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Ecofeminist Resources  M (Cont)

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 Be a Goddess! : A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex

Magazines and Newsletters (Women Focused) Online M-Z

This page maintained by the University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian  430 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53706   (608) 263-5754  

Site Includes:

bulletMaiden Voyages is a "literary consumer magazine for women who travel or dream about travel."
bulletMatrices is a lesbian research newsletter. The page includes contents and sample articles.
bulletaxi provides a forum to "read intelligent thoughts on the issues and objects that have meaning in our lives."
bulletMenoTimes covers topics related to menopause and osteoporosis. Sample articles are provided at the site.
bulletMichigan Journal of Gender & Law is temporarily inactive.
bulletMidwifery Today Magazine site includes many articles from back issues.
bulletMoondance, published by the Women Artists and Writers International, celebrates creative women, through fiction, poetry, and artwork.
bulletMousy Magazine is an online magazine for and about women who are actively participating in the digital world."
bulletMoxie Magazine is for college-educated women in their twenties, offering advice on careers, sexuality, and more.
bulletMuse: The Journal of Women in Music is an electronic magazine featuring interviews, CD and concert reviews, and topical articles.
bulletSpecial issue on Cyber feminism is issue #8 of the online magazine Mute. Not on the site June 12, 1998. May reappear.
bulletNWEC Newsletter comes from the National Women's Education Centre, Japan.
bulletNational N.O.W. Times is the newsletter of the National Organization for Women.
bulletNetwork newsletter from the Canadian Women's Health Network.
bulletNonTraditional News from the Foundation for Role Equity
bulletNrrdGrrl! is a monthly e-zine of art, fiction, and rants.
bulletoff our backs, a women's news journal published since 1970, includes tables of contents and featured articles on its site.
bulletOn the Issues: The Progressive Women's Quarterly has many feature articles from recent issues mounted on the site.
bulletPerspectives is a newsletter from Status of Women Canada.
bulletThe Playgroundcovers postfeminism, sex, the arts, and popular culture and reviews books, music, and movies.
bulletPolitical Woman Hotline newsletter from Women Leaders Online, a group that promotes the election of pro-woman candidates and civility and integrity in American politics, and opposes the radical right.
bulletProgressive Woman is a monthly metropolitan St. Louis publication.
bulletRFR/DRF Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la Recherche Feministe, from the Ontario Institute for Studies In Education.
bulletRadiance is a magazine for large women
bulletReading Woman discusses books worth reading.
bulletRedbook has advice on dieting, marriage, and homemaking.
bulletRefractory Girl, from Australia, has the full text of some issues.
bulletRe/productions is an online journal on reproductive health and rights of women in South Asia.
bulletRockrgrl is for women in the music business.
bulletSapphic Ink is an online lesbian literary journal.
bulletSea Change uses electronic communication to share stories and research findings related to the needs and experiences of women worldwide.
bullet  women.
bulletSister is Columbia University's feminist magazine.
bulletSlant is "one asiatic geek girl's guide to feminist multi(sub)cultural insurrection and postcolonial revenge tales."
bulletSmarty-Pants creators "seek to merge style with substance."
bulletSojourner is a monthly featuring news, interviews, reviews, and fiction.
bulletTeen Voices "challenges the mainstream media's image of girls by providing an intelligent alternative packed with original writing, poetry and artwork."
bulletToday's Woman is a news magazine from Boca Raton, Florida, covering health issues, parenting, fashion, travel and the arts.
bulletUnderwire is a women's magazine from Microsoft.
bulletanity Fair, 1860-1862 issues. Click on "browse," then "Vanity Fair."
bulletVirginia is a German review of women's books.
bulletVisibilities is an on-line lesbian magazine with feature articles, book reviews, cartoons, poetry, travel information, and more.
bulletEnglish translations from Vyi i Mi (You and We)The Women's Dialogue a Russian-language magazine for women published bimonthly in Moscow, co-edited by Nadezhda Azhgikhina and Colette Shulman, begin on the Web with issue 13.
bulletWE International, formerly Women & Environments, includes recent excerpts, plus tables of contents to back issues.
bulletWings is a newsletter about women's human rights violations.
bulletWoman: Canadian Women's Quarterly Newsmagazine site includes tables of contents and sample articles.
bulletWoman Motorist is a "free automotive, car and motor sports resource."
bulletWoman Rebel is a feminist 'zine featuring essays, art, and humor.
bulletWomanist Theory and Research published by the Women's Studies Consortium at the University of Georgia is a journal on women of color.
bulletWomen and Performance features articles from a special issue on "Sexuality and Cyberspace" and tables of contents from other issues.
bulletWomen & Politics includes abstracts.
bullet International-Manila site, Isis Online.
bulletWomen in Higher Education offers selected articles from recent issues of this monthly for college faculty and administrators.
bulletWomen in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal is a new referred journal exclusively on the Internet.
bullet of the American Libraries Association.
bulletWomen of Achievement and Herstory began as an electronic newsletter written by Irene Stuber, with historical vignettes,anniversaries, and quotations. It is being revamped into a 366 episode daybook plus alphabetical archives.
bulletWomen of Note Quarterly focuses on women composers.
bulletWomen Online News electronic newsletter is a place to "speak your mind" about gender and technology, women and the Internet, etc. Features an interactive reader response section.
bulletWomen's Books Online is a cooperative book reviewing resource connected with the Feminist Bookstore Index.
bulletWomen's Health Hotline is an electronic newsletter designed to provide the media with information on women's health.
bulletWomen's Health Issues is the official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health. Tables of contents are on the site.
bulletWomen's Health Weekly website offers sample articles on women's health, diseases, and disorders, including gender differences in risk factors and interventions.
bulletWomen's History is one of the offerings from the National Historical Society, a membership organization of history enthusiasts.
bulletWomen's Link is a Bristol-Myers-Squibb publication covering health, fitness, beauty, and topics of interest to working mothers.
bulletThe Women's Review of Books includes highlights of reviews.
bulletWomen's Studies Quarterly is published by The Feminist Press at the City University of New York
bulletWomen's Web is an interactive online magazine especially geared to women "running their own businesses, building their careers, or working to make the world a better place for others."
bulletWomen's Work is a Pacific Northwest-based publication stressing literary and visual creativity of diverse women.
bulletWomen'space is an electronic newsletter from Nova Scotia that promotes understanding and use of cyberspace by women.
bulletYale Journal of Law and Feminism has tables of contents from a journal of women's experiences and law.
bulletYoni is devoted to female sexuality and femininity.

Men's Movement

From Gloria Orenstein's website. 

Site Includes:

bulletByzantine History - Byzance : 330 - 1453 AD. What it meant to be a declining protege of the glorious Roman Empire. What it meant to be an Orthodox Empire, and have men worship in the Hagia Sophia. What it meant to be Byzantium, New Rome, Constantinople and Istanbul.
bulletGender Studies - offers students an opportunity for focused study of such varied issues as the biology of human reproduction, sex roles in the family and society, the psychology of gender identity, and images of men and women in literature and art.


The Merry Times:  Webzine for Pagans

The Merry Times is a Vancouver based pagan webzine designed to be a community networking center.

Men / Pro-Feminist Men

An Extensive List of pro-feminist men's websites.


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