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Stolen Harvest by Vandana Shiva
Ethical VegetarianismPythagoras to Peter Singer by Kerry S. Walters (Editor), Lisa Portmess (Editor).  

For over two thousand years, men and women have defended vegetarianism as a moral lifestyle. The problem is that their writings are scattered in place and time and often extremely difficult to track down. In "Ethical Vegetarianism from Pythagoras to Peter Singer" we've compiled and commented on works from this great tradition of moral vegetarianism. Anthologized authors include Pythagoras, Seneca, Plutarch, Porphyry, Bernard Mandeville, David Hartley, Oliver Goldsmith, William Paley, Percy Shelley, Alphonse de Lamartine, William Alcott, Richard Wagner, Leo Tolstoy, Anna Kingsford, Henry Salt, J. Howard Moore, Romain Rolland, Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Tom Regan, Peter Singer, Thomas Auxter, Peter Wenz, Stephen Clark, Frances Moore Lappe, Harriet Schleifer, Jon Wynne-Tyson, Deane Curtin, and Carol J. Adams.  

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Ecofeminism and the Greens

This is a description of a film that is available, produced by Greta Gaard (1994).  Seeking answers to the social and ecological crises we face as a society, scholars and activists have come to the same conclusion: we must begin by thinking ecologically. We must begin by thinking Green. 


Ecofeminism and the Internet

This Web Site was created by students of the University of Southern California, participating in Gloria Orenstein's Ecofeminism Class: 

Though the Internet has only been in the sphere of popular culture for the last five years, it has in that time become the de facto form of personal expression and communication for the masses. In an era where everyone seems to have an opinion, the Internet provides its users with the fastest, cheapest, safest, and most presentable medium for telling others about their thoughts and feelings. The Internet, unlike almost all other forms of mass-communication yet devised, does not discriminate based upon race, color, gender, or popularity of the ideas being communicated. Anyone with $20 a month and a little free time can erect a Web Page for the world to see. Every human being on Earth with their own banner advertisement... 


Ecofeminist Issues

From the EVE Online Ecofeminist Website

Site Includes:

bulletAncient Matriarchies
bulletBirthing & Abortion
bulletGenetic Engineering
bulletHealing Herbs & Speciesism
bulletHolistic Healing
bulletNative American Spirituality
bulletNature as Female
bulletThe New Age Movement
bulletNuclear Testing in the Pacific
bulletPolitical Activism
bulletPower & Oppression
bulletRevolutionary Parenting
bulletUtopian Visions/Urban Living
bulletWomen's Bodies
bulletViolence Against Women
bulletWomen of Color


Ecofeminism Now!

This is a description of a film that is available, produced by Greta Gaard (1996).  Bringing together insights from women's activism and experience, ecofeminism offers a critique of social and environmental problems along with a reconstructive vision for the future. 


Ecofeminist Perspectives

By Carolyn Merchant, 1992. Radical Ecology. New York, NY. Routledge. pp 183-209.


Ecofeminism emerged in the 1970s at a time when consciousness of the connection between women and nature increased. The term "ecofeminisme" was coined in 1977 by French writer Françoise d'Eaubonne, who called upon women to lead an ecological revolution to save the planet. During the 1980s cultural feminists in the United States injected new life into ecofeminism by arguing that both women and nature could be liberated together. Liberal, cultural, social and socialist feminism have all been concerned with improving the relationship between humans and nature, and each has contributed to an ecofeminist perspective in different ways.  


Ecofeminism on the Web

Website, meticulously maintained with excellent resources, by Richard Twine. 

Site includes:

bulletRichard Twine's Pages on Ecofeminism
bulletPages by-on Ecofeminist Writers
bulletEcofeminist Groups Around the World
bulletEcofeminist Sites by Individuals
bulletListservs and Remaining Ecofeminist Sites
bulletEcofeminism Bibliography


Ecofeminism Web Ring

Hosted by Richard Twine and Donna Anderson.  "Trying to locate the resources you want on the internet is often frustrating so with this in mind I thought it would make sense to compile an ecofeminism web-ring in which all the major web resources can be linked together."

