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coverArchaic Future : A Radical Elementa  Feminist Manifesto by Mary Daly, Helene Atwan (Editor). 

 Devotees of the visionary feminist philosopher Mary Daly will be delighted by this call to action against the "necrotechnologists" of genetic research and the advances of right-wing religious fundamentalism. In Pure Lust (1984), Daly posited the importance of four elements: words, substances, the cosmos, and spirits. "Quintessence," as she describes it, is the connecting fifth element, "the Source of our power to Realize a true Future." Tapping into Quintessence, she argues, can enable us to name and confront "the escalating atrocities ... against women and nature and [summon] Courage and Hope to transcend [them]." To soften her grim depiction of the present moment, Daly has cleverly presented this new book as its own 50th-anniversary edition (2048 in the "biophilic era"), appearing at a time when women have banded together and learned how to summon and direct their psychic energies. They have, in fact, saved the world. Each chapter concludes with comments by Annie, an ardent young woman of that period, who has invoked Mary Daly in order to ask her about the bad old days of the late 20th century, while Daly herself gasps with amazement at the clean water, fresh air, and sweet-smelling blossoms of the idyllic future. --Regina Marler...  

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Always Causing Legal Unrest!

Hey! Don't get us confused with the American Civil Liberties Union! We're NOT that group that supports the pornographers, the Nazis, the KKK, the tobacco industry, and the child pornographers. We're not those guys who wrote a "Friend of the Court" brief for Jake Baker! We're NOT those guys fixated on reciting defamatory, whining mantras about Andrea Dworkin.

Instead, we here at the ACLU (Always Causing Legal Unrest, that is) are concerned that conservative values such as corporate trademark laws, private property rights and individual privacy (as opposed to public safety and welfare), severely infringe upon and limit free expression, and they enjoy more protection (legally, socially and politically) than women do in the public and private domain. And we're going to push some buttons to prove it. So, we started a political organization called Pushing Buttons/ACLU and began cranking out buttons with controversial political slogans.

We knew we were asking for trouble, but still, we couldn't believe it when we got this letter from the ACLU tryin' to use intimidation and governmental intervention to infringe upon OUR freedom of speech. Are you ready for this? They claimed they OWN four letters in the alphabet! Hehehehehe! Talk about promoting conservative values!

So, if you think we don't have any right to use our beloved acronym, or if you are just in the mood to read something funny click here.

Site includes:

bulletAndrea Dworkin Online Library
bulletNudist Hall of Shame
bulletPornography & Ordinance Information Centre
bulletNikki Craft Homepage
bulletSports Hall of Shame


American Anti-Vivisection Society

The AAVS is an international organization that works to end vivisection (the use of animals in biomedical research, dissection, testing and education). Vivisection actually harms people as well as animals, by wasting time, effort and money on research of little or no benefit. Non-animal, scientific research, however, holds great promise for both human and animal ailments.

At this site you can learn more about animal experiments, rights, research, welfare and our organization. Become more informed about the issues and alternatives, and discover how you can help us eliminate not only animal experimentation, but all forms of animal abuse.

Also included:

bulletRelated Links
bulletCruelty Free Shopping Guide


Animal Issues / Animal Welfare

An extensive list of links on Animal Rights and Animal Welfare as a part of this website. 

Including pages on the following:

bulletAnimal Behavior
bulletAnimal Endangerment
bulletAnimal Experiments
bulletAnimal Rights


Association For Women In Development

The Association for Women in Development (AWID) is an international membership organization committed to gender equality and a just and sustainable development process. AWID facilitates a three-way exchange or "trialogue" among scholars, practitioners and policymakers in order to develop effective and transformative approaches for improving the lives of women and girls worldwide.

Site includes:



Awakened Woman

A Journal of Women's Spirituality...a place to connect for healing, for empowerment, for action:  healing ourselves to heal the planet.



There are links to this environmental theory on this website.



There are links to this environmental theory on this website.


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