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Gaia and God by Rosemary Radford Ruether.
coverEcofeminism:  Women, Culture, Nature by Karen Warren (Editor), Nisvan Erkal (Editor).  

"Ecofeminism" has become both a popular grassroots activist movement and an exciting area of feminist scholarship internationally during the last two decades. As an ecofeminist philosopher, I have been especially interested in the conceptual, ethical, and theoretical connections between the oppression of women and other human Others, and the domination and degradation of the natural world. That concern undergirds all of my own writing. But I also have learned and benefited from individuals who have a different starting point or perspective on ecofeminism--whether it be the arts, politics, community organizing, science, social science, or theology -- the Author.  

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Feminista:  The Online Journal of Feminist Construction

Art, Literature, Social Commentary, Philosophy, Wit, Humor and Respect.


Feminist Activist Resources

Website by Sarah Stapleton-Gray.  This guide is particularly oriented toward connecting Feminists who are Activists to resources on the Internet which could be of use. 

Site includes:

bulletCommunicating with Other Feminists
bulletReproductive Rights
bulletSexual Harassment and Rape
bulletDomestic Violence
bulletWomen of Color
bulletWomen and Politics
bulletWomen and Economic Issues
bulletGlobal Issues
bulletWomen and Health
bulletWomen's Organizations
bulletFeminist Resources
bulletFeminist News
bulletGeneral Resources for Political Activists
bulletFeminist Activist Calendar
bulletTAKE ACTION: Suggestion for current feminist action
bulletFeminism Fun and Games


Feminists For Animal Rights

Feminists for Animal Rights  is a national educational organization dedicated to ending all forms of abuse against women and animals. We welcome you to our online exploration of the interconnections between the exploitation of women and animals and how you can help bring about a more caring society for all. 

Site Includes:

bulletAnimal Rights Resource Site
bulletEcofeminism Web Ring


Feminist Bookstores, Publishers, Reviews, First Chapters, etc.

This is a good sourse from the Wisconsin Women's Studies Librarian's Homepage.  Site includes: 


bulletFeminist Bookstores Worldwide is a geographically-arranged list. (Bookstore Index and Files Copyright 1995, 1996 Lee Anne Phillips.)
bulletFeminist Bookstore Network coordinated by Carol Seajay.
bulletFeminist Bookstore Network 1997-98 Catalog


bulletReading Woman's reader recommendations
bulletWomen's Books Online: A Cooperative Review (Women's Books Online Graphics and Web Page Copyright 1995, 1996 Lee Anne Phillips. Individual Reviews Copyright 1995, 1996 by Their Individual Authors)
bulletWomen's Bookshelf provides a "cybrary" of writings by women, readers' recommendations, links to book clubs, book stores, publishers, bibliographies, and is a useful section of the site.
bulletBook Reviews from Women's Wire cover recent fiction, non-fiction, and humor.
bulletWriter's Table section of Women's Link site, sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb, each month features an interview with an author of a new book.
bulletCORE LISTS OF WOMEN'S STUDIES BOOKS Core Lists of books in women's studies are intended to assist women's studies librarians and collection development librarians in building women's studies collections. Because the lists include only books currently in print, they also serve as a guide to teaching faculty in selecting available course readings. The focus of the lists is on women in the United States. Each list consists of twenty to fifty titles, and the most important five to ten titles are starred. The lists are updated each January. Titles no longer in print are dropped, and newly published titles added. These lists are compiled by the
bulletASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES, WOMEN'S STUDIES SECTION. General Editors of the series: Judith Hudson and Rachel Murphree.


bulletWomen's Presses Library Project, coordinated by Mev Miller, is a coalition of 31 women-centered presses. Site includes links to the presses (as of July 15, 1998).
bulletAcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors: Women's Studies and Domestic Violence, a section of a site about library acquisitions.
bulletEllen Greenblatt's list of small press publishers who have published lesbian- ,gay- , bisexual- , and transgender-themed books along with academic and trade publishers with titles of interest to the queer community.
bulletAttic Press in Ireland.
bulletBlue Point Books on working women
bulletCaillech Press in Minnesota features multicultural and women-focused titles.
bulletCalyx in Oregon publishes literature and essays.
bulletConari Press offerings include the Barnard Biography series for young women.
bulletFeminist Press of CUNY
bulletFirebrand Books
bulletGabriela from the Philippines.
bulletLadybug Press
bulletMay Apple Press publishes Great Lakes regional poetry and poetry by women.
bulletNaiad Press, founded in 1973, offers lesbian books and videos.
bulletNew Victoria Publishers has lesbian feminist works.
bulletPapier Mache specializes in women and aging.
bulletParis Press is a literary publisher.
bulletSeal Press offers fiction and non-fiction.
bulletSpinifex Press publishes fiction and non-fiction by Australians and others and offers links to other feminist publishers in the Asia Pacific region.
bulletSpinsters Ink in Minnesota focusses on fiction and works by women "writing from the periphery."
bulletVolcano Press, Volcano, CA, covers domestic violence issues and also publishes books for children.
bulletWomen, Ink has books on women and development from over 70 publishers including UNIFEM
bulletWomen's Press, U.K., offers mysteries and other works.


bullet"Feminist Canon" list from the Feminist Majority Foundation.
bullet100 Great 20th Century Works of Fiction By Women, from the online journal Feminista!



bulletThe Feminist Chronicles, 1953-1993, online version of an entire book by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida, published in 1993.
bulletA Celebration of Women Writers, Copyright 1994-1997, Mary Mark Ockerbloom, Editor.
bulletCSPAN Booknotes books include Killing Rage: Ending Racism, by bell hooks (Holt, 1995).
bulletRebekah Hyneman works, including the first 7 chapters of an 1860 romance novel,The Doctor, a novella, The Fatal Cosmetic, and poetry, all transcribed by Leah Berkowitz. Hyneman was a Jewish American writer.
bulletWashington Post Chapter One feature includes a search mechanism, 'Search Our Stacks." Searching for "women," "feminist," etc. in book titles or full-text turns up many books of interest.


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