Sites listed on the Web Ring include:

bulletEcofeminism on the Web
An introduction to ecofeminism. I have a growing amount of my own pages, including a bibliography of ecofeminism resources. I also have some reviews, and will soon have some articles I've written. Lastly there are links to many relevant ecofeminist sites.
bulletJohannes Dingler's Homepage
On my page I introduce my PhD research project which deals with ecofeminism, postmodernism and the environmental crisis. Moreover I supply some quite comprehensive bibliographies of ecofeminism, deep ecology, environmental ethics and sustainable development.
bulletEcofem: Selling Out Our Future
Fighting environmental and social injustice in Idaho and beyond, current pacific northwest forest and species protection issues, zero-cut, zero-population growth.
bulletFeminists for Animal Rights
FAR's web page includes links to FAR's publications, including essays and poems on feminist animal rights, artwork, membership information and merchandise, and information about FAR's Companion Animal Rescue Effort, as well as links to additional related sites.
bulletVoices of the Floodtide
Floodtide voices is the ecofeminist offering of Genesis of Eden the encyclopedia of apocalypse the 'bridal unveiling' - reunion of mind and body in fulfilling the ecofeminist ethic in the prophetic tradition.
bulletEcofeminism Web-ring Page
Every web-ring needs a web-ring page. Here you can submit your page on ecofeminism and/or edit the profile of your ecofeminism web-ring site.
bulletgaiaguys expose corruption
gaiaguys are a low income bush dwelling couple taking on the Australian government at great expense.  Urgent help needed here. We expose this Australian environmental scandal. Existing legislation not being enforced. Government corruption has led to endangered species being threatened with extinction. Global response is vital. Australian government will not act. PLEASE HELP!
bulletThe Jungle
animal fact book with pictures adn information on many species, save the rainforests, serve and protect all God's creatures and treat them as you yourself want to be treated.
my site is like an ecofeminist transgendered just-plain-queer philosophical site with poetry and spirit thrown in
bulletour revolution
his site is constantly being created by dave schalliol. it is a brief outline of my interests. not only does this page contain information on animal rights, human rights, and the state of the economy, but it also has photographs of emo and hardcore bands, art, and various tidbits of information.
bulletEVE Online
EVE stands for Ecofeminist Visions Emerging. EVE Online contains writings from the group's newsletter, an ecofeminist bibliography, a list of links of allies, and other related writings.
bulletNewborn awakening
A personal site with vegetarianism, feminism, Tori Amos, Jim Morrison and more.
bulletIndex of Non-Commercial and Alternative Media
The Index of Non-Commercial and Alternative Media is a guidebook to alternative media sources, sites and databases. We are involved at a non-commercial level, with emphasis on television, radio, print, and internet modes of community-oriented news, entertainment and networks. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible.


Ecofeminist Writings

Essays included on the EVE Online Ecofeminism Website. 

Site Includes:

Gloria Feman Orenstein

bulletThe Shamanic Dimension of an Ecofeminist Narrative

Cathleen and Colleen McGuire:

bulletBeijing 95: A Pale Green
bulletResponse to PETA's "I'd Rather go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign
bulletWhy do 8 Million Women Ingest Horse Urine?
bulletMen's Waste
bulletAngels and Insects
bulletGive Me A Vegetable Friendly Refrigerator!
bulletThe Brothers Kaczynski: One Hunts, The Other Doesn't
bulletOur Blood, Our Selves


Eco - Link - A - Rama

There are hundreds of environmental pages listed on this website.


Ecology and Environment Page:  The Need-To-Know Library

WWW Resources Related to the Science of Ecology and the State of the Environment.  Ecological topics are listed under three headings: 1) Ecology, 2) Conservation Biology, and 3) Botany and Systematics.

Site Includes:

bulletBotany and Systematics
bulletConservation Biology
bulletJournals and Societies
bulletEcological Software
bulletNatural Resource Agencies
bulletNatural Areas and Reserves
bulletEnvironmental Societies


Environmental Research

There is a large environmental research area on this website.


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