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Embracing the Moon : A Witch's Guide to Rituals, Spellcrafts and Shadow Work
coverDharma Gaia : A Harvest of Essays in Buddhism and Ecology by Allan Hunt Badiner (Editor), Dalai Lama, Allan Hunt-Badiner (Editor), Badiner Allan Hunt, Mayumi Oda (Illustrator). 

If we are to halt our progress toward the ruin of our environment, more is called for than a few changes in lifestyle. Our destructive ways did not come haphazardly into existence; they spring from a particular attitude toward the earth and our relation to it, and it is that attitude that these essays address. Dharma is the Buddhist teaching; Gaia is the concept of the earth as a living being, an organism that is whole the way a body is, each part of it inseparable from the rest. When you look at the earth through the eyes of Buddhism, you arrive at a picture very like Gaia: the idea of the interdependency of all things is at the heart of Buddhism. Damage one element, and you damage the whole. This is in the spiritual realm what ecology is in the scientific, and so the two systems of thought lead naturally into each other. The essays in this book come at the subject from different angles, all the way from Christopher Reed's Eco-Precepts ("I vow to recycle everything I can") to David Abram's philosophical look at how the Gaia hypothesis influences our perception, to Joanna Macy's thoughts on "the greening of self' - the change from the self as a separate entity to the self as "coextensive with other beings and the life of our planet." Some essays - such as Macy's - are thought-provoking and lively. Others are more dutiful, more academic. But on the whole, the good essays make up for the poorer ones, and the matching of Buddhism with ecology points us in fruitful directions....  

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Magazines and Newsletters (Women Focused) Online A-L

This page maintained by the University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian  430 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53706   (608) 263-5754

Site Includes:

bulletAdvancing Women in Leadership is an electronic refereed journal on women's professional issues.
bulletAgenda is a South African feminist journals.
bulletAngles is about women working in film and video. Site has tables of contents.
bulletAriadne Newsletter is an annotated list (in German) of new acquisitions in women's studies from the Austrian National Library.
bulletAtlantis: A Women's Studies Journal comes from the Institute for the Study of Women, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Site features a table of contents and excerpt from the introduction to the journal.
bulletAuf comes from Austria (in German).
bulletAVIVA is an international monthly webzine.
bulletAWIS Magazine comes from the Association for Women in Science.
bulletBitch is an online counterpart to a print 'zine "where feminists, Internet gluttons, media addicts and thoughtful folks in general can talk about women, pop culture, advertising, and just about anything else."
bulletBlau comes from Berlin (in German). Site has many articles in fulltext.
bulletBlue Jean Magazine for teens profiles "real young women on the verge of changing the world."
bulletBody Politic is a national monthly news magazine on reproductive freedom. Many full-text articles are mounted on the site.
bulletLa Boletina, Puntos de Encuentro (in Spanish)
bulletBridge Bulletin: Development and Gender in Brief keeps development practitioners current on gender-based research and best practices.
bulletBridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends includes sample articles and future topics.
bulletBrillo's first issue tackles "the cultural paradigms that exclude white women and people of color from the tools of cultural production: especially the media and ... new technology."
bulletCamera Obscura covers feminism, culture, and media studies.
bulletCatt's Claws is an electronic feminist newsletter covering domestic violence and other topics.
bulletChrone Chronicles older women's magazine includes sample articles.
bulletCritical Matrix is from Princeton University. Site includes tables of contents for several issues.
bulletCyberMom Dot Com is a "home on the Net for moms with modems."
bulletThe Daily Diva is "the magazine of fashion, music, culture, and fine women of color."
bulletDawn, newsletter of the Osaka, Japan, Women's Center.
bulletThe Dawn is named for the first women's newspaper in Australia, which began in 1888.
bulletThe Digital Woman is an e-zine focused on women writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.
bulletDuke Journal of Gender Law & Policy, from Duke University Law School, has full-text articles on the website.
bulletEssence's site contains many articles from this popular African American women's magazine.
bulletEthnic Woman International has full-text articles on women of many ethnicities.
bulletEXTRA!, the magazine of FAIR, includes many articles focussing on the media's portrayal of, and impact on, women.
bulletEye on Women spotlights accomplishments of diverse women from Atlanta, Georgia.
bulletFat Girl offers comics, interviews, surveys, poetry, and links to related resources.
bulletFemina from India includes feature stories, poetry, and profiles on Indian women.
bulletFeminism and Nonviolence Studies, formerly Studies in Prolife Feminism, is an anti-abortion publication.
bulletFeminist Collections, a quarterly on women's studies resources, is published by the University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian's Office. Tables of content and occasional articles are mounted on the site.
bulletThe Feminist Majority Report is the newsletter of the Fund for the Feminist Majority.
bulletFeminist Studies, from the Univ. of Maryland Dept. of Women's Studies provides a forum for feminist analysis, debate and exchange. The site has tables of contents and prefaces to several issues.
bulletFeminist Voices, news journal from Madison, WI, USA.
bulletFeminista! is a San Francisco-based online journal of feminist construction containing articles and web reviews.
bulletFINRRAGE is an Australian journal on resistance to reproductive and genetic engineering.
bulletFMST: Feminist Studies in Aotearoa from Massey University, New Zealand (only current issue is on the site).
bulletForum for Gender and Culture sample articles in English from Forum for kon og kultur published by KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender.
bulletFreiburger Frauenstudien from Freiburg, Germany, contains tables of contents from several issues (in German). is a 'zine for women in the computer games industry.
bulletGenders has become an entirely electronic journal, with no subscription fee.
bulletGeneration Woman Online Magazine is a news magazine for women of the U.S. and Canada.
bulletGodey's Lady's Book Online reproduces issues of a popular nineteenth century women's magazine.
bulletgURL is a lively look at girl culture.
bulletHastings Women's Law Journal site contains tables of contents, some summaries, and an occasional article in full text.
bulletHygeia: An Online Journal for Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss combines technical reviews by physicians with poems and stories of grieving, loss, and hope.
bulletIndigenous Woman Magazine from the Indigenous Women's Network.
bulletInterMountain WOMAN includes interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and photography.
bulletIntersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context is a refereed electronic journal from Murdoch Univ., Perth, Western Australia.
bulletJournal of South Asia Women Studies is an electronic journal that publishes scholarly articles and related news.
bulletJourneywoman Online is an e-zine for women who travel.
bulletThe Ladies Repository, 1841-1876, has been digitized as part of the Univ. of Michigan Making of America Project. Click on "browse," then "Ladies Repository."
bulletLespress is a lesbian magazine from Germany (in German).
bulletLilith: The Independent Jewish Women's Magazine site includes a form for joining the Lilith Talent Bank.


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