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The Death of Nature by Carolyn Merchant
coverReweaving the World : The Emergence of Ecofeminism by Irene Diamond, Gloria Orenstein (Editor).  

The Ecofeminist Movement represents the coming together or the environmental, feminist, and Women's spirituality movements out of a share concern for the well-concern for the well-being of the Earth and all forms of life that our Earth supports. Reweaving the World is a major resource on ecofeminism, gathering in a single volume articles, essays, and poetic prose pieces by the foremost writers, scholars, activists, artists, and spiritual teachers of this movement Interweaving politics and philosophy, theory and activism, this provocative collection advocates a restoration of harmony in a global environment damaged by a devaluation of nature and women.

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Feminist Groups

From Gloria Orenstein's Ecofeminism Website. 

Site Includes:

bulletFeminists for a Compassionate Society - women, unite for peace!
bulletNice Shoes - feminist a cappella from Mount Holyoke College.
bulletChristian Association - has been an ecumenical Protestant campus ministry for 105 years, offering pastoral counseling, discussion groups, and feminist theology, sexuality, and spirituality program
bulletCalendar of Events by - calendar, featuring announcements from women's groups about upcoming conferences and events for women.
bulletUniversity of Pennsylvania - Christian Association - has been an ecumenical Protestant campus ministry for 105 years, offering pastoral counseling, discussion groups, and feminist theology, sexuality, and spirituality program
bulletWomen Artists Archive. As featured on CNN's "Women and Technology" program. Includes Betty LaDuke, Lynn Hanley, etc.
bulletSite "where art and technology meet and, when they don't, humor is dragged in to do the job."
bulletWorld's Women On-Line. An electronic art networking project to be incorporated into activities surrounding the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Includes our professor Gloria Orestein's work.
bulletDirectory of women comic strip artists, writers and cartoonists.
bulletFeminist Activist Resources on the Net. Includes Women's organizations, feminists news, current feminists issues, etc.
bulletWomen's Studies & Women's Issues WWW Sites. Includes science, sexuality, health and activism issues among others.
bulletFEMINIST MAJORITY FOUNDATION. One of the best ones, very complete with nice interface. Includes Feminist news, highlights and calendar of events. ****** Received The Gold Award for Best Overall Nonprofit Website; selected as the "Top 5% web site"; included in PC Magazine's top 100 site list.
bulletFEMINIST.COM. Includes articles, interviews, links to other women's issues sites.
bulletViolence Against Women Office. Includes research, legislation, help, etc.
bulletWomen and Minorities in Science and Engineering. Includes links to organizations, documents, profiles and issues.
bulletAmelia Earhart's talks of science's aids to women in 1935.
bulletWomen of the World. Covers Brazil, China, Germany and others. Click on main picture to enter website.
bulletWomen Nobel Prize Laureates. From Physics and Medicine to Peace and Literature, this site includes the profile of all women Nobel prize winners and their respective work.
bulletWomen in World History Curriculum. Great website if you want to find out more about women's lives in distant times and places.
bulletWomen's studies information sources. Site at the University of York, including electronic journals, general women's studies services, etc.
bulletIGC:Internet Resources Collection. Progressive women's issues, interests, information on the internet.
bulletSister Spirit, Women Sharing Spirituality. SisterSpirit is a women's spirituality organization honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating Goddess in all Her forms.
bulletalt.abortion.inequity - Paternal obligations of failing to abort unwanted child.
bulletalt.abuse.recovery - Helping victims of abuse to recover.
bulletalt.activism.children - Open discussion of political issues about children.
bulletalt.adoption - For those involved with or contemplating adoption.
bulletalt.dads-rights - Rights of fathers. (Moderated)
bulletalt.dads-rights.unmoderated - Unhindered discussion of the rights of fathers.
bulletalt.feminism.individualism - Discussions about feminism and individualism.
bulletalt.women.attitudes - The different attitudes that women have.
bulletalt.women.supremacy - Women's social status and general gender wars.
bulletbionet.women-in-bio - Discussions about women in biology. - Physiological impacts of diet. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) & job injury issues.
bulletsoc.feminism - Self-acceptance for fat people. No diet talk.
bulletsoc.women - Issues related to women, their problems & relationships.
bullettalk.abortion- All sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
bullettalk.rape - Discussions on stopping rape; not to be cross posted.
bulletWomen in Cinema: A Reference Guide. Includes bibliography and guides, electronic sources.
bulletEncyclopedia of Women's History.
bulletDiotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World. Great collection of women history. Includes visual images, anthology, essays, biblical studies, etc.
bulletWIC - Women's History in America.
bulletWomen's International Center. To celebrate women and their positive, enduring contributions to humanity through the Living Legacy Awards.
bulletWomen's Health Weekly. Covers current research and news stories specifically relating to women's health.
bulletJane Austin Information Page. Website about the English novelist.
bulletCreating a Celebration of Women Writers. Collection of highly recognized women writers.
bulletThe National Organization for Women (NOW). Website for the organization including discussion of issues, newsletters, etc.
bulletOrganizations Encouraging Women in Science and Engineering. Includes committee directory and listing of other organizations.
bulletVirtual Sisterhood. A global women's electronic support network, is dedicated to strengthening and magnifying the impact of feminist organizing through promotion of electronic communications use within the global women's movement.
bulletWomen for Women in Bosnia. Website in support and sponsorship for those women in need.
bulletWomen Leaders Online. Website of an organization dedicated to mobilizing women over the Internet.
bulletWHAM! Women's Health Action & Mobilization. A direct action group committed to demanding, securing and defending absolute reproductive freedom and quality health care for all women.
bulletGlobal Fund For Women. Website for the international organization which focuses on female human rights.
bulletThe Commonwealth of Learning. Website dedicated to the organization focused on women in development.
bulletResearch Center in Australia It is the first gender issues research center in Australia to focus on the links between academics, government , industry and the wider community in the development of policies affecting women and gender issues.
bulletWomen's Studies at Bowling Green State University Women's Studies at Bowling Green State University is a multidisciplinary program which offers students the opportunity to explore the diverse experiences, perspectives, and significant contributions of women past, present, and, and cross-culturally.
bulletWomen's Studies at University of Illinois Women's Studies at University of Illinois.
bulletwomen studies a U. of Maryland Baltimore County women studies a U. of Maryland Baltimore County
bulletresources about women studies Have many different resources about women studies around the world.
bulletwomen's achievement in sports Information about women's achievement in sports
bulletequality in Sports Talk about the equality in Sports.
bulletsafe sex Discuss issues on safe sex.
bulletSexual Health Advocate Peer Foundation Sexual Health Advocate Peer Foundation
bullethuman sexuality About the society for human sexuality and courses offered
bullet69, Archives of Women in Science and Engineering Archives of Women in Science and Engineering The Iowa State University Library inaugurated its Archives of Women in Science and Engineering.
bulletThe Association for Women in Science The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is a national organization dedicated to supporting, developing and encouraging women in all areas and levels of scientific endeavor
bulletwomen engineers Mentoring program to help women engineers 
bulletwomen engineers Information on encouraging women engineers.
bulletWomen Engineers
bulletinternet resources for women Tapping internet resources for women in Computer Science
bulletwomen network Help women network in engineering field


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