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The Resurgence of the Real : Body, Nature, and Place in a Hypermodern World
coverCompassion for All Creatures by Janice Gray Kolb, Janice E. Kolb, Robert Kolb (Editor).  

It is my personal conviction, supported by many religious scholars and thinkers, that God expects much more from us humans. If we are to achieve the complete fullness of a relationship with God we must include a love for all creatures. This book is a voice for the animals, a plea on their behalf to help all people realize, Christians in particular, that animals are spiritual beings. It is a prayerful call to halt the sufferings and cruelties animals endure and experience caused by humans. It contains tender spiritual lessons and non-verbal communication taught to me by my cat Rochester. Through thoughtful spiritual and personal introspections I have shared a deep part of myself in regard to animals and many things concerning them. Animal poetry and personal stories are throughout. Animals lead us to spiritual wholeness the highest spiritual trait is "Ahimsa"; Compassion, Non-violence -- The Author.  

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This Web Site was created by students of the University of Southern California, participating in Gloria Orenstein's Ecofeminism Class. 

Site includes:

bulletWomen's Spirituality
bulletReproductive Technologies
bulletTreepeople and Earthships
bulletMilitarism and the Environment

Links to the Goddess by Robin Engberg

bulletEncyclopedia of the Goddess Very interesting page with some great links. Make sure to visit "The Civilization of the Goddess." There are some beautiful graphics and some archeological studies on the goddess here.
bulletCovenant of the Goddess Discussion of the umbrella organization "Covenant of the Goddess" that serves as a nonprofit religious organization. This organization has set up credentials for witchcraft congregations and individual practitioners.
bulletWhat Wicca is NOT Interesting page on paganism and Wicca including what they ARE NOT. Also, there are a ton of great links from this page.
bulletThe Dark Goddess Very interesting page with a lot of research and beautiful graphics. This page honors the goddess's power to say "no" and reclaim the power of all of nature (the good and the bad). Interesting look at mythology.
bulletGoddesses of the World Pictures and links to goddesses around the world. Make sure to look under the "gods and goddesses" link. There is tons of information there!
bulletThe Ireland of the Goddess Website with pictures of Irish mounds, tombs, circles, stones, and wells believed to have been used for goddess worship. They are selling a tour, but the graphics and descriptions are nice.
bulletAthena This web page is dedicated to the goddess Athena. Under the heading "history," they have some very interesting information and links.


Ecofeminist Bibliographies

This is a part of Richard Twine's Ecofeminism on the Web.

The Bibliography has the following sections:

bulletNew Books on Ecofeminism
bulletEcofeminist Anthologies
bulletJournal Articles on Ecofeminism
bulletSpecial Journal Issues on Ecofeminism
bulletBook Chapters on Ecofeminism


Ecofeminist Bibliographies

This is an ongoing list of texts by Ecofeminist authors.


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