness.

From the Author
The universe is akin to a multi-dimensional cube. Each point in this cube mirrors every other point. Enveloped within this mind-set, I wrote my book; Sophia's Web: Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science and Ourselves.

This is a book where science, Christianity, Judaism, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native Spirituality become various faces of one Divinity. "Sophia (Wisdom) is multi-faced," the Bible's Book of Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) says. There is unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

This "multi-dimensional cube" model of the world reflects more than the unity of all the diverse religions. It encompasses all. This includes us. We are mirrors of the universe. Our sexuality, in turn, mirrors universal processes. Who we are as women and men reflect the female and male powers of the Godhead. For example, when we make a metaphorical statement such as "your words are food for thought," we are saying your words serve a fertilizing function to the Psyche. Words are seminal to the generation of new ideas. What is above mirrors what is below. Our sexuality mirrors our cognition and, in turn, mirrors Nature as a whole.

The beauty of all this is that we are the process. Our individual lives are a facet of the multi-dimensional cube that is a unity. To illustrate this, I will use personal experiences to show how my life fits into ancient spirituality and modern day quantum physics.

In reading my book, I hope you will re-awaken to what you have known all along. You do not live in a cold universe where your human characteristics exit as aliens. As a child looks like his mommy and daddy, you mirror the Godhead.

There is a beautiful Pagan myth where the Goddess sees Herself in a mirror and falls in love with Herself. She then waltzes over to the mirror and kisses Her mirror image. The image then bats Her eyelids, and flutters away from the great Goddess. Eventually the mirror image becomes the created world and forgets Her true Nature. She forgets who She is.

This is not a story about a strange Goddess who falls in love with Herself. This same idea is illustrated by Christian mystic, Meister Eckhart, who once quirked, "God loves creatures not as creatures but as God." This means the mirror image is each one of us.

I sincerely hope that in reading my book, you will re-discover the original kiss given by your Mother. As I will show, it happens always and now. Who else could the mirror image be other than you. This is the message to my book. Read and discover how.

About the Author
Burl Hall is a master's level counselor working with clients diagnosed with a mental illness in Virginia. His interest in Goddess mythology goes back to when he was five years old, and had multiple visions of an awe inspiring woman whose silent presence set him on fire. This love was reinforced in the fourth grade, when he first heard of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, and fell in love with Her. In 1992, when the author was 37 years of age, the woman who appeared to him as a child began to reappear in dreams. It was at that time that Burl realized what he was tapping into as a child was a manifestation of a power that transcended cultures and weaves them together as a woman weaves a rug. In other words, he began to see how he connected to the greater whole.

Visit Sophia's Web

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National Women's History Project

"History looks different when the contributions of women are included."

Site Includes:

bulletOn-line Catalog
bulletFall 98 Catalog- Free!
bulletWomen's History Organizations
bulletThe Women's History Network
bulletIdeas to use
bulletHistory quiz
bulletNational Women's History Month
bulletReported programs and events
bulletCostumed performers
bulletOur favorite links
bulletNominate Women for U.S. Stamps


On The Issues:  The Progressive Women's Quarterly

This is a very slick online magazine. 

Site Includes:

bulletLinks (With Search Engine)


Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly

Providing news and resources for environmental justice.   This website has an extensive list of articles.

You can receive this newsletter free each week via E-mail. To start your free subscription, send the word SUBSCRIBE by itself in an E-mail message to:  

Site Includes:



Rural Womyn Zone

Online Community of Rural Feminists.  An extensive resource!

Since most of the gender and rural women studies focus on Third World countries, we are calling rural women in the United States the Third-and-a-Half World. When you search for "rural women" on the internet you will discover what we mean. 

Site Includes:

bulletRural Women in the United States
bulletRural Resources
bulletSustaininable Ag
bulletGlobal Issues 
bulletWhat is "rural"?
bulletSearch Here for Rural Women
bulletZone Womyn
bulletPhoto Album
bulletGallery Zone
bulletZone Humor
bulletHilarious Fem Scrapbook Zone
bulletNotorious Zone Welfare Deform Plan
bulletThe Elephants and the Piss Ants
bulletReport - Rural Women's Day

And much, much more!


Sacred Art and Illustration

By Katharina Woodworth

Art & writing rooted in mythology, archetypal psychology & the divine feminine. Essays and topics on archetypes, ecofeminism, goddesses, soulwork & the currents of our contemporary society.


Sister Spirit

SisterSpirit is a women's spirituality organization, based in Portland, Oregon, honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating Goddess in all Her forms. Some of the many traditions we include are: Dianic, Wicca, Pagan, Women's Spirituality, Goddess, Feminist, Interfaith, Earth Centered, Creation Spirituality, Christian, Jewish, Sufi, and New Age. 

Site Includes:

bulletWhat's New
bulletWhat is SisterSpirit?
bulletContacting SisterSpirit
bulletSpirituality Links
bulletSpirited Women Magazine
bulletOur Goddess Rituals


Sophia's Web

Sophia's Web is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to recognizing the ultimate unity veiled beneath the diversity of religious and scientific beliefs. Devoted to the Divine Wisdom (Sophia) through poetry, prose and art.

The philosophy behind this magazine is that Nature, God, Self etc. are not distinct terms and are one and the same.  The magazine is still in its infancy and is still very red and wrinkly. It needs a lot of maturing, but I think it will be a great resource for people to share and to learn from. I also have a site, that gets more into my philosophy of Nature as Wisdom (Sophia).  I am also the author of a book, Sophia's Web: Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science and Ourselves.  I hope you give these works a chance.


SWIP:  Society of Women in Philosophy

The Society for Women in Philosophy was started in 1972 to promote and support women in philosophy. SWIP holds divisional meetings, meetings in conjunction with the meetings of the American Philosophical Association, and it publishes newsletters.  Site Includes:

On Site Resources

bulletInformation on SWIP-L, The SWIP electronic discussion list
bulletThe History of SWIP
bulletDivisions and Newsletter
bulletArticles, Reading Lists, Bibliographies
bulletA List of Course Syllabi
bulletWomen Philosophers
bulletJob Announcements
bulletSome Statistics on Women in Philosophy
bulletConferences and Calls for Papers

Resources Elsewhere

bulletSWIP Members' Home Pages (Add yours!)
bulletFeminist and Progressive Links
bulletFeminist Philosophy Journals/Groups/Sites
bulletWomen's/Gender/Gay and Lesbian Studies
bulletStart-up guide to the Internet, with links and much more.
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